Hello! I live in Russia, in Moscow. I have read, that Moscow is in list of cities which TAG Heuer and Odyssey plan to visit. Where can I see the schedule or Can I visit North America to test the car?

May I buy cars in America and deliver them in Russia?

JoachimS | 27 luglio 2010

Unfortunately the Tag Heuer Roadster have already been in Moscow (April 28 - May 3) so it seems like you did miss it... You can check some Moscow pictures out at:

When it comes to buying a Tesla for use in Russia I would recommend you to contact the European Tesla Test drive people via this link:

Good luck with your purchase :-)

r5843b | 5 settembre 2010

I realize your owner's list may be confidential but I am on the board of directors for a local car club that is having a car show / expo on 17 - 19 September and would love to have Tesla Represented. Are there any owners in the vicinity of Jackson Hole, Wyoming that I could directly or indirectly (through Tesla) contact to see if they might be willing to display their state of the art vehicle at our show? My name is Rick Baldwin and my contact information is 208.354.0192 or The event will be held at the Teton Springs Resort in Victor, Idaho. We would appreciate any help you could provide. hanks in advance.


GarySV | 6 settembre 2010

Hi, all.
I attended the Tesla Roadster 25 event in Sun Valley, Idaho this Labor Day 2010 weekend and must commend Tesla on an excellent experience through Troy and Lance from the Seattle store. Both seemed at ease but brimmed with knowledge about the Roadster and helped a great many folks enjoy a test drive.
Lance said he and Troy are going home with six qualified and potential buyers. Kudos to them.
I had a ball in the car despite being six months (and ten weeks) away from acquiring my first.
Thanks to Tesla, Lance and Troy.

Earl and Nagin ... | 26 settembre 2010

There will be a GreenDriveExpo in Richmond, CA (near Berkeley) on Oct 9, 2010. Many events including an mpg challenge and chance to show off your car. See for details. All are welcome to attend, with or without an environmental car.
I'll be talking about my drive up to the SF Bay area from LA in our Roadster.

eMileage | 13 ottobre 2010

Visit EV Fest in Toronto on October 17th. You'll have a chance to see a Telsa Roadster and a variety of other EVs, PHEV and Hybrids! Check out for details (

Kamil | 18 ottobre 2010

I can take care of the purchase and delivery for you if you want.
Contact me under:

data02 | 20 ottobre 2014