Factory in Europe?

Factory in Europe?

Ford is closing its factory in Belgium. Maybe a nice opportunity for Tesla for expansion?
I would love to see a model S/X/? factory in Europe :)

Timo | 24 ottobre 2012

Could be, but this Fremont factory (former NUMMI factory) is more than enough to satisfy demand for now. It still feels odd that Tesla got that factory that cheap. It is huge place, at it's peak it produced nearly thousand cars per day.

Tesla is still using only a small fraction of the whole facility.

Brian H | 24 ottobre 2012

I think Toyota was grateful as hell to get anything for it. Who was going to buy an auto factory in business-toxic California? It swapped a white elephant dead loss for shares in a longshot company. That bet will pay off, as it happens, and Toyota will be damn happy it did.

Jackie425 | 26 ottobre 2012

It seems Ford is also shutting down their plant in Eastleigh in the UK too. Silly thought but if Telsa build their European cars in Europe don't they benefit i.e. I was thinking of things like subsidies, EIB loans, no tariffs, no need to transport over the pond (Atlantic Ocean) etc.

Jackie425 | 26 ottobre 2012

The BBC report says Ford will shut the factory in July 2013 - Good timing for Tesla and just in time for the Model S ?

Brian H | 26 ottobre 2012

Impossible. Elon couldn't commute to do the final QC in CA and UK both. ;)

Jackie425 | 26 ottobre 2012

Pity they stopped Concord - may be Richard Branson could help - or Elon could use a webcam instead ;-)

rmitchum | 26 ottobre 2012

Forget Branson, maybe Elon could get access to a (slightly) modified SpaceX rocket for commuting and real hands on QC.

Runar | 26 ottobre 2012

Elon's SpaceX shuttles are pretty quick, aint they..;-)

Runar | 26 ottobre 2012

rmitchum, ah.. didnt see your reply..;-)

But it would be fun though, if Model S and X reservations increase enough that TM might consider buying the Ford factory.:-D

Ad van der Meer | 30 ottobre 2012

If anything they could buy production tools and machinery at interesting prices like they did for the Model S production line.

steven.maes | 31 ottobre 2012

Fortega, I was thinking the same thing.
Everything is there, and it is an innovative region.
And perhaps it will get us quicker to new car developments...

Fuadqadri | 7 novembre 2012

Well, absolutely. Its a wonderful chance for Tesla when his biggest competitor if absent. They must make best use of time and should set up a base at a nice place.

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Brian H | 7 novembre 2012

Manufacturing in EU is like starting a race standing in a meter-deep hole.