Fan-made Tesla Model S commercial shines down "gallons of light"

Fan-made Tesla Model S commercial shines down "gallons of light"

gregv64 | 7 febbraio 2013
gregv64 | 7 febbraio 2013

and "making of" story:

noel.smyth | 7 febbraio 2013

nicely done. grass roots advertising, I love it!

bfranks273 | 7 febbraio 2013

Thanks so much for posting that!

bbmertz | 7 febbraio 2013

Wow, extremely professional and inspiring commercial!! I hope George B. and Tesla take note of this video...

Tylyoung | 7 febbraio 2013


Getting Amped Again | 7 febbraio 2013

That's better than 99% of the commercials I see on TV. Great job!

cprenzl | 7 febbraio 2013

Fantastic! Never seen anything better

nickjhowe | 7 febbraio 2013

Amazing. And kudos to Daedalus for taking up the challenge.

kyleket | 7 febbraio 2013

I actually got choked up!

shop | 7 febbraio 2013

A bit too heavy handed about being powered by sunlight. It isn't accurate yet or ever. Other than that, very nice commercial.

nickjhowe | 7 febbraio 2013

Ever? When the SuperCharger network is built out it will generate more electricity from sunlight than will be delivered into cars, so "powered by sunlight" will be true, for some users. Good enough for me.

teslaver | 7 febbraio 2013

I wish someone could organize a fundraiser for all tesla lovers and put this ad on national television...ofcourse with appropriate approval of TM. This is the least we could do to thank Tesla & the admaker for all the efforts.
Then again, it may not be needed if we all just pledge to share it with all we know and hopefully make it one of the most viewed video on youtube with more hits than Gangnam style.. what say?

Vawlkus | 7 febbraio 2013

This is a commercial I wouldn't mind seeing on TV sometime :)

Most I generically hate :D

travis.johnson | 7 febbraio 2013

Yes. Yes! Yes!! Loved it!

prash.saka | 8 febbraio 2013

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

+1 kyleket.

Epley | 8 febbraio 2013

Nicely done!

sayidreddy | 8 febbraio 2013

Wow, if Tesla ever starts to produce tv comemrcials, I hope they are as inspiring as this one.

dtaubert | 8 febbraio 2013

Love it!

Tesla-David | 8 febbraio 2013

Great commercial, powered by sunlight works for me. My house has 41 panels (10 kw) and i will be adding an additional 12 panels (3 kw) in the next few months. With the solar paneled super charging stations, energy is clean and solar based.

Brian H | 8 febbraio 2013

Buckets of bright? Pails of photons? | 8 febbraio 2013
cprenzl | 10 febbraio 2013

Bump! Everyone needs to watch

family | 10 febbraio 2013

Please tweet, Facebook, whatever... We're at 30,000 views and want to keep the momentum!

Anyone know any celebs or twitterers with lots of followers that would be willing to help get the word out?

prash.saka | 17 marzo 2013

The next videos could be:

- a shot of the Tesla's sunroof and solar panels on a home roof, with a caption that says A sunroof that actually works with the Sun

- starry night, the back seats folded down, open sunroof, two kids lying down in the Tesla, looking up through the open sunroof, pointing to the stars, and a caption saying, Go ahead, reach for the stars.

- full moon night, in the open fields, open frunk, a record player in the frunk, a couple enjoying a romantic dinner, and a caption that says Who needs candle-light dinners when you can have moon-light dinners..

What do you think?

Brian H | 17 marzo 2013

I remember record players. Someone stole my turntable, though.

ksmlabs | 26 agosto 2013

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