Feature Requests

Feature Requests

The Model X is clearly designed to be a family car. With the expectation that families will have teenage drivers, I would love to see a lot of governor features. For example, if my son wants to borrow the car to go to his friend's house, I'd like to be able to set the maximum speed to 35 mph. I remember being a teenager, and if I were put behind the steering wheel of a Model X, I probably wouldn't be alive.

Even more than that, there is no reason why the car shouldn't provide on option to forbid speeding altogether. Using existing technology, the car can know what the speed limit is where ever it happens to be (with few exceptions).

Each driver would have a username and password to unlock his specific set of features/constraints. Once a driver is identified, the radio station and volume could be set to his/her preferences, along with climate control, seat position, mirror position, etc....

kabalah70 | 20 dicembre 2013

My votes are (especially considering the marketing towards the soccer moms):
-Heated steering wheel
-Blind spot detection
-Adaptive cruise control with auto-braking
-Foot-activated, rear lift gate

Entertainment stuff and seating are easily done aftermarket, but these things are not.

Farmer Dave | 9 gennaio 2014

A trivial (but important) feature missing on the Model S that I test drove was adjustable height anchors for the shoulder belts. The belt was initially on my neck, but the demonstrator's suggestion was "raise the seat". Maybe the seat height was fine, but just the shoulder harness needed adjustment?

I hope the Model X Signature I have reserved will have this improvement. After all, both my Lexus LS and Toyota RAV4 have it.

sadat | 10 gennaio 2014

I wish Model X to come with a coupe body.

sadat | 10 gennaio 2014

I wish Model X to send me text message whenever the car is started. It helps to quickly find the thief who posed as a valet.

sadat | 10 gennaio 2014

I wish Model X to include an umbrella holder like the Rolls Royce.

sadat | 10 gennaio 2014

I wish Model X to include a 1 TB disk to store downloaded movies, games, apps, songs,...