Firmware update problems

Firmware update problems

Numerous problems have been noted with latest 4.1 update > Tesla management needs to have a consistent way to receive feedback from owners ASAP. This is more than a "complaint" issue - we don't need major recalls/adverse events (like Toyota had). Is anyone listening?

I'm both a Roadster and Model S owner/shareholder.

astraussmd | 7 gennaio 2013

Please add to the list ;

1) Passenger seat warmer turned on by itself
2) Climate control > on max fan/heat when car started up
3) Radio volume continued after car exited/doors locked

Brian H | 8 gennaio 2013

Poltergeists were traditional tales anticipating software gremlins.

sergiyz | 9 gennaio 2013

I've reported several issues to them over the phone, then a couple of days later received an email asking me to list the issues again, this time in email.
I did that, but it was from an employee's address and not from a tracking system.
I think it's going to be hard for them to manage unless they provide a way to submit bug reports in an easier and consistent manner.
They probably modeled the support after car manufacturers, but software there doesn't play quite the same role it does on Tesla S.
They should use something that has a web UI and email, not just phone as an interface.
Jira, Bugzilla, Remedy whatever else all provide that functionality.

TonyF | 9 gennaio 2013

I think this is an important issue - that probably won't take much for Tesla to fix. But there definitely are some (minor) software stability issues. I have had a few quirks occur (e.g. things not work right) and when I called Tesla and explained 3-4 things not working correctly, the Ownership Representative ended up helping me with a dashboard and infotainment screen reboot. That worked for a couple of days, but every now and then something doesn't work as it should.

So there is no central place to describe our issues yet? Calling Tesla Ownership Experience and having them ask you to put it in an email should be fine. It is not as though there are dozens of things occuring. It seems we are all experiencing the same limited number of quirks so a few emails should be enough to get the programmers on it. Thoughts?

Captain_Zap | 9 gennaio 2013


The employees and engineers have created a database and they are maintaining it so that the data integrity is not compromised. It helps them narrow down issues and diagnose much more efficiently.

Captain_Zap | 9 gennaio 2013

You should call Service to report any issues that you experience personally. That helps their diagnosis.

Also, if Tesla does not know that you have a problem then they may not push out a fix to your car. They may ask for a new list just in case they snuck a fix out to your car in the middle of the night when you were not looking.

Also, service has asked me some specific questions about symptoms or certain conditions that I may not have thought to mention.

They are on the ball.

NetworkGuy | 11 gennaio 2013

Just received my Model S. Can't update software release 4.0 image 1.19.31 after multiple attempts. I Keep getting a content free message "Unable to start update. Try again later". Anyone else having this issue? Anyone figure out how to download this image?

Also note to Tesla software engineers, put a descriptive notification to give users a clue as to what is going on. This type of message is totally unacceptable. You should be embarrassed to present it to another engineer.

mkh1437 | 11 gennaio 2013

I have yet to receive any of the 4.x updates. Still running 1.15.14. I thought Tesla had halted further updates until some more issues were addressed.

Brian H | 12 gennaio 2013

NW Guy;
The package is downloaded in advance; it's trying to install and failing. Call the Service guys.

sdelucia | 13 marzo 2013

Anyone know when 4.3 firmware will be issued?

Darmok | 13 marzo 2013

A guy over on TMC said he got it last night and posted a couple of screenshots.