First Over-the-air Firmware Update

First Over-the-air Firmware Update

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed the screen to schedule the time of the update and I went with the suggested 2am. This morning the car was charged and the software updated successfully-- pretty painless.

My favorite two features of the upgrade:

1) Google maps live traffic can now be turned on.
2) You can set the energy usage window to look back 30 miles instead of 5 miles. That is really useful because now you can understand why the projected mileage (which is also a 30 mile look-back) moves up or down as you see relatively high or low energy usage scroll off the left of the display.

Good job, Tesla! Now please, please add the time to start charging feature (like on the Roadster) to the next firmware upgrade.


Volker.Berlin | 26 settembre 2012

Hooray! :-)

How about your GPS-based location in Google maps? Is that supported with the update?

bfranks273 | 26 settembre 2012

Interesting. I have those features in my car already. Whats your vin and whats your version number now? I have an email for an update next week that talks about reducing the radio volume on exit and some range display changes, they will change the rated values based on the 265 EPA number now. Version will be 1.9.11. vin 96

The software update feature is fabulous!

(Whats the question about GPS location in google maps? I have that.)

Volker.Berlin | 26 settembre 2012

(Whats the question about GPS location in google maps? I have that.)

Do you have it in you sat nav app (obviously), or do you have it when opening Google Maps in the web browser (which is the point of my question)?

The sat nav is optional for non-Signature reservations, and the completeness of features in Google Maps (web browser based) may affect the decision for or against the Tech Pkg for some.

ScottM | 26 settembre 2012

@bfranks273: I used to have 1.9.7 (vin=13), so maybe that's why we're coming from different places. The volume does now lower when you are leaving the car as advertised. Also, the range calculation is a bit different and less of a gap between projected versus rated.

@Volker: Yes,GPS location works in the Nav app, and always has for me.

OTA updates are a wonderful thing.

Volker.Berlin | 26 settembre 2012

GPS location works in the Nav app, and always has for me.

Sure. Does it also work in Google Maps, when you use the car's web browser to visit ?

Volker.Berlin | 26 settembre 2012

For clarification, the sat nav (turn-by-turn directions) technically is Navigon, not Google Maps. Google Maps is the website (or a dedicated app on Android, that currently does not have an equivalent in the Model S touch screen). Sorry if that was confusing, I understand that "Google Maps" has become a generic term for anything that shows electronic maps... ;-)

Volker.Berlin | 26 settembre 2012

Sure. Does it also work in Google Maps, when you use the car's web browser to visit ?

Darn, the forum swallowed the link that was meant to illustrate what I'm talking about:

Rod and Barbara | 26 settembre 2012

Volker, et al - I think the labels on the Nav display may be causing some confusion. When the Nav app is selected on the touch screen, a map appears with the location of your car marked on the map. In the lower right corner of the map is says "Google, Map data (copy-write symbol) 2012 Google." If you then enter a destination location and select Navigation, turn-by-turn navigation begins with a route displayed. During turn-by-turn navigation in the lower right corner of the map in addition to the Google label it also says "Navigation by Tesla." I have not yet had an opportunity to check if anything has changed in the Google Maps integration accessed via the web browser.

Volker.Berlin | 26 settembre 2012

Rod and Barbara, thank you very much for the detailed description! That explains quite well where the confusion comes from. So I assume that the original poster was referring to the Nav App as well, in which case my question is pointless. Just forget about it and sorry for the long and winding thread.

To summarize: The turn-by-turn Nav App, which is definitely made by Navigon (obvious from the direction graphics, and also confirmed by some Tesla rep), integrates with Google Maps on the touch screen. Hat tip to Tesla for such an elegant solution! I think that's what is called "best-of-breed approach"...? :-)

stevenmaifert | 26 settembre 2012

@Volker.Berlin - Do we know if the Model S without the tech package will come with a GPS chip? Wouldn't that be necessary for position information integration on a Google Maps app?

Volker.Berlin | 27 settembre 2012

stevenmaifert, no we don't know, and yes that would obviously be necessary. For a very long time (from the reveal in March 2009 until Options and Pricing was published in December 2011, and even thereafter to some degree) Tesla fed us the idea that the only difference between the standard vehicle and the optional Nav Pkg would be whether maps are onboard or offboard (the latter requiring a network connection and some caching). For most people following Tesla at the time that seemed to imply that a GPS chip and even offboard turn-by-turn navigation (a la Google Navigation on Android) would come standard with every Model S.

Obviously, that's not the case and a lot of disappointment has already been expressed in other threads of these forums. Given that the initial expectation, which seemed to be pretty well confirmed at the time, has turned out to be false, we now don't know anything and what kind of maps or navigation will be available in a non-Signature car w/o the Tech Pkg is entirely up to speculation again.

Which is why I was asking the question in the first place.

Rod and Barbara | 27 settembre 2012

@ScottM – The ability to select 5, 15 or 30 miles on the Energy display was in our car upon delivery on July 27 with software version 1.5.21. The ability to display traffic on the Nav app was added when we upgraded to software version 1.7.36 at the Service Center on Sep 11. Our first remote software update occurred this morning to version 1.9.17. The new version changes the Rated Miles from a 2-cycle EPA reference to a 5-cycle EPA reference and changes the way the touch screen and media start up and shut down upon entry and exit. In our car the media volume does slowly ramp up upon entering the car and ramp down upon exiting the car.