A Forged Rim Option

A Forged Rim Option

A forged rim may be right for some drivers.

Let's say you sold your 21" rims and opted for a forged 20x8.5 front and 20x10 Rear

The forged rims woud weight around 25 pounds each. I've asked Tesla how much the Turbine 21" cast alum. rim weighs - no doubt more than a forged rim rim. Should hear back soon.

So you would end up with less unsprung weight, wider tires in the rear for better traction - like 285s and a rather unique look should you want to powder coat to match body color with the rim for example.

I represent a company that makes forged rims - right here in the USA.

I'd love to see this rim in white with chrome lip on a white MS. Of course they aren't cheap at around $4,200 a set.

CAdreamin | 18 giugno 2013

Factory 21x8.5" rim weighs 38 lbs.

19" factory rim 34 lbs.

Brian H | 18 giugno 2013

That looks like a forge-ery. (Photoshop)

CAdreamin | 20 giugno 2013

No not a forge-ery

Centers of forged rims can be powder coated before final assembly.