Google Play Music?

Google Play Music?

So, this seems to be a pretty amazing service. I also see that it has an unofficial API, for google music, which makes me wonder:

Is there any plan to roll out an update to use music services besides Slacker?
Can I roll my own, if my car gets here, before the update gets here?

jat | 6 giugno 2013

I use Google Play all the time -- just stream it from my phone via Bluetooth. Given that the car doesn't run Android, it would be a significant porting job from both Tesla and Google to get it in the car. Since they didn't even go that route for navigation, which IMHO is far more useful to have full Google integration rather than just getting the map tiles from Google, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Schlermie | 6 giugno 2013

It's essentially just another mobile device running an ARM processor, so it's definitely in the realm of possibilities, but I wouldn't count on it anytime soon.

JaredBanyard | 5 novembre 2013

All this may be possible with native android emulation support! This Android Developer will keep his fingers crossed!

johan | 21 settembre 2014

Android isn't a requirement for google play music. I use it perfectly everyday with third party apps for both Windows and Windows Phone. Each app is from a different developer. The API is open for any dev to build it's own app for, just as the Spotify API. I think the only difference from using the native apps is that you need the payed subscription to use a third party app.

will.allen | 18 settembre 2015

Any update on an old thread?

California85D | 18 settembre 2015

How about Apple Music! Or even Spotify. The numbers show not a lot of people use Google Play Music other than all the Google employees in the forum.