Has Anyone Deferred?

Has Anyone Deferred?

Sure, I know it's blasphemous but as much as I'm dying to get my Model S (R10,917) my lease doesn't run out for nearly a year. When I reserved in August they were figuring it would be about a one year wait, which would have been perfect. Since R9000+ have gotten their time to build notices with March-ish time frames, I'll clearly need to defer for a little bit (aiming for delivery between August and November, but can't imagine being able to get out of my lease without a painful hit before August).

My question is, has anyone deferred, and how much control do you have over where you land in line? Or do you even need to defer now? It sounded from a few posts as though you can just wait and wait to do final configuration and control your timing that way. Any help is appreciated!

JohnQ | 20 novembre 2012

I'm P1491 and deferred ... really like the Sunset Red I drove at the Get Amped event so decided to wait until that enters production. In speaking with Tesla, they indicated that I simply step out of line and can reenter whenever I complete my configuration. This results in an approximately 3 month wait (depending on production schedules). Deferring does not send me to the end of the reservation line.

JohnQ | 20 novembre 2012

It is a little painful, however, to hear about deliveries and realize that I probably won't get mine until mid-summer at the earliest.

David70 | 20 novembre 2012

I mentioned this in another thread. P1649 and deferred for financial reasons. I don't want to give up on getting it, but it may be awhile yet before I can.

DLM270 | 20 novembre 2012


I am P9001 and received my time to configure email yesterday. Like JohnQ, I will be waiting for the 2013 Red, which will not be available until next summer. I talked to my Tesla Contact and was told to defer my configuration until the end of this year when the Red will be available in the Design Studio. When I finalize at that time, I will be placed in line for the combination of features and options selected. Seems you can defer until you are ready, then jump in line at any time. Good Luck.

Captain_Zap | 20 novembre 2012

Are those of you who deferred aware of the impending price increase?

The new Tesla Bulletin Board at the top of the forums addresses how deferrals will be impacted.

riceuguy | 21 novembre 2012

It was announced shortly after my posting, hence my other thread:

beck.christopher | 21 novembre 2012

David70 interested in swapping reservations?

Brian H | 21 novembre 2012

Hm, that could mean that any deferrals would have to do a standard "finalize" cycle beginning whenever the changes are announced, unless a specific negotiated "re-entry" is possible.

lajollan | 21 novembre 2012

Deferrals are grandfathered in to the old prices but will be required to finalize in a reasonable time that Tesla says is TBD.

Xfrank | 21 novembre 2012

My suggestion is: take the white or black car without metallic.
When you receive the car, go to a car wrapper and choose the color you wanted (take about 4 days and the cost is around $3000)
You safe the $750 from the metallic and the $950 from the paint amor. So it's only $1270 extra for your unique car with paint protection.
Probably it is cheaper than $ 3000. when you take the car with the black roof, they don't have to wrap the roof also.
I'm not a car wrapping specialist but I have a little experience with this. For me the model S seems not the most difficult shape for wrapping. also the door handles are more easy to do then with a regular car.

As a base you better take the black one I'll suppose, then it is impossible to see some base color in the shadow edges around the lights and grill.
when you ask for a price for wrapping, show them some pictures of the car.

I want also the red one but I'm P1332 EU (Belgium)
maybe the red is just in time available for me
Good luck