Hertz Renting Model S from SFO Airport

Hertz Renting Model S from SFO Airport

Renting a Model S from Hertz costs $475/day + .74/mile after 75 miles. After some negotiating, got the price down to $400/day. What is your thoughts on renting a Model S at these rates?

GDH | 19 ottobre 2013

I personally would not waste money like that but if you got it go for it!...

Thomas N. | 19 ottobre 2013

That's crazy money and I wouldn't pay it. I've let friends take my car for a night out or a 40-mile trip and they all raved about it. For $400 they sure wouldn't have!

mike | 19 ottobre 2013

Seems outrageous to me too.

July10Models | 19 ottobre 2013

As a rental it is paramount to an exotic so it is fairly priced.

PapaSmurf | 19 ottobre 2013

It depends. Is it a P+ ?

Pungoteague_Dave | 19 ottobre 2013

Motorcycles like the BMW K1600GTL or Honda Goldwing routinely rent for $253 per day at Eaglerider in Vegas. I just paid $13k to rent a BMW R1200GSA for two months, picked up in Nairobi, dropped off in Cape Town. That's $217 per day for a bike. You get what you pay for. $400 is a reasonable daily rental price for a $100k car.

mike | 19 ottobre 2013

It's a P85, as best I can tell. The Hertz dude was professional, but didn't know a whole lot about the car.

jat | 19 ottobre 2013

If you are considering buying it, paying ~$500 for an extended test drive doesn't sound too unreasonable. Other than that, it does seem pretty expensive.

SUN 2 DRV | 19 ottobre 2013

There's also a Model S in San Francisco listed on the GetAround car sharing site. I believe it goes for $20 per hour. So it's a great deal for a couple hour test drive and is in the same ballpark as Hertz's daily rate.