How to become a tesla dealer.

How to become a tesla dealer.

I realy think that Tesla is the future. Just as the petrol engine changed the steam engine..the electric motor will change the future, an Tesla is an important part of that change .
I want to take part of that and help others see the way too. I want to become an official dealer for Tesla models in my country but i don't know what i have to do and what that involves.
Dose someone know any thing in this area of bussines?

Noah.S | 5 marzo 2013

I'm not sure how their international relations work, but I know that they are staying away from independent dealers in North America and selling directly themselves over the internet with their own physical showrooms/outlets.

As far as I know, the best way to get involved would be to either get involved with their distribution and delivery of the cars, or try to get hired as a manager/sales/customer service person for your country or area.

TeslaRocks | 5 marzo 2013

Direct distribution via internet and simple showrooms/stores is also the future, not expensive dealerships that get in the way and bombard people with obnoxious car ads. I second Noah's idea of getting a job directly with Tesla in a store, service center, or regional manager. There are tons of job postings at both Tesla and SpaceX, seems things are really booming.

olanmills | 5 marzo 2013

These guys don't know what they're talking about. Becoming a Tesla dealer is very simple.

Buy every single share of TSLA, and boom! You are THE Tesla dealer!

Cosmin | 6 marzo 2013

I don't have the necessary capital to build a showroom. I was thinking on starting with an online shop where peopel can order and buy the car. An after the no of buyers start to reise and the profit starts to come build a showroom. The only thing i want is to have exclusive rights in my country.

Cosmin | 6 marzo 2013

How do i have to talk to? Those any one know.

Pungoteague_Dave | 6 marzo 2013

Cosmin = nnt? Or just ignorant?

Cosmin | 6 marzo 2013

Nnt? What dose that mean? And no i'm not ignorant. I just don't have the necessary funds to build a showroom. But i do have the necessary website and i just want to take part of something that will become a must have in the future. I'm positive that the future belongs to electric powered cars. Unless the indian car company tata will find a way for there air powered car to work.

Noah.S | 6 marzo 2013

I'm positive that the future belongs to electric powered cars.
So is Tesla.

. I was thinking on starting with an online shop where peopel can order and buy the car. They have their own website that they sell from. They would not allow you to set up a competing one.

The only thing I want is to have exclusive rights in my country.

Tesla isn't like your normal car company. Tesla doesn't sell anyone rights. If there are cars being sold, it is Tesla-employed and Tesla-paid people doing it. The only people with exclusive rights in a country is Tesla, not franchisees.

If there is enough of a market for a showroom, then Tesla will build it, not sell the rights to build one.

If you want to get involved, get hired.

Noah.S | 6 marzo 2013

The quote tags didn't work in my first post, so I've added them here.

"I'm positive that the future belongs to electric powered cars."
So is Tesla.

"I was thinking on starting with an online shop where peopel can order and buy the car."
They have their own website that they sell from. They would not allow you to set up a competing one.

"The only thing I want is to have exclusive rights in my country."

Tesla isn't like your normal car company. Tesla doesn't sell anyone rights. If there are cars being sold, it is Tesla-employed and Tesla-paid people doing it. The only people with exclusive rights in a country is Tesla, not franchisees.

If there is enough of a market for a showroom, then Tesla will build it, not sell the rights to build one.

If you want to get involved, get hired.

TeslaRocks | 6 marzo 2013

I agree, forget about the dealership idea: it is not Tesla because it is not the future.

Although, what you could do if you have enough cash, sort of informal, considering that every model seems to have a long line up, you could order a bunch of cars for yourself, then drive them around and show the people in your neighbourhood, give them rides and let them drive it just enough so they find out they love it, then when they ask where they can buy one, you'll say the Tesla car company, but there's a waiting list of about a year.... BUT if you want, because I'm a nice guy I can sell you this one and you won't have to wait.

Sounds very risky, especially if you have no intention of owning a Tesla yourself in the longer run, but it might allow you to live your fantasy and think of yourself as the Tesla dealer for your town.

Good luck.

olanmills | 6 marzo 2013

Cosmin, your plan doesn't even make any sense. Why would I want to go to your online shop when Tesla already has one? Yeah I understand you could pay some shady online marketing firm to try to drive people to your site, but the marketing will be extremely low quality and it would just be a waste of your money.

The only function you could possibly serve is if you held inventory in a convenient location for customers to view see and pick up a car from, but Tesla is not doing that yet. And by that, I mean producing bunches of excess cars with no buyers so that salespeople (or saleswebsites) can sell them.

Brian H | 6 marzo 2013

what waiting list of about a year? At most, it is sitting at a couple of months in NA, and who knows where it will settle elsewhere?

Runar | 6 marzo 2013

TR: Even in Norway, Elon stated that everyone who had orders in now, would get their cars by october and all ordering the next few weeks, would get their by the end of the year..

But one need to be quick, as 2013 production is soon sold out. ;-)

So, not a years wait right now, but soon.. very soon..

Jolinar | 7 marzo 2013

you can always ask Tesla to become one of their employee in their shops (geleries), I guess it would be great job :)

FLsportscarenth... | 7 marzo 2013

If you have substantial money, buy shares and a Model S, reserve a Model X if you like them, buy a used Roadster to round out your collection...

If you have some money, buy a Model S, if you keep it it long enough it will actually pay for itself (in fuel and maintanece savings), 8-12 years depending on incentives and how much petrol costs increase where you live... Plus you will have an excellent ride and the best sedan on the road. It would be silly to sell your Model S even at a decade old in my view as it does not rust and serves as a good back up car or a safe and low operational cost training driver for the kids or nephew or niece or what not even if you buy a newer offering from Tesla Motors.

If you can not afford to buy or finance a Model S now, apply for a job there. Eventually you will be able to afford a Tesla, work hard and save, and Gen III a few years away your starter car is coming...

TeslaRocks | 8 marzo 2013

Yeah buy lots of shares and a model S and promote it whenever you can, so you'll make money through your shares. It may not be quite as direct as you were hoping for, but it will a hundred times simpler for you because starting a business is a nightmare from what I gather. Owning shares is bliss... just don't do it on margin.

TeslaRocks | 8 marzo 2013

Yeah, true. Time will tell, but I suspect the model S will age really well... just replace the battery pack every 10 years or so and the car can last virtually forever.

FLsportscarenth... | 8 marzo 2013

Well of the businesses I have created and grew myself or bought and ran they have generated a lot of headaches, some did ok and some lost money, all with a lot of time and effort invested. Of the ExxonMobil stock I bought a little more then a decade ago it has required no time, effort or worries and has tripled in value...

All this may seem odd for some one very pro EV, but oil is NOT going away, large trucks and most aircraft will still need oil based fuel for at least a decade or two more and we will need plastics for centuries to come. As a thinking person, EV's just make a lot of sense, we can lessen our dependence on foreign oil and use the oil that we have in a more intelligent way (make stuff with it rather than burn it and spew poison in our air).

I believe that Tesla Motors has a bright future, barring exceptionally bad events, and I would venture that Tesla Motors has 'the right stuff' to become a major international automaker, as big as Chrysler was. How rewarding will holding stock be? Well that is a good question that I can not really answer yet. Good companies to hold stock in are stable, large, make a product that people need and want, have a bright future and treat the shareholders right (pay out regular decent dividends). Tesla does not fit these perimeters yet so I am not sure I would buy a lot of TSLA stock, maybe a token amount to please the idealistic enthusiast in me... But for the crazy young idealistic investors that buy 'sexy' stocks like Apple and Google and the like, TSLA is a cut above...

From what I can see Model S is the best car you can buy right now (though I could nitpick about a few items - but it is still the best), I have not heard of any significant buyers remorse and no other car can pay for itself with operational savings like Tesla... You just have to hold on to it long enough and it appears that it will be possible, as long as you do not wreck the thing up. Again some questions remain about durability of certain features - like that delicate touchscreen or those odd pop out handles, but it appears that the car could run for decades if you change the battery pack, that really impresses me and will change the automotive game. In short buying a Model S is a very smart decision for anyone that can afford it or can finance it, the numbers are better than any new ICE car AND better than a most used ICE cars! For a new car that is simply amazing...

Brian H | 8 marzo 2013


Edit; perimeters borders on the right word, but some of its parameters are wrong.

FLsportscarenth... | 8 marzo 2013

Thanks Brian H, or Brain H... hehe

gibran_reyna | 31 marzo 2015

Tesla Motors

I´m interested in knowing how to be distributors of the brand in Mexico and Tesla Motors Latinoamerica, please, can you sendme requirements.

My email:



Rocky_H | 1 aprile 2015

@gibran_reyna, Tesla does not have official representatives participating in these forums, so you will not get a response to your request here. You would need to contact them from the main website.

But Tesla does not contract with outside people or companies to do distribution; they only open their own company-owned stores. So when they are ready to expand into Mexico and Latin America, they will be doing it on their own.

sudhakarsudha592 | 27 aprile 2018

Iam intrest to start a tesla store in india because the electric cars
Are rule the world in fucture it changes the entire automobile field tesla make much big part of that.

andrius | 6 giugno 2018

I'm interested in starting a dealer ship and service of tesla in Lithuania what are the oportunities ? it is verry interesting for our company

SO | 6 giugno 2018

Tesla does not have dealerships. Sorry

SO | 6 giugno 2018

Tesla has sales galleries that are OWNED by Tesla only.

krishnan | 2 ottobre 2018

We are GENERAL TECHNICAL RESOURCES We are doing Telecom projects and Road Construction contracting works last 6 years in sultanate of Oman and we have our own 4 Car Mechanical Workshop in Sultanate of Oman. We like to inform you that our Group of company is fastest growing company in sultanate of Oman and this is the time to take step in next level business and we are looking Tesla Dealership in Oman if Your interest to give a Dealership so kindly request you to Give your Valuable offer along with requirements.

kcheng | 2 ottobre 2018

I would love to open a Tesla Store in Freeport, Maine. Elon contact me!

gregh9195 | 3 ottobre 2018

OP, Yeah, I think Tesla controls it's sales. In fact, they're suing Detroit for the federal law requiring auto makers to sell to dealerships, not directly to customers, which is kinda contradictory. Anyways, they have no haggling, no real sales pitch, no vicious follow up phone calls, etc. like a normal dealership. They are physical showrooms for you to test and view, different that a normal dealership. And why would you start a website to sell Teslas? Most people would prefer to go to a showroom. Prices will NOT vary and plus, you can already over your Tesla on their very own site. Why would they pay you when they could cut out the middleman and make more profit?

If you're REALLY set on it, go to a local showroom and talk to a manager.

DTsea | 3 ottobre 2018

gregh the law is state not federal.

gabsow.tom | 3 novembre 2018

Hi i am very interested in Tesla products and i do believe Tesla has a huge part of designing our world future,
I am from israel and there is no full electric cars options at all in israel.
I would like to be a part of helping Tesla get in to Israel so we could help our world and also our country to be cleaner and safer place.
pleas tell me how we can help to get Tesla in to israel.

jordanrichard | 3 novembre 2018

Go to the Contact Us page of Tesla’s site. The forum is not the place to reach out to Tesla for such matters.

elviscentral | 5 marzo 2019

We are interested in starting a Tesla store and service center in the Tulsa, OK area. Tulsa is thriving and I think a Tesla store and service center in the mid states would be a great idea. We are very interested.

edwardcohen1976 | 12 marzo 2019

Almost every time I travel to another country, I meet someone asking about this.

marlinputnam8745 | 20 marzo 2019

i don't think so that tesla is distributing dealership to third party people, they have company owned showrooms, maybe in the future they will make a dealrship program.

Sbalushi2020 | 11 aprile 2019

Looking for some information about Tesla franchise in Georgia. Please send me an email for further discussion.

Yodrak. | 11 aprile 2019

There is no further discussion. No franchise, no dealership.

andy.connor.e | 12 aprile 2019

Is this what the kids are dealing these days?

mrsaitoo | 7 giugno 2019

I want to be a dealer in Zimbabwe can i have the requirements.

TranzNDance | 7 giugno 2019

I keep associating "dealer" with drugs. Just say no to drugs and dealers.

dineshsskeerrthi | 13 luglio 2019

i am very intersted become a tesla elactric car dealer in india(in tamilnadu)

vivek8000527324 | 23 luglio 2019


I am intersted dealership for TESLA exclusive showroom in...

country of INDIA,state of GUJARAT,city of AHEMDABAD.

So you can contact me for india dealership....

MO - +91-7777926222

Warm regards,
vivek kanani

Xerogas | 23 luglio 2019

@vivek8000527324: "TESLA MOTORS,
I am intersted dealership for TESLA exclusive showroom"
We’ll send someone right over.

sahilsinghania45 | 29 luglio 2019

I want to bring tesla fanchise in India. India is a huge market it has capability to do enormous things. The demand for electric cars is increasing. And there are very less number of manufactures are making electric cars. Its a humble request to please give an oppurtunity to me. Thanking you with regards.

Please contact we can discuss more.

Xerogas | 29 luglio 2019

@sahilsinghania45: sorry, we already gave the franchise to @vivek

mzidane128 | 5 agosto 2019

I am intersted dealership for TESLA exclusive showroom in...


Can you give me some requirement and detail information what should I do?


MO : +62 8113663999

Xerogas | 5 agosto 2019

@mzidane128: "I am intersted dealership for TESLA exclusive showroom in...
Sorry, we already gave the exclusive dealership to — none of the other mzidane1 - mzidane126 applicants qualified, but 127 seemed super-promising.

Maybe you could try again, but from Fiji this time?

Also, have your mom get a more professional-sounding email address next time. We tend to trust the <4 random digits> much more than others, because they sound like highly-profitable MLM essential oil purveyors, and those always work out well.

NKYTA | 5 agosto 2019