How does Tesla do it?

How does Tesla do it?

I'm very curious how Tesla has all the space in the frunk...the Nissan Leaf looks like an ICE car under the hood! Where is the A/C unit?

jackhub | 21 luglio 2013

The batteries are in the floor and the converter/motor are wrapped around the rear axle.

Xerogas | 21 luglio 2013

I think OP wants to know where the air conditioner is. Great question; hadn't thought about it. I guess it's in the area adjacent to the microwave-size opening in the frunk.

lolachampcar | 22 luglio 2013

The compressor is beneath the frunk floor along with the power steering and brake boost systems.

tobi_ger | 22 luglio 2013

Some people mentioned a slight rattle of the steering column when A/C compressor is on high duty. From your perspective, is there something structurally connecting those things which could be responsible (and if so, tweakable)?

SamO | 22 luglio 2013


I read that a wire/duct touches when the AC unit is humming at full power.

Is there a physical touchpoint under the frunk that could be causing this intermittent mystery noise?

hfcolvin | 22 luglio 2013

Underneath the frunk is pretty busy. There are pics over on TMC. I had a recent Ranger visit and I asked the tech about the A/C noise, but he said there isn't a fix for it. On the other hand he did fix the steering wheel click/pop with a shim.

JPPTM | 22 luglio 2013

There is AC noise from the compressor, which can be loud and buzzy (more from outside the car than inside). However there also can be a vibration from the front under the frunk due to coolant lines rattling against other components there. There is a service bulletin on this, so consult with your SC if you have concerns.

nickjhowe | 22 luglio 2013

@SamoSam: As @hfcolvin says - it is pretty busy under there. There is a metal line from the compressor that runs underneath the steering column and in some cars can rub against it.

I thought that was what was happening to me, but service checked it and it was OK.