How to find about inventory car

How to find about inventory car

How do we find out the inventory car list which is available? Is it available on web or do we call Tesla number? If calling, which number?

kamingcheng | 4 ottobre 2013

When I was ordering mine, I could only ask the store manager to check inventory after I put down the $2500 deposit. At that time, none of the inventory/loaner cars have the options that I need, and they were not that much cheaper. Also, delivery would have taken at least two weeks. Therefore, I decided to stick with my own configuration and took delivery four weeks later.

2kids10horses | 4 ottobre 2013

When I took my test drive, they were able to bring up the list of Inventory cars available on their computer. We were able to select by battery, color, etc.

They keep the list private.

I was able to get mine at $24,000 off.

He said that was the biggest discount he had ever seen.

T3SLA | 4 ottobre 2013


How did you get the $24,000 off?
Many miles and months?

GDH | 4 ottobre 2013

It's not private, I got a list yesterday. Not sure how someone saved $24K. But the discounts aren't that great, usually $2K to $4K. $1 a mile and you can still get the fed tax credit of the car is not registered.

SamO | 4 ottobre 2013

Also if the car in inventory was made prior to the price increase in August, you get the lower price.

2kids10horses | 4 ottobre 2013

Here's how I got $24,000 off:

Inventory car. Demo car in Denver. 6000 miles. Made in October 2012.

It has: Pearl White, P85, dual chargers, Tech, Air, Pano, Piano, Yacht floor, Premium Sound, black leather. VIN: 01251

They listed it as $18,000 off the list price.

It also had jump seats, that I didn't want. So, they removed them, and credited me $1500.

And, it had 21 inch wheels. A little bit scuffed. But, I didn't want those either. I live in a rural area, some gravel roads, I don't need super fragile tires. So, they put on the stock 19s and Primacy tires, and credited me another $4,500.

So, 18 + 1.5 +4.5 = 24

And I still get the tax credits. And full warranty.

Interior appears perfect except for a tiny dent in the metal trim near the interior door handle. Exterior perfect except for a tiny tear in the lower front bumper, and an itty bitty rock chip in the windshield. The "B" pillar shows no wear.

Back in those days, the canterra headliner came with the Performance package. Got that. Fog lights, too.

I added the rear cup holders. And since it had the dual chargers, I ponied up for the HPWC.

hpatelmd | 5 ottobre 2013

By "list price" as of Oct '12, or current? Either way, you scored a great deal!

2kids10horses | 5 ottobre 2013

I believe it was off the original price at the time it was manufactured. If I were to configure it today, it would be a lot more.

Many things that are options today were standard then. Like the premium lighting.

So, yeah, it was a great deal.

GDH | 5 ottobre 2013

Damn that's a good deal and rare. I am not sure though that I would want a first production car. I was sent a list of inventory cars for sale and the savings was 4K max.

2kids10horses | 5 ottobre 2013

As to being a first production car:

Tesla has been great about delivering a top quality car. As I said, it originally had scuffed 21s, and now it has new 19 inch wheels. The front door handles weren't quite right, so they replaced one, and adjusted the other to make them perfect.

I noticed that there was some condensation in the backup lights. They COULD just replace the seals, but no, they noticed that the entire trim piece doesn't fit perfect, so they're going to replace the entire thing.

Back to the Inventory list...

At first, I limited my choice to the color, battery size, etc. Then, he said, "can you be flexible?" And I said, "Maybe! It depends." We has been looking at only MS85s. But then he found this car, and it was a P85, but it was LESS money, and had all the upgrades to boot!

It pays to be flexible. For instance, I would never think I would like Pearl White. Especially since it was more money. But now that I have it, I LOVE it!

GDH | 5 ottobre 2013

So it was close to $100k and you got for $80ish?

That's what the inventory cars are going for, some a little under $80k.

2kids10horses | 5 ottobre 2013

I don't have the papers in front of me, but it was something like $111,000 and I got it to $88,000.

stewart.horner | 6 ottobre 2013

I too am getting an inventory car . I was able to walk into tesla showroom and tell them what I'm looking for , they pulled up all available cars with similar options and found the closest match . I had to forgo black leather for grey but got a great discount . We'll over $14k in savings
Test drive vehicle 7k on the clock , built in March 13. I did request 21" trade to 19" wheels for the $4500 credit but after much back and forth they told me they can't change the configuration of inventory cars anymore . I'm still working on that one !
Premium sound original option price rear facing seat at original price . -$1 per mile driven and somewhere in the equation is something like $1 per day of age ? Can't quite remember that one , still classified as new so tax credit in place .

I was told to expect a few rock chips but every thing else would be brand new !

tylerpitchford | 11 ottobre 2013

I just looked at an inventory car and was told they're no longer offering the old pricing even if the car was manufactured under old options. I was looking at a Blue MS85, which still had the original door sticker listing it at $92,000.

They went to pull pricing on it for me and said they could sell it for $99k and change. It was built just before the price changes in August which gave it a 2 month discount (2%) and there were 22 miles on it, so another $22 off.

Not sure if all the shops are operating under the same rules though.

Mathew98 | 11 ottobre 2013

There were quite a few early lucky owners who received the $1k per month sitting in the show room deduction.

I guess 1% per month discount on a 100k MS is pretty close to the previous discount...

Good luck finding older demo cars with more than 10k off the MSRP. The consolation price is that you will get the car in 2 weeks instead of 8 weeks!!! How much is instant gratification worth?

Hodas | 11 ottobre 2013

There are also occasional inventory cars that are brand new, built as demos but not yet delivered. That is what I got back in late June.

We had made several stabs at high-discount inventory cars over the course of a couple of weeks, but each ended up having problems. (One was listed as being in Denver but turned out to be in Denmark. One sounded fine but was at a dealership my salesman knew and when he called someone there they said they would advise against buying it due to various condition issues. etc.)

I gave up and decided to configure and order and wait. But the day I went into order we took one last look at inventory. There were no high-discount cars, but there was a car sitting in fremont a week off the line with the exact configuration I wanted aside from having a black roof rather than body colored. I had my car 3 days later.

SCCRENDO | 11 ottobre 2013

Went in and test drove my car in April. Had exactly what I wanted. Also had jump seats that I would not have necessarily purchased but for taking it with the jump seats got my car a week later, brand new with 14 miles.

yonak | 12 ottobre 2013

Purchased my car from inventory , 5 miles , equipped the way I wanted & received it in eastern Ohio in 2 weeks. The car had not left the factory yet when I purchased it.

wmckenzie | 12 ottobre 2013

Bought mine out of inventory. Sales first looked through the list after a test drive. Some back and forth over several days via email and found a close match.

30 miles on it, still had factory stickers. % discount for being built over a month prior.

speedyellow08 | 12 ottobre 2013

Bought a floor model recently. Received about 1200 discount. Total miles 54. Transport charge 1200( MA to TX). I did not like it since they charged less for my brand new car from factory to TX. It is in transit now. Hopefully everything is in good condition. Except a quicker delivery and small discount I do not see any difference here.

ausdma | 12 ottobre 2013

I'm playing tag with a guy from the Park Meadows store in Denver since the Austin gallery can't participate but haven't seen any proposals yet. It's starting to sound like the main advantage is going to be time.

Luclyluciano | 12 ottobre 2013

Salesperson at the Toronto Canada store says no inventory or used cars available. He also said if I were to buy an inventory car the $8500 credit would not apply. I'm in love with the P85 multicoat pearl white with grey rims on the showroom floor. It is for sale but I'm not in the mood to drop $130k on it even though I can afford it, when I know there are plenty available south of the boarder for under $100k slightly used.

2kids10horses | 12 ottobre 2013

@Hosas: If that "high discount Denver car" was Pearl White, it's sitting in my driveway!

Jakubd01 | 19 ottobre 2013

P85 with 5955 mi $92,294 6 months old
Original Price $104,520
Options include silver paint, panoramic roof, 19" wheels, black performance interior, carbon decor and spoiler, tech package smart suspension, high fidelity sound, alcantara headliner & rear facing seats
Since 19" not available, they threw in 21" and will get me 19" with winter tires in ny.
Current cost for all options with wheels $120,870.

All prices are not inclusive of tax credit.

The key is to find a location willing to work with you, Short Hills is outstanding at this and I bypassed my local one because they were not as responsive. Still can get your car delivered at local service station

SolarPoweredCO | 16 febbraio 2014

Has anybody else bought an inventory model? I am looking at one with 6k miles. Waiting on the pictures. How about the wear on the tires. These are the 21 inch.

Also, if you traded your car in, how did that go?

zwede | 16 febbraio 2014

@Barry: I bought an inventory P85+ end of January. 5600 miles that had been up in Washington state. The tires had 3800 miles on them, then they switched to winter tires.

Rears have a bit of wear, I will have to replace them in a few thousand miles. Since it was a demo car there was plenty of hard acceleration. It also had the now famous "ton of neg camber and no toe in" alignment issue (now corrected). Considering I saved right at $20K by doing inventory, I'm OK with soon needing 2 tires.

I also traded in my previous car via Tesla. It was a very smooth process. Tesla took pictures of the trade in while I was there to test drive the Tesla. They sent the pics out to 4 dealers and gave me their offers. The best was still $1k lower than top book value, so I asked them to check if the dealer was willing to go up $1k. They were so I said OK.

When it was time to pick up my Tesla, I just left my trade in at the Tesla service center and gave them the signed title. The trade in value was reflected on the bill of sale, so I only paid sales tax on the difference.

zwede | 16 febbraio 2014

Oh yeah: Be advised that an inventory car does not quite have new car levels of perfection. Tesla will expect you to understand that some wear is normal. In my case: A couple tiny chips in the front (very tiny). When the car arrived at the SC, one rim was badly curb damaged. My SC replaced it before delivery. Another rim had slight rash and this was not replaced. Again, you will be expected to accept issues like that. I lucked out in that my interior is perfect with no signs of wear at all.

SolarPoweredCO | 16 febbraio 2014

@mstrob, thank you very much for sharing your experience. Very insightful and I will make sure to do a thorough inspection. I'll also check on the alignment issue.