How to make a lot of money with your Model S

How to make a lot of money with your Model S

I thought I posted this yesterday, but may not have hit the right button, or a nefarious German Auto Dealer deleted my post. Here goes #2: Prepare a sign that is big enough to be seen at some distance, but small enough to place on the roof of the Tesla. The sign should read: WHY WOULD YOU BUY ONE OF THEIR CARS WHEN YOU CAN DRIVE THIS FOR LESS????

Step 2: Take your car to your local Mercedes dealership and park in a conspicuous place on the street. Put sign on car. People WILL come to talk with you. Tell them about your car, how much you love it, what it costs to own, what you spend on gas, give them a Slacker Song Selection, and a test drive. Sooner or later the manager of the MBZ dealership will come and ask you to move the car. Tell him you'd be happy to, for $100, and if he gives you $500, you won't be back tomorrow or the rest of the month. After you collect your money, go to the BMW dealership and park, etc. With your next payment in hand, go to the Audi dealership. You might try Jaguar as well.

Step 3: Show up early on the first of the next month.

Step 4: Pick up monthly checks

Step 5: Simply give them your PO Box (you don't want these people knowing where you live) and tell them to send the payment on the first of the month and if it's not there by the third the Tesla stays on the street for a full day for each day late.

Step 6: Buy a retirement home in Hawaii and a skiing chalet in Vail.

Depending upon the number of high end dealerships, you might be able to pull in enough to make car payments. I'd love to tell you I've tried this and am paying for my car with the proceeds, but all the dealerships in my area are in Auto-Malls or on streets where there is no street parking. My guess is that I couldn't pull this stunt in their parking lot.

Mathew98 | 24 luglio 2013

Most MS owners have day jobs to pay for their toys.

blaquito | 24 luglio 2013

Is it just me.. or have you just invented EV racketeering. Charging dealerships for "protection" from their customers knowing about Tesla. Sounds fun.. if, perhaps a little illegal

Mark K | 24 luglio 2013

There is so much positive change surrounding this car, Tesla can win without resorting to negative tactics.

The point of owner proseltyzing should be to s spread goodwill about the car. Provoking ire for profit can't be good for this mission.

AmpedRealtor | 24 luglio 2013

This post surely is a joke, we don't need people doing this and giving Tesla owners a bad name.

tobi_ger | 24 luglio 2013

It should be a one-time deal (per city) with actually a friendly crowd of owners, invite the media to cover it, skip all the money stuff about it, bring cookies!

davidg11 | 24 luglio 2013

I think I know of an easier way....simply rent your Tesla S out for $100 for 4hours to people that have proof of insurance.

Now that allows someone else a longer test drive of the model S, and they get to know the vehicle before they buy without a salesman.

And even if it's not for sales, it's a cool "toy" to zip around in with your friends.

davidg11 | 24 luglio 2013

And on that note...when are the major rental car companies going to offer the right to rent a Tesla S to it's clients?

That'd be a cool deal to ink for Tesla Motors. Think about how many Hertz/Dollar/Enterprise/National etc locations are around the country.

Now you're letting people test drive and possibly gain potential buyers of the vehicle.

SCCRENDO | 24 luglio 2013

Saw a tesla charging at the Doubletree in San Francisco and began talking to the valet attendant. it turns out that the Tesla is a zip car that can be rented at $30.00 per hour. When not in use gets charged up at the Doubletree

blaquito | 24 luglio 2013

@davidg I work for National Car Rental. I don't know if they will get a tesla but I would be the first one there to rent it. My educated guess though is that they either won't or they will use at exotic car branches. Which are pretty sparse and hard to rent from, even for an emp | 24 luglio 2013

I am assuming this is a joke-- However, I must report my daily commute has changed slightly since getting my SP. My route is now about 1 mile longer and takes me past the Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW dealerships. Those test drive people should be reminded there are better options :o)

RedShift | 24 luglio 2013

I pay for my TMS by using it to ease my potential clients into sealing the deal. Best ROI ever.

info | 24 luglio 2013

To: Mathew and Michael: Did you guys have a humor by-pass?

To: Blaquito: It's not like extortion it is extortion, but perfectly legal because you have a right to be where you are and you still have freedom of speech. In order for you to break the law you have to demand "protection" money to prevent harm. Here, I'm just parked and talking to folks that I'd like to talk to anyway.

To: KevinR. I did start this as a joke, but upon a little deeper thought, I think it might work. When I first got the car I drove to the Audi dealership where I was about to buy an A-7. I gave the salesman a test drive. The car got more attention than anything Audi had in the lot or in the showroom.

To: Tobi_ger: I think you may be right. I have always said that you can usually get anything you want with a smile and a bucket of chicken, but cookies work too.

Since I have no life, I think I'm going to scout out an appropriate spot to pull this stunt and give it a go. If it works, I'll be printing up franchise agreements. | 24 luglio 2013

A man on a mission! & updates please

olanmills | 24 luglio 2013

We can start a Tesla mafia. It will be fun. A whole group of nice & shiny Teslas with a bunch of happy owners chatting it up will be more effective than just one person.

pebell | 25 luglio 2013

That is exactly how I made my fortune! I bought an old violin for $50, took it to a crowded shopping street, started making horrible noises and then accepted money to take my "performance" elsewhere!

Oh wait, that's not true. I went with plan B instead, which is work hard and make a decent living (no fortune though) :) Be sure to let me know how it goes, maybe I'll switch back to plan A if you are successful! :)

DFibRL8R | 25 luglio 2013

Your post is the most hilarious post I have ever read on this forum, thanks for the laugh!

rdalcanto | 25 luglio 2013

LOL! I like the way you think!

dirk.saenen | 25 luglio 2013


fluxemag | 25 luglio 2013


Robert22 | 25 luglio 2013

You might want to update your major medical and/ or dental plan. Dealers aren't in the best of moods these days.

Use the Square app for your iPhone and you can take credit card payments on the spot :)

ian | 25 luglio 2013

Great post! Very funny indeed.

fritzlan | 25 luglio 2013

You guys are fun.

Thank you.

HenryT2 | 25 luglio 2013

My Tesla Grin gets bigger every time I drive by my local Porsche dealership.

info | 26 luglio 2013

What started as a joke is becoming reality. The only thing that stopped me was my bladder. I figured that I might have to leave my car for a couple of minutes prior to getting paid to leave and I thought that someone might "by accident" kick my doors or dent my hood. I just didn't want my car damaged.

Solution: My car's in for some repairs and I have a loaner. Problem solved. I have some plans this weekend out of town so I can't start, but next weekend the sign will be done and I'll be on the road with a phone video. I may not make any money and I know I won't make any friends at the dealerships, but.....

davidg11 | 26 luglio 2013


Doing some research I see that Enterprise and Hertz rents out electric cars (and possibly other rental chains). So if they're going to carry a Nissan Leaf, I see no reason to not carry a Tesla S.

Jewsh | 26 luglio 2013

Hilarious. Nevertheless I would advise caution; we don't want the Tesla brand name to be viewed as douchey or for you to get into any altercations with angry ICE dealership mgmt. :-)

Starway2001 | 26 luglio 2013


DrJayRussell | 27 luglio 2013

This is hilarious ... and I hope not a serious proposition but rather pure comedy. I could see the conversation going all Godfater like...

Tesla Owner: Listen, it would be a shame if I had to come here every day and proclaim my love for this clearly superior car. But I have nothing to do so if you were to give me say, $500.00 I could find something else to do and not be here.

Dealership Manager: Let me make you an offer you can't refuse. See, I hired a new delivery driver who seems to have difficulty realizing he's driving a 20 foot box truck and not a Honda Civic. It would be a shame if something were to happen to that pretty car of yours.