How water/weather resistant is the charge cord?

How water/weather resistant is the charge cord?

Just pluged into a 115/15 outlet in the wild (airport parking) its outside and I'm wondering how its gonna do in the rain? Anybody have any idea?
So the plug (male 115) end is relatively covered. What about the business in the car? And the box that has the LEDs on it? Waterproof? Weather resistant, can't get wet at all?

Let me know what you know.

Trip from Ft Pierce to MCO 110 miles 65 -75 mph parked started reg charge 272 range (ideal) ended w/ 142 (ideal), pretty good headwind as well 10-15 mph on the nose.

Sig VIN 1094

stevenmaifert | 14 dicembre 2012

No personal experience yet, but the manual for the Mobile Connector says:

- Do not use the Mobile Connector when either you, the vehicle or the Mobile Connector is exposed to severe rain, snow, electrical storm or other inclement weather.

- Protect the Mobile Connector from moisture, water and foreign objects at all times.

- If rain falls during charging, do not allow rainwater to run along the length of cable and wet the electrical outlet or charging port.

Brian H | 14 dicembre 2012

-If car is parked underwater, use of the Mobile Connector is discouraged.

davecolene0606 | 15 dicembre 2012

Sounds like the cord/box are good,to go don't pour water in the electrical outlet...

No running with the scissors..
No sticking your head out of the high speed train window..
Unplug ALL appliances during electrical,storm..



Thanx, I check the manual next time :)