Ideas for Tesla

Ideas for Tesla

I had a couple thoughts after reading the Car and Driver review; the one you let drive your Roadster for a week and he gave a not so good review. When people buy an electric car, they are buying it knowing the benefits of traveling longer distances in a gas powered vehicle. I propose you do a video (once your new utility vehicle comes out) of that vehicle traveling from Maine to California. Find out how many charges you need to do on the trip. Why? People need peace of mind that the electric vehicle can do just as much as a gas powered one.

I believe the utility vehicle should come with a GPS device of some sort that detects where the nearest charge is (for example at a Seven Eleven or a hotel), then that would give consumers better peace of mind using the car on long distance road trips. The technology is already there because I can find out the nearest hotel or gas station on my Garmin. All you have to do is target/program those places in the GPS? Or is that more difficult than I am thinking?

VolkerP | 16 giugno 2011


you are right, range anxiety is what most people feel when thinking about buying an EV. Tesla has done several public stunts to fight that, e.g. the coast to coast road trip or the odyssey of pioneers around the world.

There are already several smart phone apps that help with finding the nearest charge spot. Problem here seems keeping the database with the charge spot up to date.