Improved seats

Improved seats

Having read several comments from MS drivers, and tried them myself, I must agree that the seats in Teslas aren't too impressive. I have a reservation for a MX because I can only assume it will be the best of the S with added space and 4wd, which should be the best car in the world. The best car should have decent seats. Supposedly Volvo is taking hints from Tesla on interior design. Maybe it's time Elon & Co take a look at what Volvo's doing with seats.
Volvos have great seats and the ones proposed for the new XC 90 are low profile, dreamy looking chairs. If anyone from design actually read these posts it's also a good idea to keep up with other premium auto-makers on luxurious extras. May I suggest tinted windows, motorized shades on rear windows and USB outlets in the back seats (e.g. on the backs/sides of the seats) for powering entertainment modules? With everything in place I can't think of anything that could dissuade me from filling my reservation.

aljjr2 | 30 maggio 2014

Not owning a S model, I struggle to make a comparison. However, from my test drive to decide on the MX, I found the interior NOT that of a $100K car. Clearly the technology is impressive, the exterior is adequate, but simple expectation on the interior -- ie: center console, better seats, and the integration of the "SCREEN" is almost overwhelming.

That said, these are things that early adapters accept, especially for the benefit of the environment. For example, I posting this on a Window 8 PC/Tablet, that couldn't have been imagined in days of DOS flashing curser on a B and W screen.

I too am hopeful that the MX will have better seats, a standard console and less impacting appearance of the Screen. However, IMHO, the environment can't wait. I asked a friend whether he had considered CFB's instead of incandescent, and he was unwilling to accept the slight difference in light appearance. I thought, what small changes is our generation willing to accept -- giving the same generation has contributed to the significance of CO2. So all things desired, all things considered the MS and MX benefits outweigh the perfect state. Early adopters make this happen. Tesla is make this happen.

Brian H | 31 maggio 2014

Your friend had a point. Prolonged exposure to bluish light is a major cause of sleep disturbance, and digital "white" in general is made up of a mix of 3 distinct color lines, very unsatisfactory for artists who want true color. Etc. And CO2 is the ongoing basis of the carbon cycle, AKA the biosphere. What do you have against life?

Red Sage ca us | 31 maggio 2014

Several years ago at the Los Angeles Auto Show, I looked around for one of my buddies and was surprised to see him sitting in a Volvo. I think it was back when they first introduced the C70 Coupe. I asked what he was doing. He marveled at the ergonomics and said I should check it out.

I was impressed. From the moment I sat in that car I have compared every other seating position to it since. Literally everything about it just fit. When I moved my hand or reached for something, it always touched exactly what I expected it to, without even knowing it was there beforehand. Sight lines through all of the windows and for each mirror were absolutely perfect for me.

If Volvo has taken measures to emulate Tesla Motors in any way, that tells me that they are on the right track. The large tilted touch screen and gigantic sunroof are excellent. Now, if only they could get rid of that big transmission hump dividing wall for the shifter...