J1772 adapter charge rate

J1772 adapter charge rate

Does anybody have any real world experience charging a Roadster at a 30A/240V ChargePoint station (using the J1772 mobile connector)? I'm guessing that I'll see about 25 miles for each hour charging, just wondering if that's in the ballpark.

rsdio | 1 agosto 2011

I would still like to know when we will be able to buy the J1772 Mobile Connector. It's still listed as Temporarily Backordered.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2 agosto 2011

Yes, you'll get about 25 - 30 miles per hour of charging using a 240v/30A Chargepoint J-1772 charging station.

Dan3 | 12 agosto 2011

Just got the J1772 adapter today and tried it at two different locations. The first was a Nissan dealer, 30A 202V, charged for about 30 minutes, got about 10.5 miles of range. It was hot and in the sun and the cooling system was running a lot so that probably brought the performance down (also 202V seems low). The second was a GE charging station at Purdue University, 30A 233V, also for about 30 minutes, got about 11.5 miles of range. So, I'm guessing that to see 25+ miles per hour of charging you need the full 240 volts and a cool location. I was watching as it charged and when the fan was running the miles of range incremented at a significantly slower pace. It's probably the same when I charge at home, just not as noticeable at 40A 240V.

Dan3 | 12 agosto 2011

Also, neither station was a Chargepoint, don't know if that's significant. At both stations the car charged at 30A without me making any adjustments so I assume the charging station communicates that information to the car. Looks like the 1000 mile road trip next week will require LOTS of charge time.

David70 | 12 agosto 2011

Your results agree quite well with an assumption of 300 Wh per mile.

Brian H | 13 agosto 2011

Works out, I think, to about 14kwh/hr of charging.

RonaldA | 15 agosto 2011

Hey if your coming through Buffalo New York area I have HPC at 90 amps you can tank up on Just contact Eli at the Toronto Tesla service and he has my Cell Number. Ron Alberico

DHrivnak | 19 agosto 2011

I have tried several charging stations with my J1772 connector. All seem to be limited to 30 amps and I am told that is on the charger side. At 24V and 30 amps I only get about 24 miles/hour. Not great but far better than the 110 mobile connector.

dsm363 | 20 agosto 2011

DHrivnak: Almost all of the public J1772 chargers in the US are limited to 30A. The actual adapter goes up to 70A.

Dan3 | 20 agosto 2011

So far this week I've charged at 8 different public J1772 chargers in Michigan & Indiana. Total charge time was about 25 hours, average miles of charge per hour was a little over 21. All were 30 amps, and all but one station had voltages around 200 volts, one was 230 volts (all according to the Tesla display). The 230 volt one was the only one where I averaged more than 25 miles of charge per hour. I'm guessing that the lower voltage stations are using one leg of three phase service, then there's loss from the wiring to the station.

Dan3 | 20 agosto 2011

Makes me appreciate my 40 amp 245 volts at home.

Dan3 | 20 agosto 2011

Also learned that the charger locations shown on the ChargePoint ap aren't 100% accurate. One was located several blocks from its map location, never did find another one. ChargePoint's obviously outsourced customer service was absolutely no help. The ChargePoint Droid ap worked well to activate the stations.