Job creation triggered by Tesla in the years ahead

Job creation triggered by Tesla in the years ahead

2016 battery gigafactory is pretty much finalized. We see over 100K Model S and X sold every year.
New Gen III is in prototype form, a sleek, contemporary sedan that was inspired with amazing proportions and refined taste. Base price is $35K, but once options are selected it can go close to $50K more like a BMW 328i. Competitors are lining up other models, but none can match Tesla battery efficiency, so they stillrely on hybrid systems.

It will be a sure thing we will see 300,000 of these cars sold first year. I predict many BMW potential buyers will switch to Tesla.

Once this trend explodes and people switch to EVs at the rate of 1 million/year, here is what I think job landscape will look like:
- jobs for qualified people with computer science and enginering is great.
- gas stations, Jeff Lube type of maintenance work, bad place to invest and work for.

Given superchargers will be a growing trend, I am not sure what type of job creation will see for folks working in non specialized field. Factories of battery production should be heavily automated. Not too many jobs I think.

Captain_Zap | 23 febbraio 2014

Cafes, Restaurants and Coffee Shops will boom around the Superchargers. Superchargers around here are in depressed communities that really needed a shot in the arm.

Electricians are seeing a huge boom and the Electrical Unions in our area are very happy. They are hoping it gets enough momentum to beef up the apprenticeship programs.

Brian H | 23 febbraio 2014

Don't expect TM to ramp to that production capacity 1st year. Remember too that any glitches and fixes will have to be applied on a far wider scale than TM is used to. It won't quite be the big leagues, but it will be jumping from A to AAA. I think you're about 2 years ahead of yourself.

Marty1234 | 24 febbraio 2014

When people start taking there vacations driving throughout the country, small towns,hotels, national parks ect. will benefit.

Brian H | 24 febbraio 2014


They will benefit to the extent that the number of such vacations increases, and the visitors have more cash to spend (partly because of slashed fuel expenses). Based on the buyers so far, both are likely. We'll see.