Keychain that fits Tesla S Fob ?

Keychain that fits Tesla S Fob ?

Has anybody found a nice mult-key keychain that fits the Tesla Fob ? Pointers please !

Tâm | 4 novembre 2012

Amos discovered $2.95 Olympus Camera Strap for his fob:

Beaker | 5 novembre 2012

10 for 0.58 at amazon:
shipping included.

nickjhowe | 5 novembre 2012

Thanks @Beaker. Amazon One-button-click and we are done.

<off topic> That's a great example of why you should never by generic things at specialist stores. I cleaned my boat yesterday. Mildew spray treatment: Boat store -$12 for 20oz. Home Depot $3 for 32oz/1 Gal refill: $6. Go figure. </off topic>

Beaker | 5 novembre 2012

@nickjhowe: they've come down in price since I ordered them 2 weeks ago at 0.75. The other two Model S owners here at work are enjoying the the ones I gave them. I'm still waiting for S#915 to get a firm delivery date.

MarkV | 5 novembre 2012

Made my own. Cost practially nothing. Take a two inch piece of small diameter braided nylon (heavy weight fishing line or light weight twine) set both ends on fire and push them together and blow out the flame. When everything cools you will not be able to pull the joint apart. Thread that through the FOB and attach to your key ring. Good luck

nickjhowe | 5 novembre 2012

@MarkV - I think I'd rather spend $0.58 :-)

smd | 30 dicembre 2012

I used a small black plastic ziptie to make a small loop on the fob. With that, you can attach it to any keyring. | 30 dicembre 2012

My only concern is in how strong that area of the key is where you can attach a zip tie or camera strap. Over time, might the plastic there become weak and break in which case you could lose your key and not notice till it's too late? I wonder if the strength of the area has been tested by Tesla or if that part of they key has been strengthened in any way to minimize the risk of breakage and potential loss.

Max M.

olanmills | 31 dicembre 2012

I just keep the fob in my coin pocket. I like it a lot actually. Since I generally don't need to touch it, it will stay in my pocket and I won't accidentally leave it in the car, and if I don't have it in my pocket, then I'll notice, because I won't be able to get in the car. Also, my fob won't get all scratched up by keys.