LAX free parking for EV

LAX free parking for EV
Free parking is gone

TikiMan | 2 marzo 2013

Los Angeles has become the most 'GREEN-unfriendly' city in the nation!

2012: HOV-HOT lane on both the I-10 and I-110 no longer allow free access to certified clean-air vehicles.
2013: LAX removes free parking for certified EV's.

With that said, LA County manages to maintain the nations HIGHEST gasoline prices, and is in the TOP 5 of cities with the highest air pollution nation-wide.

I would have gladly given back my $2,500.00 state clean-air vehicle rebate, IF the state would STOP Los Angeles County from being SO unfriendly to clean-air vehicles, and stop removing incentives for those who wish to be part of the 'solution', rather than the problem. It's fairly obvious Los Angeles County has lost its way, and has truly accepted its real namesake... 'Lost Angels'.