LAX Parking Question

LAX Parking Question

I will be leaving from LAX and going out of town for a 5 day trip. I just got my Model S (great car that is even better when you get to drive it full time) and wouldn't you know it, as of March 1st LAX has discontinued free parking for EV's, although charging in lot 1 is still apparently free. However it looks like Lot 1 costs $30 per day to park in. Surrounding lots are in the neighborhood of $10 per day. So does anyone know of a place to park (either one of the LAX outlying lots or an independent/hotel) at LAX that offers charging as well? All i need is 110v because even at 3 miles per hour, 5 days will be more than enough time to top up and get me back to San Diego. Thanks in advance.

stevenmaifert | 20 marzo 2013

Give these guys a call: They may be able to park you near a 120V outlet.

stevenmaifert | 20 marzo 2013

Forgot to add above that if you are taking the 405 to LAX, you will pass very close to the Hawthorne Supercharger. If you can make some time to stop there and top up, 5 days off a charger at LAX area parking won't be an issue.

Tâm | 20 marzo 2013

There's a thread "Tejon to Gilroy possible" (without stopping by Harris) because it is always nice to thump your nose at a Supercharger or two as you pass them by :)

Brian H | 21 marzo 2013

Try thumbing you nose instead of thumping it; far less pain and many fewer nosebleeds.

stevenmaifert | 21 marzo 2013

Well, whether you thump or thumb, what's the point of the post? He's driving from San Diego to LAX and the Hawthorne Supercharger is the only one he will pass in-route.