Locking lug nuts

Locking lug nuts

Has anyone purchased aftermarket locking lug nuts yet? My rep is sending me the dimensions of the bolt size but was wondering if anyone has bought them already and could provide feedback.


dahtye | 29 ottobre 2012

I would like to know as well.
I might go as far as trying out the locking lug nuts on my Prius to see if the treads are the same (just hand tighten so as not to strip the threads if they are exactly the same).

nickjhowe | 29 ottobre 2012

I was about to post a similar question. I know this has been discussed before but I don't think there were any recommendations.

I'm getting dark wheels, so would probably want dark or black nuts.


joepruitt | 29 ottobre 2012

Got word from service that the bolt size for my Model S is M14 X 1.5. The Service manager was going to contact corporate to find out if there are any recommendations from TM as to what product to use. I'll post back if I find out anything.

nickjhowe | 29 ottobre 2012

Hmmm....watching this makes me wonder how worthwhile locking nuts really are:

How to remove a locking wheel nut:

Teoatawki | 29 ottobre 2012

After that demonstration, I'm not going to bother with locking lug nuts.

jerry3 | 3 novembre 2012

Locking hubs generally only stop the high-school kids from stealing the wheels (and not all of them).

Getting Amped Again | 3 novembre 2012

I say if the lug nuts are loosened without the key fob in close proximity, a metallic probe instantly pops out and discharges 85 kW-h into the loosener.

jerry3 | 3 novembre 2012

Getting Amped Soon,

Problem is that it will reduce range when that happens.

Getting Amped Again | 3 novembre 2012

@jerry3 - you're right. What I want is a Taser-level blast that immobilizes them for about three seconds and convinces them to move on to another nice car. Can a bored Tesla forum reader engineer calculate this for me? How much range is lost by "Don't Tase Me Bro-ing" someone for three seconds?

Sorry, but it's a slow day for me today.

Timo | 4 novembre 2012

Police taser, once hit, uses only around 1200V and 30 milliamps. That's 36W. For three seconds that's 0,03Wh, or 0,00003kWh.

If 480000m uses 85kWh then one meter uses ~0,1171Wh.

That means that three second shock would be about ~17 cm or 6.7 inches.

Getting Amped Again | 5 novembre 2012

Thank you Timo. I love factual posts!

mrspaghetti | 5 novembre 2012

See? This forum isn't just an addiction. It's educational.

Robert22 | 5 novembre 2012

I'm sure an aftermarket motion sensor with iPhone alert would provide opportunity for on-the-spot rehabilitation, perhaps with the tire iron being used for wheel removal.