Major product announcement April 30

Major product announcement April 30



Storage battery.

Andrew_OH_70D | 30 marzo 2015

Yes, I think storage battery is it.

Oaktowner | 30 marzo 2015

Has to be, right?

Bighorn | 30 marzo 2015

The tweet said "Not a car"--guess that doesn't rule out a truck? The market liked it at least.

tes-s | 30 marzo 2015

Too funny. Announce an announcement?

Could be worse - they could announce when they are going to announce an announcement.

Or announce an announcement of an announcement of an announcement...

mb30 | 30 marzo 2015

it's pretty amazing how the stock was trading a few dollars down for the day and EM sends out one tweet and now it's up $5. People are crazy. IMO Tesla is best as a long and im glad i got in pretty early.

tes-s | 30 marzo 2015

Yes - stock up $8 on announcement of an announcement.

mdemetri | 30 marzo 2015

99.9% it is the stationary battery program, which Elon already said would be revealed in April during the Q4 report.

Now, lets get some wild speculation as to what else it might be, just for fun.

I say an electric plane!!!!! He already announced that program in IronMan 2.

AmpedRealtor | 30 marzo 2015

Stock goes up on a tweet pre-announcing something that was already pre-announced during the Q4 earnings call. Stock market makes no sense.

Captain_Zap | 30 marzo 2015

@ mdemetri

Non-Automotive makes that tough. I'm still waiting for the Model 3 sneak peek and reservations.

NomoDinos | 30 marzo 2015

Meta-announcing is the new norm. I've also completely given up on watching the market in the short term. I put as much as I could stomach into TSLA and put a "Do not peek until 2017" sticker on it.

ec3po | 30 marzo 2015

Sounds like a home/ small office storage battery system. This makes sense since (at least here in Northern California) daytime energy rates run in the 30 cents to 40 cents per kilowatt hour range and night time costs are circa 10 cents per kilowatt hour. If a homeowner can charge the battery system between 11PM and 7AM and use the battery to run the household during the day, this can drive significant annual energy cost savings.

suresh7745 | 30 marzo 2015

if you used tesla packs to charge at night and use them at day. you will be helping to burn more coal and use less solar correct??

mdemetri | 30 marzo 2015


The actual tweet was "Major new Tesla product line -- not a car -- will be unveiled at our Hawthorne Design Studio"

So an electric plane fits that description :-). (I know it will be stationary storage, but its fund to dream). | 30 marzo 2015

If not a home battery perhaps:

Battery powered submarine
Battery powered snow-mobile
Battery powered lawn-mower
Battery powered jet-ski
Battery powered paraglider

Then again maybe not...

s.grot | 30 marzo 2015

So Elon could buy a bunch of TSLA, then make a Tweet about an announcement then sell the shares, makes a quick $8 per share in 20 minutes.

carlk | 30 marzo 2015

My thought is home and business energy management system where battery is only a small although important part of it, just like Tesla cars. I even think this, not EV, is what Apple is working on but Elon beat them to it.

mwenn1 | 30 marzo 2015

Sweet maybe I will be able to dump SRP and their money grab from solar cusomters soon and go off the grid.

logicalthinker | 30 marzo 2015

Stock market & analysts are idiots.
Genuine mcclary-labeled worthy idiots.

Idiots. /rant

One question though: could this be Musk's secret demand lever?

I hope not, mainly because I hope he doesn't need a demand lever at this time or ever. Rhyme not intended.

AmpedRealtor | 30 marzo 2015

I want a battery that will let me go off grid completely. It will charge using excess solar generation during the day and will provide me with power at night and on overcast days. Such a battery would likely need to be the size of the existing Model S battery pack and quite expensive. So I won't hold my breath. Maybe someday.

logicalthinker | 30 marzo 2015

I would totally love to go off grid, too.

cpmarino | 30 marzo 2015

Lower rates are based on "off peak", so if suddenly everyone had the ability to charge "off peak" and use that energy during the day, wouldn't that, in effect, turn "off peak" into "peak"? And suddenly you'd be paying higher rates to charge overnight than during the day? See, we could play this game forever.

AmpedRealtor | 30 marzo 2015

The timing of this announcement is very interesting... just a few days before Q1 earnings.

I'm forecasting uninspiring Q1 results, which is why Musk is looking for good news to bolster the stock ahead of a disappointing earnings call. Just speculating, of course.

krissu | 30 marzo 2015

If I remember correct, the bottleneck to build more cars was the supply of batteries. What would be the point of selling the packs? If you can afford a Model S, you can afford to charge it as well. If I look at the cost and lifecycle of battery, why should home storage make more sense than electric car? Think also the losses of charging and getting juice out again. I would say powering the house from Model S is something useful. All these cottages out in the wild.

Djinn1 | 30 marzo 2015

@teslatap - it will be a battery for all of these new items. We will simply all have a home- battery swap unit to power all these nifty new tesla electric devices. Just like my electric trimmer, hedger, and mower :-)

AmpedRealtor | 30 marzo 2015

@ krissu,

Perhaps Tesla is seeing a drop in Model S demand, so expects to have enough batteries on hand to launch this product? Again, just speculating...

Al1 | 30 marzo 2015

Thanks Elon for letting me execute my buy order before making an announcement.

As far as speculation about what it is go I think it will be cross country hyperloop.

Jay415 | 30 marzo 2015

Could be model X pricing. Not a car!

ashokrs | 30 marzo 2015

Could be how hyperloop is gonna help the modified Model S in the future. If u get on the hyperloop on your modified Model S, you don't need to use the energy/power from your car. The tracks will take you to the next station. It is something like the cable cars in San Fran.

Remnant | 30 marzo 2015

My bet, which is in fact a wish, is for a frunk DC charger connectivity and harness for a Metal-Air REX, with or without such a REX.

An example is the 50-lbs Alcoa-Phinergy REX which provides 1,000 miles of range extension, usable in as-needed increments, and can be stored on a shelf in your garage in-between the longer road trips.

mwenn1 | 30 marzo 2015

@ampedrealtor he announced this announcement would be coming in April in the last shareholder call, so I wouldn't think it would be related to disappointing Q1 results. But you never know :)

Kimscar | 30 marzo 2015

I will take more than a battery for home to go off the grid. Try charging your Tesla on it and running the house and having any storage left. It can be done but it's going to cost.
I've had times charging, running AC and some other items when I check my meter and I was at 27KW

logicalthinker | 30 marzo 2015

I like the network-of-hyperloops idea
I also doubt it.

"Major new Tesla product line."

tes-s | 30 marzo 2015

So Elon could buy a bunch of TSLA, then make a Tweet about an announcement then sell the shares, makes a quick $8 per share in 20 minutes.

Sure he could. So could everyone else at Tesla that knew about the announcement. But they don't because they are ethical and/or don't want to go to jail.

SamO | 30 marzo 2015

I have a good friend that's an engineer on the hyper loop project and I don't think there's going to be a specific announcement through Tesla motors.

Captain_Zap | 30 marzo 2015


What would make you think that there is soft demand when he gave a run down of demand country by country only a month or so ago in Detroit? I think he believes that Tesla is under valued or under appreciated. Sometimes we forget it isn't all about car delivery counts and that they are not just a car manufacturer. I like the friendly reminder that the plan encompasses much more than just the car.

carlk | 30 marzo 2015


I'm forecasting uninspiring Q1 results, which is why Musk is looking for good news to bolster the stock ahead of a disappointing earnings call. Just speculating, of course.

Or you can say he could have saved the good stuff till the ER so the stock would not get too much beating. The quessing game is very hard to play but I'll just trust Elon that his actions do not have anything to do with stock price.

tranhv68 | 30 marzo 2015


Collect as much power as you can during super off-peak times and use it during peak times when your solar panels are not making enough juice. In fact, Southern California Edison just changed their pricing structure and now made peak hours between 2pm and 8pm. Between 5pm and 8pm, my solar output is low but I will still have to pay peak rates at a time when my family is home and using a good amount of electricity.

This sneaky pricing structure to screw solar panel owners will be met with a strong demand for an energy storage system that allows me to download power at 10 cents/kwh and use it when Edison wants to charge me 43 cents/kwh.

marc | 30 marzo 2015

@s.grot So Elon could buy a bunch of TSLA, then make a Tweet about an announcement then sell the shares, makes a quick $8 per share in 20 minutes.

Nope. Company insiders (all companies, not just Tesla) are under pretty stringent rules about when and how they can sell shares. See

At one place I worked the company insiders set up and filed a sales plan at the end of each year saying how many shares they were going to sell and at what time the following year. They did that for their own protection. That way if they sold and the stock happened to tank the next week they could prove that the sale was set up any months in advance.

s_gutz | 30 marzo 2015

Maybe they are working on a motorcycle. It's not a car

jjs | 30 marzo 2015

Clearly this announcement is aimed at the perpetual motion enthusiasts. It will be a battery battery charger, a bbc. When you battery is low just plug it into the bbc and it will charge your car battery. The real genius is that your model S will be upgradable to a bbc as well. When fully charged it will in turn charge the wall mounted bbc until both are fully charged. Thus the bbc will prevent the BBC from running the car out of electricity.

Again, Elon is genius. Pure genius.

wcalvin | 30 marzo 2015

Apropos the comment about more night use equals more coal...

The steam-power methods of generating power (coal, oil, nuclear, geothermal) all have the problem of metal fatigue each time the boiler is heated up and cooled down. So they all try to run constantly by encouraging night loads via cheap rates, promoting more streetlights, etc. Collectively, this is "base load."

Hydro, natural gas turbines, wind, and solar can be adjusted to meet the changing loads.

AmpedRealtor | 30 marzo 2015

Elon will be announcing a range-extending battery that you can tow behind any EV... :)

Captain_Zap | 30 marzo 2015

I want an electric boat! Every dock has at least 30A power. Better docks have 50A or 100A.

PhillyGal | 30 marzo 2015

The home battery sounds great!

I'll be happy for anything that helps Tesla keep growing and make sure they are around for a long time.

tes-s | 30 marzo 2015

Big change from a year ago when Elon was downplaying the stock price. Now announcing announcements to remain in the press.

I think it will backfire. Last announcement was a bit flat.

Interesting to see what he says about supply/demand on the conference call. The current US delivery dates on the website is "May" for all models. If history is any indication (which it may not be), that says they have scheduled all Q2 international production and still have about 6 weeks in the production schedule for new US orders for Q2 delivery.

Seems to me they have scaled up production and have caught up with demand - worked down some of the order backlog. Shrinking order backlog would mean they are producing cars faster than they are taking new orders.

MX is the key factor here. As long as that is not delayed further, they have plenty of MX orders to use up all their production capacity.

Chunky Jr. | 30 marzo 2015

I think it will be a line of battery storage systems from home to commercial use. Lots of businesses have solar panels on their roofs and could use this.

Blu Zap | 30 marzo 2015

Great marketing! Look at all the free press TM is getting from one Tweet! Why spend $$ on advertising! This is another example of how Tesla is in line with the times. Communication is much different now.

BTW, I think it is a battery for the home.

s_gutz | 30 marzo 2015

Tesla gets acquired by Apple? :-)

dborn | 30 marzo 2015

D deliveries for Australia are slated for September!! Not sure what the delays are.