Model S 2014 vs 2013

Model S 2014 vs 2013

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I am looking into Model S. I have not placed the order yet. Is there something like Model year in Tesla and if yes, is it worth waiting for 2014 model? I am hearing wifi will be in 2014 car but then there are some posts saying that car updates itself and so there is no difference in 2013 vs 2014. What about any hardware upgrades in 2014? If I place the order and it gets delivered in 2014, does it assure that I get 2014 rather than 2013.
Cheers, Amit | 21 settembre 2013

There was no difference between 2012 and 2013. Tesla has stated the model year is change is a government requirement and not something Tesla (so far) has made any changes like other car companies do. They roll out changes when they are ready, and they appear to have nothing to do with the "model" year. For example, Tesla put out new options in August.

So - as far as we know, there will not be any changes between 2013 and 2014's legal model year designation.

If you order for late January, I'd guess you would get a 2014 model year. Between Jan 1 and Jan 20 or so, it's unclear what Model year you would get as it might be built in 2013. You'd likely need to contact Tesla to find out if this is really important to you.

Mathew98 | 21 settembre 2013

Wifi tethering is already available via 5.0 firmware if I'm not mistaken.

If history stays true, then 2014 would probably cost more than 2013 versions. It would be similar to 2013 increases over 2012 models even without any hardware changes.

dfitim | 21 settembre 2013

Wifi Is already in my car. When I get close to home it sinks with my home network. | 21 settembre 2013

Does that mean your sinks get running water?

I think you meant "syncs" :)

shop | 21 settembre 2013

All existing cars will be getting wifi when they get upgraded to v5.0 software.

Tesla doesn't have model years. The latest hardware updates happened within the last two months, and was the addition of parking sensors as an option. Before that it was the upgraded suspension in the +. I don't know if there are other significant hardware upgrades in the pipeline. Also, it is unlikely that prices are going to go down. They have had two price increases since the S was first delivered, while managing to increase production capacity and delivery rates significantly.