Model S ride appointments at the Oct 1st event

Model S ride appointments at the Oct 1st event

I got an email this morning that offered me a chance to book my Model S ride. I thought that was pretty nice and convenient. I went to book it, but the only time slot available was the very last one of the evening.

Well, I guess I will get to see how well the lights work :) I'll be able to decide if the touchscreen is distracting at night. I may also learn a little about the endurance of the Betas if they have been running for that many hours (ie: not swapping them out to charge).

How did others do? Earlier appointments? I am in for a long day, but it should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it.

Brad Holt | 23 settembre 2011

There's already a thread discussing the drive times. Check it! :)

MTriantafelow | 23 settembre 2011

There weren't enough slots for everyone. There will still be a "stand-by" line for anyone that didn't reserve a ride. I think they were doing a "fast-pass" style thing to try to spread out the test drives. That way you don't have an insane line at the beginning of the event and nobody left to ride at the end.

RobPaul | 24 settembre 2011

I reserved mine at ~7:10AM, about 10 minutes after the email arrived in my inbox. All times were available and I grabbed 12:30-1:00. I thought that would ensure that the Tesla guys get their morning coffee before they open the gates at 11:45, and about half an hour for me to wander around before finding the location of the waiting line.

Early bird gets the worm...

Discoducky | 24 settembre 2011

All slots showed full at 7:23am PST so I had to call to get 6 to 6:30 reserved as all slots showed full from 5 to 1am. We are flying from Washington with a 2 year old and really needed an early slot.

cablechewer | 3 ottobre 2011

An important follow up to this...

The day after I posted my comment one of the Tesla staff read it, and phoned me to ask if I wanted an earlier ride slot.

I was impressed that they took the time to connect the dots between my post and my phone number to make the offer. I took them up on it and moved to the 9:00-9:30 window.

I appreciated the gesture and now that the chaos of my own trip preparation is out of the way I thought I should share the experience.


Brian H | 3 ottobre 2011

Nice! The squeaky 2-yr old gets the ...

It was ever thus.

Brian H | 3 ottobre 2011

Oops, confused cablechewer and Disco. Hm.

Reminds me of a brilliant Austrian immigrant classmate I had in 2nd yr U. who attributed his multi-layered personality to childhood discipline (plus the natural disingenuousness of European culture). He claimed his parents kept a spray bottle of chloroform handy for noisy kids, so they learned young how to control themselves. I don't believe I believe him, but I'm not sure. 8-O