Model S vs first gen IPhone E waste

Model S vs first gen IPhone E waste

Will the first generation Model S be E waste as fast as the first iPhone was?

Software updates are great, but will Tesla offer hardware updates for a price?

How long will you keep your model S before you get a new car?

I plan on keeping the S at least 8 years and then if they have a good battery upgrade I would be tempted to keep the car.

hfcolvin | 21 febbraio 2013

I think most E waste- if that term means what I think it does, especially with phones, is a product of the user. I'm still using an iPhone 3GS and other than apps taking a little longer to load, it still works fine. This is the second cell phone I've ever owned (I'm 44). I gave up the last one when the "0" button stopped working. That being said I might upgrade my phone before long but that's a function of me rather than the phone being obsolete. I don't expect the Model S will "age" quite in the same fashion. Right now I plan on driving it indefinitely. A major repair issue many years down the road (suspension expensive battery replacement- something like that) that will cost a significant portion of what the car is worth will probably be the only factor to make me consider a change.

jat | 21 febbraio 2013

Nobody knows. A new battery might be developed tomorrow that obsoletes this one, a fusion reactor that fits in your car might be produced, etc. I think becoming obsolete though some breakthrough is unlikely, though it is certainly possible.

Personally, for me to decide to buy it, I had to decide I was happy making the purchase even if there were no further software or hardware upgrades and if the Supercharger network was never built near me.

Unlike my last couple of cars, I plan to go back to older form and drive the Model S until the wheels fall off, and if that isn't at least 8+ years I will consider it a failure.

KendallPB | 21 febbraio 2013

I kept my first car 10 years. I just replaced my second car after 12 years, with the Model S, of course. I plan to keep the Model S even longer. Cars are not like phones...and phones, IMHO, shouldn't be considered disposable either. Like hfcolvin, I am still using my iPhone 3GS--the darned thing just! won't! die! Isn't it a pity? Well, no, it's not a pity (and Apple still supports it with OS upgrades, though of course the caveat is that some things require hardware it doesn't have, etc.).

KendallPB | 21 febbraio 2013

P.S. Just to be sure I'm clear, I consider a car a long-term investment. I don't plan to ditch a car. It just gets to the point where maintenance, repairs, etc. cost more than makes sense and it's not in very good shape and really should be replaced.