Model S?

Model S?

So I am planning to reserve one with 60KWh battery, and I also got my wife's approval finally. For some reasons, I have to wait for one month though. During this waiting time, I come to this forum daily, read lots of posts, lots of the owners are happy and also some issues posted. Then I found myself struggling on the decision - to buy it or another BMW?

May I ask you some questions?
- What is your top reason of loving/buying your Model S?
- If 10 is the top score, how much will you rate your experience?
- What is your most dislike of your Model S?
- I may need go to Vancouver BC from Seattle sometimes, anyone travels this route using the Model S before? I am a little bit concerning about the charging in Vancouver BC (only been there twice) - I know there should be no range issues in one way.

Cattledog | 31 marzo 2013

Mort - Switched from BMW to Model S. NEVER switching back. I personally don't really need to compare them point by point, it's that unnecessary. You will not regret it.

kent | 31 marzo 2013

Love my Model S. Most unique vehicle I've ever owned. Tech is my business and it's like having a computer on wheels. That was the beginning, now that I have 6700 miles on it #1 reason has to be the instantaneous torque and absence of gas!

gagliardilou | 31 marzo 2013

My wife now drives my BMW 545. No comparison buy the Tesla. You will love it!

negarholger | 31 marzo 2013

My MS is in the shop for some minor things... Driving the Benz feels like medieval torture.
It is not one thing, but a completely different experience. I am planing also to replace our second car - the Benz - with an electric car, maybe around 2014.

jjaeger | 31 marzo 2013

- Performance/handling, looks and finally it's an EV
- 9.0
- It's so quiet that you hear everything else, both in the car and outside
- Sorry, have not yet done a NW trip

My5bAby | 31 marzo 2013

15,500 miles. Driven south to Miami and north to CT.

You have to drive the car. I used to live in Seattle. I suggest you go to the showroom and ask if there are any enthusiasts willing to take you on an extended drive.

Seattle to Vancouver BC should not be a problem as long as you stay overnight. Once there is a supercharger in BC you would easily be able to make a round trip in a day.

My5bAby | 31 marzo 2013

oh yea rating 9.5

EVTripPlanner | 31 marzo 2013

more than 2x what I ever spent on a car before and don't regret it for a minute - awesome vehicle, look for excuses to drive. See my review at

Carefree | 31 marzo 2013

The beauty and curse of this forum is that you get information overload. As in most internet fora people who have issues/problems with their car will raise them here - and they should, so we can all learn.

But it also leads to confusion - as you are experiencing now.

The Model S is the ONLY car I would consider buying if I had to do it all over again. Since we got our P85 4 weeks ago I don't even look at our Touareg and Porsche 911 anymore - they feel and drive like something from the last century.

The Model S is a huge advancement in automotive technology. Yes, there are growing pains but frankly all the other established car manufacturers have them as well. The Tesla is just so new that everybody is looking at it under the microscope.

Reserve it, buy it and never look back.

pencil2man | 31 marzo 2013

You get the chance to be a leader... And not a follower. You can't compare it to anything else. In a class of its own. PS. Get the 85 kwh. I too was thinking 60 but decided the power and range were worth it. | 31 marzo 2013

1. The best of all worlds-- ecology, technology, luxury and performance.
2. 10 (as I said-- the BEST there is now)
3. The cost- money well spent but a major purchase decision
4. Never going back-- had to rent a car last week in Oahu-- That was torture (after 3 months with the S)

mew154 | 31 marzo 2013

I have heard that Tesla will be installing a supercharger in Blaine. That should make your trip to BC easy and less worrisome.

trydesky | 31 marzo 2013

I bought the MS without a test drive. I only wanted a fully electric car, with good range...but got so much more.

1. + 1 KevinR..The best of all worlds-- ecology, technology, luxury and performance.
2. 9
3. The cost. I was $25K over the $49,500 carrot. I wish I could have gotten the 85kwh, just cost too much. And I wish the interior was a bit more in the lines of a luxury car. I'm referring to the comfort features, not the dash. I'm sure you read many posts on it.

noel.smyth | 31 marzo 2013

While there are many reasons to love this car. (I have about 4500 miles on mine now), the biggest thing for me is that it uses no gas and sufficient range for 90+% of my car needs and growing with the super chargers.
I rate it a 9.5, they have some things to work out on the process but overall, its about a good a car as there could be.
for dislike, I guess the cost is the biggest as its well over 2x what I have ever spent on a car before.. I do believe by supporting Tesla now we are bridging the way to the future, so I am ok doint my part (and enjoying every minute!)
no regrets whatsoever.

July10Models | 31 marzo 2013

Got the 85 and have yet to return home with fewer than 100 miles ideal range (1/3 power). The extra kWh in tow keeps my right foot very happy in my energy usage high.

As an everyday car it scores a nine and a half in my book.
As for meeting my expectations after waiting for two years, the car scores 11 every day.

2600 miles and outagas! Forever!

mwojcie | 31 marzo 2013

I have a P85 and love it. Have had zero issues! Best car I've ever owned, driven, been in - hands down. 10.0+!! Get one now - you will never look back.

jjs | 31 marzo 2013

Reason: Power, responsiveness, no gas, updates making the car evolve/better over time. (Sorry there is just not one reason.)
Rating: 10 (This takes a little explaining. I find Tesla's communications lacking, my delivery experience was painful/frustrating and yet I rate the experience a 10! Why? Because the car is so amazing, being part of something special so amazing, in on the ground floor of a seismic shift in private transport so amazing, it simply reduces the issues to nothing. A distant memory erased every time I press on the accelerator.)
Dislike: The car is low and for me a bit difficult to get in and out of.
Trip: No experience with that area.

Best of luck with your decision.

Tâm | 31 marzo 2013

-Reasons: Anti-oil (No Keystone pipeline for me!), 265 rated mile range, practical "real car" (I drive from Orange County to Oakland/Sacramento, CA, > 400 miles 1 way instead of flying now.), instant torque.


-Dislike: Expensive--but I am not complaining because it's a real car that frees me from oil, flying and so much more :)

-Seattle-Vancouver BC: Like others said, until there's a Supercharger, you have to stay overnight to charge up for the trip back.

One more thing: Get the longest range capacity battery you can get (currently 85kWh).

SD Supercharger | 31 marzo 2013

Traded in my BMW 7 series for a performance 85. Best decision ever! Like others, i make excuses to just go out and drive. Remarkable car--years ahead of its time---you won't be sorry.
Rating - 10
I have not had any problems or issues that you might have read about in these forums. Comparable cars (Porsche Panamera, BMW M5)--now seem dated. If you think the car is too expensive, I have gone from spending $100/week on gas, to $10/week on electricity. During the next 8 years I expect to save 35 K on gas and hopefully, about 10K on repairs compared to my previous BMW's. Now run the calculation and you will see that you are getting quite a bargain

cschock | 31 marzo 2013

My previous every day car was an Audi A6 Quattro. I've previously owned an Acura NSX among other things. Hands down, the Model S is the best car I've ever driven.

Top reason for getting it... I have to pick one? Um... it's dropdeadgorgeoussuperfastamericanbuiltfuntodriveawesome. Phew, one reason :)

After 600 miles, my rating is 9.75/10.

Biggest thing I don't like so far, the interval wipers need some love. Either too slow or always on.

Eh, just get one. You won't regret it.

LanceHuang22 | 31 marzo 2013

Thank you very much, everyone!!

Sorry, I cannot reply all of you one by one, but your posts together have given me enough confident, given me the last big push, and made me cannot wait for another month - I just placed my reservation: RN450076. I really appreciate that!

As some of you recommended, I think I will go with 85kwh instead of 60kwh.

It's a hard decision for me, but now it ends my struggling, though a hardly bearable waiting begins..

I love reading your posts, guys! It's like reading Model S through your words. I totally agree that, this is the car of the future, and it may bring us a new era - it's like the iPhone to the cellphone industry. When cars liberated from the gasoline, and the industry focuses in the electricity or other clean/regenerative energy and making vehicles like Model S, it may eventually not only free the transportation, but also humanity.

It's a honor to join you and contribute my part to the future. Thank you!

Brian H | 31 marzo 2013

I was once accused of hyperbole for saying long-time performance car lovers had been known to say after a test-drive of the MS: "Well, the putt-putt car was nice while it lasted." Heh.

portia | 1 aprile 2013

read this for one account of driving to Vancouver from Seattle,

they did more than 6000 miles!

Shesmyne2 | 1 aprile 2013

@ Mortalian; welcome to the club. You won't regret it. This vehicle is a blast on every level.
We signed up 3.5 yrs ago, delivery in Dec and haven't looked back once.
Costly? Perhaps, but it is relative.
10/10; has exceeded our expectations
Taking our first road trip from Bay Area to Vegas this weekend and are completely comfortable with our trip plan-
It's a cutting edge adventure.

Still Grinning;-)

mbcaffe | 1 aprile 2013

I have the 60Kwh. I swithced from a BMW535 and the Model S feels quicker. Only reason to get an 85 Kwh is additional range. Rather than getting the extra range, I spent money on the options. After 2 months, anything else seems so primitive. As you may have read searching the forum, you might experience some quirks. IMHO the issues do not outweigh the driving experience, nor the feeling of driving on alternative energy without any compromises (except range for long road trips)

GLO | 1 aprile 2013

@Carefree +1
Never will go back. Problems minimal this forum can cause you to wonder. LOVE our car!!!!

LanceHuang22 | 1 aprile 2013

@portia: Thanks! That is helpful. I found this website from their blog which should be one of the solutions to charge the Model S in Vancouver BC: Now I feel easier to travel to Vancouver even before the supercharger setup in Washington/Vancouver BC.

@Shesmyne2: thanks. I cannot wait to get my Model S!!

@mbcaffe and @GLO: thanks. Range anxiety would be a problem to me, so I still chosen the 85kwh. I'm so exciting that the more I read on this forum, the more I want my Model S to be delivered ASAP. I just signed the MVPA, estimated delivery is Apr-May, that seems quick - hope it's even shorter.

I will be trading in my 2011 BMW 328xi, hope it will be easy and smooth enough.

Sudre_ | 1 aprile 2013

I bought a 60kWh. Best driving fun I have ever had. The only thing I miss-calculated was the extra time I would spend driving. If had only known I was going to spend my entire weekend driving as much a possible I would have purchased the 85kWh battery. So far the 60 is satisfying my needs.
My wife is now DIEING for genIII. The S is too large for her comfort zone and the Roadster to fast and small, although she did look over the used ones.
My main reason for purchasing this car is because I have wanted one ever since GM refused to sell me an EV1. It needed to go at least 160 miles per charge and cost under 80k. The S fit the bill perfectly.

In general I give the car a 9.5 but as they make software improvements that will rise closer and closer to a 10.

I dislike that if I forget to turn the windshield wipers off (leave them in auto) she will throw water on me when I get in. My wife thinks it's hilarious. I could name a few other little things but in general they are little things. Not bad for Tesla's first mass produced car.

I live in MO. I won't be traveling on road trips for quite some time so I can't help you on the BC trip.

Liz G | 1 aprile 2013

Love it!. Have neglected by old car so much it's battery went dead.

My husband and I had work out an agreement as to who drives it and when in order to save our marriage. :) JK almost

My husband is already planning on his next car being a Tesla.

Once you've gone Tesla you'll never go back.

kmrtesla | 1 aprile 2013

My5bAby - 15,500 miles? Did you have a 12,500 service yet? I've trying to find out about owner' service experience. Thanks.

mwojcie | 1 aprile 2013

Mortalian - you won't regret the 85 decision - range goes down quickly when you are having so much fun driving, you look for places to go. My wife and I now go out on drives just to drive - let's go somewhere we say - and when you punch it a lot, that eats up range too, but it is so much fun. I said that already didn't I.

It really isn't a 10.0 - it's and 11.0 or 20.0 because it has a scale all of it's own, there is no comparison on the road today!

Get the performance package and every other option if you can afford it - they are all worth it IMHO. I got everything and don't regret any of them. And with the great low interest financing it's actually less per month than my previous car that was $70K.

skymaster | 1 aprile 2013

Mortalian- Buy a 85Kwh and never look back. I drove our Model S over 500 miles last weekend. This car just floats down the highway like a dream. I rate the Tesla Model S a 10++++++

Getting Amped Again | 1 aprile 2013

Here representing the 60's! Better mpge and just a hair slower 0-60 - you won't even notice! Save the $10K and take the wife on a GREAT vacation somewhere to celebrate while you wait! The kids can take care of themselves.....

cmlaff | 2 aprile 2013

Be prepared to be an addict. I've posted before that I have found crack cocaine in the AC system placed there by the Tesla Team. How else do you explain all these previous posts about how much the current addicts can't get enough? A bunch of aluminum, lithium batteries, & leather sitting on four round rubber things alone cannot possibly create the emotion related in this thread. It HAS to be crack! I've had my Sig 85 since mid-November after waiting over 3 yrs for it and I'm still high when I drive it and looking for reasons to drive it when I have no reason to drive it. Clearly, addicted! My name is Chris and I admit that I have a Tesla problem..........and shamelessly proud to have it! Be enlightened; tune in, turn on, drop out (of the ICE world).

l9lafra | 2 aprile 2013


You can recharge the same day at the Bellevue square, Tesla dealership for free or in Seattle at the tesla shop also for free.

You can use their highpower charger which will take about 3 hrs to give you enough energy to return home.

My wife and I love to shop at Bellevue and have been using the highpower charger at the Tesla parking lot a few times.

They are extremely friendly, just go to the Tesla store on the second floor to inform them that you have connected on their charger.

We have also traveled to Victoria and recharged at the Fairmont for free but it is slower...

Good decision on buying the 85 Kw

Enjoy your Tesla it is an amazing car!!