Model X sighting Monday 7/6/2015

Model X sighting Monday 7/6/2015

Click img for full res. Disregard the pedestrian with the eye patch and pirate leggings.
(Add pirate jokes below.)

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EVino | 8 luglio 2015
EVino | 8 luglio 2015
EVino | 8 luglio 2015
EVino | 8 luglio 2015
Windsurfer | 8 luglio 2015

That is very cool. Can't tell from the photo: were there any Tesla badges or logos on the car?

grant10k | 8 luglio 2015

Yes, it says "TESLA" on the back just above the licence plate, but it's black on black so it's hard to read. | 8 luglio 2015

@Evino: Great work! The X is looking good to me. Same license plate as the one seen in Petaluma. Could be the same car. If so, it is getting a lot of mileage.

JBRatner | 8 luglio 2015

Thant's right close to my house! I knew I should have gone out for my breakfast/coffee this morning...

JBRatner | 8 luglio 2015

or did you see that on Monday?

grant10k | 8 luglio 2015

@george: I think all Tesla's manufacturer plates are the same.

It's the same plate number from the Model S mule. Kind of gives a literal take on "It's just an inflated Model S", if they were the same car.


Milly Amp | 8 luglio 2015

Looks more like an inflated Prius

ken | 8 luglio 2015

@EVino, great shots. I noticed from the first picture that the window trim and the door handles seem to align perfectly with the front door. The back hatch window is huge. No sign of a trailer hitch carrier but it may be hidden behind the bumper. On the front left fender, just below the rear view mirror, looks like it could be a backward viewing camera. Over all it looks good to me. Thanks for sharing these photos with us.

EVino | 8 luglio 2015

BTW, not my pics. Credit to

SF Marina District sighting.

Red Sage ca us | 8 luglio 2015


ian | 8 luglio 2015

Active spoiler clearly visible. Hopefully it's just stuck in the up position.

Trim still looks a bit off to me in that side shot. Falcon wing door looks pretty tight to the roofline from the back though. Not sure what you're seeing as a camera ken? I see the triangle side marker all model S's have. Camera could be in there though.


jordanrichard | 8 luglio 2015

Not that I am looking to replace my MS with an X, but I really don't like the stark contrast of the limo tinted rear windows and then the front windows are clear. It looks unfinished. I know, I know, seemingly all minivans and SUVs come this way. I don't know about other states, but here in CT in the front side windows can not be that dark. So there will be no way to get everything to match.

carlgo2 | 8 luglio 2015

The last photo shows the secret unlimited range feature.

ITSELE | 8 luglio 2015

@jordanrichard, the limo dark rear windows are a mule specific "feature" so as not reveal any of the changes with 2nd and 3rd row seating. There is talk of surprises here like swiveling seats, a card table or even CUPHOLDERS. There is also talk of electrochromic windows that can change tint electronically. Don't fear, the factory Model X will not come with these dark windows.

Reedmadd | 8 luglio 2015

Is it just the angle or has the whole back end been elongated? On the first pic from the side, there's more car behind the back wheel than on previous versions including the current website pic. Not sure I like it as much as the sportier looking white mule pics with black wheels. Looks different. Not changing my reservation though after coming this far!!

ian | 8 luglio 2015

Could be a bit of an optical illusion. It could also be that it is longer over the rear wheels. It's been said the prototype was built on a slightly stretched wheelbase S "skateboard", while it will actually be built on the same wheelbase "skateboard".

There is a rather in depth discussion over at


Gert van Veen | 9 luglio 2015

@EVino thanks

pvetesla | 9 luglio 2015


Too funny!! | 9 luglio 2015

@ian: right you are. At least 2 inches longer than the S in the rear.

ageorge97 | 10 luglio 2015

Looking pretty good, I'd say.

ageorge97 | 10 luglio 2015

Looking pretty good, I'd say.

Reedmadd | 10 luglio 2015

Mmm... A carbon fiber version of that pop up spoiler on a pearl white or silver X? I know they've designed it to blend in (on the standard model) but something more in your face might be good as an option on the P. | 10 luglio 2015

@Reed: I think that would spoil t...:-))

Red Sage ca us | 10 luglio 2015



ian | 10 luglio 2015

I might buy that option.

Reedmadd | 12 luglio 2015

Prez George, please call me Drew (Reedman). And you're probably right, I'd have to see it first to make a final call on how that would look.

Ian, unless that was sarcasm at its best, thanks for going along.

I'm in the 8000 range on the list so while I might now have to wait for our car until early 16, I can't wait to configure and reconfigure for ~5 months! | 12 luglio 2015

I have this recurring dream that the time will come to order and I won't be ready.....

ernie | 12 luglio 2015

Well @george...etc., at least that might possibly reduce the dreams of coming to the end of a quarter and discovering I have not attended a class at the U. would think that after 54 years that one would go away. Will Tesla be offering counseling for all this pre actual order stress? | 13 luglio 2015

@ernie: I forgot that you're just a kid. When at the Tesla factory a couple of months ago, I asked about counseling. They said, "Shut up and get on the trolley." I have since acquired a Fitbit device that tracks my activity and caloric intake. I have started working out in addition to playing softball and golf. I drive only in my Model S for safety and avoid main bus routes at all costs. The only remaining threat to my living long enough to order a Model X is other Florida drivers:

or | 13 luglio 2015

Or this one. You are required to guess who is the worst driver, one of the people driving cars observed in the video or the person making the video. | 13 luglio 2015
Rajkrishnan9 | 13 luglio 2015

Did anyone hear if any spottings in the ne ? Wondering how would they have tested winter conditions

ernie | 13 luglio 2015

@George.etc...while watching the video of the lady commenting...I think she made as many tailgating infractions as would be expected of an angry looking for trouble aggressive driver. I found her quite annoying...but that is me and I am next to perfect.

pvetesla | 15 luglio 2015

I thought the same thing. She was the main reason for most of her annoyance.

I like how she would always put "no one behind me". Really?!? In rush hour traffic. Maybe true since her driving was horrible and people were avoiding her.

Silly video and I'm mad at myself for watching way too much of it. Dang!

jjs | 15 luglio 2015

ernie and pvetesla - I'm with you. I don't think this is as much about bad drivers in S. Florida as it is about one individual with anger management issues.

ernie | 17 luglio 2015

I have to shout out a compliment to my wife who anticipates such other driver behavior and lets them in with minimal comments. She has a defensive driver mindset when she gets behind the wheel and NEVER tries [as her father did] to "teach" the other driver "a lesson". Only massive ticketing will slightly curtain such behavior. It is a combination of genetics, home training and lack of self control.

Hey, the other day I stopped in a west bound lane to let another driver from the east cross two lanes into a parking lot and got flipped off. I could not move forward without blocking his ingress and other egress as there was a stop light holding up vehicles. I said something under my breath, but I am afraid he either had a bad day is predestined to live his life in anger. This is the gentle state of Washington.

ernie | 17 luglio 2015

"or" is predestined...etc.

raffael s. | 17 luglio 2015

Is overtaking on the right lane legal in the U.S? Is it like turning right at a red light is somehow legal? This woman did it a lot... Funny fact, in Italy, you drive at red and stop at green. And in France, you don't even have traffic lights, just roundabouts!