Model X will look different from what we've seen so far

Model X will look different from what we've seen so far

From today's (August 7) Q&A call, Elon said "There are some things we can do to improve the model X from the early prototypes that people have seen. There are things we can do to make it better. Some things that I like."

So ... to me that means it will look different from what people have SEEN. I'm still hoping for a less raked hatchback for more storage, and make a longer car to make the third row usage by adults. Here's hoping.

dortor | 8 agosto 2013


ian | 8 agosto 2013

It certainly seems some changes are going to happen. I'm excited to see what they have up their sleeve's!


cloroxbb | 8 agosto 2013

The Model S is a pretty long car already. IMO the X doesn't need to be any longer. I am definitely interested to see any changes.

EVMD | 30 agosto 2013

probably yes it will be different but the ugly nose will stay :-/

JKL | 30 agosto 2013

Double the battery size.

AlMc | 1 settembre 2013

Double battery size may be a tough sell. Elon indicated they do have the capability of a 500 mile range battery but that it is, at this time, prohibitively expensive

bvadel | 3 settembre 2013

Hopefully the 'final' design will be less crossover, more SUV.

SHY | 25 settembre 2013

Amen to that, more SUV!

Marty1234 | 25 settembre 2013

An optional RV type tent or trailer would give it the ability to act as a RV with no fuel costs..Why travel the world when you could travel North America for free..or Europe or Asia ..

Brian H | 26 settembre 2013

I repeat, not going to happen. A station wagon may be released as a variant later.

Bubba2000 | 29 settembre 2013

Model X will mostly likely be heavier and have a larger drag than Model S. Possibly AWD. It is something folks would use for an out of town trip. It would help if Tesla would offer a larger battery option by packing more cells in the battery pack. May be something around 125-130 KW-hr. The increase in capacity is around 50%, but the weight increase would be around 350 lbs. Each cell weighs about 40-45 gm.

Model X would be a little heavier, but not too much for a SUV. Low center of gravity and AWD, regenerative all wheel braking would more than compensate. Incremental cost should not be more than $10,000 including packaging, etc. It would bring the price to the range of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo or even less.

Tesla could reduce costs and weight by getting rid of the falcon doors. Less moving parts, less stuff to break.

NumberOne | 30 settembre 2013

I do not see how replacing the falcon doors would reduce the weight by more than 30 to 50 lbs which is really insignificant in the scheme of things. As far as the battery pack goes, I do not think anything that we have to say will change their plans. Tesla has not announced the anything on the subject other than the minimum battery pack will be 60 kWh. Larger is currently cost prohibitive, but that may change. All else aside, I have not seen any indication that the overall look will change that much. Perhaps the position of the screen will change, slightly, and things like cup holders will be added.

Whity Whiteman | 30 settembre 2013

there is this aston-martin-guy on board since may 2013. Designwise- I expect more Audi und AstonMartin DNA in the final version. The Model X looks nice, but there is room for improvement for sure.

Falcon Doors should be optional!!

Brian H | 30 settembre 2013

All wrong.

Bubba2000 | 19 ottobre 2013

I have a 85P/Pano loaded and I like the car. I reserved a Sig X as well. However, I am thinking of deferring the purchase till either Tesla increases the battery storage or superchargers become ubiquitous. I would like the Model X to have some safety features like collision avoidance, smart cruise control, etc that are found in most mid priced autos.

With a 500 mile battery I would get rid of my wife's ICE auto. Would be worth paying an extra $20,000.

ian | 19 ottobre 2013

Bubba - Might as well at least wait until they release the official specs to make a decision, no?

levi.maina | 20 ottobre 2013

I wish Model X looked like this

or this

levi.maina | 20 ottobre 2013

or this

levi.maina | 20 ottobre 2013
ian | 21 ottobre 2013

Pretty cool but it looks more like an S wagon to me. The X is an SUV and as such, will have a higher seating position.

GuyDormehl | 23 ottobre 2013

The HX1 architecture seems to show where Tesla/EVs can/will? go - more cab forward; less front/hood and less overhang; longer wheelbase for more cabin and internal space - although this is still only a start.

There could be a fastback/non-wagon version too of this - but is there any advantage in not utilizing all the available 'enclosed' space?

shop | 24 ottobre 2013

BTW, on Tuesday in Germany Elon said that they are still finishing up with a clay model of the Model X. So exterior changes from the prototypes we've seen are a given. What changes those are I have no idea and why someone in the audience didn't ask him, I have no idea. Anyways, he also said that right now, Gen III exists as concept drawings only. Clay models for that will be next year with a prototype in about 18 months. Gen III would have less luxury features (the example he gave is maybe only one screen instead of two).

fusionrx | 24 ottobre 2013

I wonder if the Model X will come in a range of configurable seating option including (*gasp*) a traditional truck (ie. pickup bed, seating for 4)? That would go over well here in the midwest. :D

labishned | 30 ottobre 2013

If the Model X comes with low range, highest ground clearance, a pick up tuck version with 500 miles capable 85kw batteries, with that monstrous torque, seriously, the Detroit big three might as well close doors....

cloroxbb | 31 ottobre 2013


Uh, yeah, that's not going to happen. 500 miles on 85Kwh battery just isn't in the cards for a Tesla Model S, let alone a Tesla Model X

Brian H | 1 novembre 2013

"low range" and "500 miles"?? \9p say wot?