The Model-XD for DragonFly?

The Model-XD for DragonFly?

What are the odds that Tesla is considering surprising Model-X owners with a dual-falcon-wing design? If the falcon wings are good enough for the 2nd and 3rd row, why not for the first row too?!? That could partially explain the added delay.

Wouldn't that "delight" customers? | 6 novembre 2014

Are you thinking that Elon is a masochist?
He probably wishes the FW had never been dreamed up in the first place.

vandacca | 6 novembre 2014

georgehawley, yes I do think Elon is a masochist! Why else would he be simultaneously running Tesla and SpaceX? He does appear to be a perfectionist and I do believe that if he came up with a really cool idea, he would be the type of person who would definitely go through with it, no matter how difficult it was. Kind of how Steve Jobs was, but not nearly as maniacal.

Remnant | 6 novembre 2014

More likely, a single falcon door per side for all three rows would do just fine.

vandacca | 6 novembre 2014

@Remnant, I certainly hope they don't put in a single falcon-wing door. I would think that the huge door would look monstrous and unappealing, not to mention the inconvenience of having to open the driver-side door to let people in/out of the back 2 rows.

DTsea | 6 novembre 2014

Shape of drivers door is different and I would expect windows don't roll down in the back due to the hinge in the door. | 6 novembre 2014

The single wing went out with the advent of the T formation.
I dream of Elon standing under a FW door that keeps hitting him on the head.
"It will feel so great when it stops", he says "Customers will be amazed and delighted. Hit me again."

ian | 6 novembre 2014

Can you tell George is not happy with Elon about the extended wait for the X? Haha! ;-)

Iowa92x | 6 novembre 2014

Do I hear 3 3 3! Falcon door on the back hatch, too. Maybe also the windshield.

vandacca | 6 novembre 2014

If it had 4 FW doors, I'd call it a Dragonfly. If it had 6 FW doors, I think it should be called a Spider!

Remnant | 7 novembre 2014

@ vandacca (November 6, 2014)

<< ... the huge door would look monstrous and unappealing, not to mention the inconvenience ... >>

I agree, but I'm trying to get used to the prospect.

I guess the idea was that the passengers of the last two rows should be able to just walk in, rather than do the usual squat-duck-slide sideways, in order to get in.

As some posters have already suggested, it would have been a good idea to offer a regular door option and perhaps a slide-door one also.

Red Sage ca us | 7 novembre 2014

Franz von Holzhausen worked on projects for Mazda that had dual gullwing doors that ran the length of those concept vehicles. Falcon Wing Doors are better.

vandacca | 7 novembre 2014

Sounds like Franz von Holzhausen is obsessed with the Gullwing doors and we have him to thank for the Falcon wing door. What idiot would put the fuel/charge port under the gullwing door? You have to refuel with the door open!?! Would suck in really hot or cold climates, all that area for heat to enter/escape while you're refuelling. Not to mention rainy/snowy climates.

sbeggs | 7 novembre 2014

good points...yet the door could shield you from rain or snow, if it was coming straight down...while adding electrons.

NumberOne | 7 novembre 2014

At first thought front falcon wing doors seem like a good idea, but in my case it would not work, because they might not clear obstacles sufficiently while the rear door will likely be fine. Of course with self-parking that might not be an issue.

jm.tully | 10 novembre 2014

One of the most controversial issues is the falcon winged doors. What production SUV runs with FWDs, answer; NONE! (duh- brilliant)

Brian H | 10 novembre 2014

Uniqueness is not an objection. New engineering is by definition unique.

mdemetri | 10 novembre 2014

It looks like Franz von Holzhausen also borrowed the rims from that Mazda concept car, they look almost identical to the turbine 21' rims on my P85!!!!

Red Sage ca us | 11 novembre 2014

Yeah, he's definitely a fan of turbine and windmill rims...

james | 15 novembre 2014

I've always thought the Tesla turbine rims resemble those from another car with an 'imaginative' door arrangement ...

james | 15 novembre 2014

lemme try that again ...

Brian H | 15 novembre 2014

One turbine is pretty much like another, with minor variations in the vane count.

vandacca | 22 novembre 2014

I've been looking at Model-S wheel replacements from a link in another thread, just to get an idea of what kind of wheels I'd like to get for the Model-X (I have to do something to make the time pass by). I'm really surprised that most after-market wheels are just straight and angular (easier to build)? I could not find a turbine wheel like the Model-S version, which I like quite a lot.

Unfortunately, it looks really good on the Model-S, but maybe not so good on a less sporty SUV?

Has anyone else seen nice turbine after-market wheels that would fit a Model-S?