most under rated aspect of the S.

most under rated aspect of the S.

The wide angle rear view camera that works while you we driving. Lately I've had it on and I have to say, I think it beats the mirrors and the whole look over you shoulder thing. Looking toward the rear quarter panel when I'm moving forward at high rates of speed isn't a comfortable action for me. But that rear camera does it awesome! You can see essentially 180 degree off your rear bumper and see if there is a car there and whether it is behind the bumper enough for you to make a clean lane change.
I know a lot of people laugh that it can be on when you drive, but it really helps! Try it.

Velo1 | 4 marzo 2013

I do the same. I would love it even more, if possible, if I could add the rear view display to the dash next to the speedometer.

BYT | 4 marzo 2013

I agree about the rear HD cam and use it all the time! Another I think is the braking on the Model S is also phenomenal! Man, I can say I have tested the limits of my Model S breaks a few times and it's amazing how quickly it can stop or slow down from the velocity it can generate. She can move super fast but stop even faster it feels like!

c.bussert67 | 4 marzo 2013

Yeah, my gtech shows forward acceleration of about .75g, braking at limit is around 1g. It truly is amazing when you factor in its 4700lb weight. I pull those similar numbers in my mustang, but it only weighs 2900! The S is awesome! Kudos to Tesla.

dsecrist | 4 marzo 2013

Has anyone figured out a good way to keep the camera functional in the rain? I did a test drive while it was raining, and the rear view was a blurry mess. Would RainX or similar be a good idea? Any way to protect the camera better?

riceuguy | 4 marzo 2013

I'm planning to try RainX, but here in Austin we're in the midst of an historic drought, so rain is rarely an issue!

bradslee | 4 marzo 2013

Although I like to keep the rear camera on the lower part of the center screen while I am driving, I have to constantly remind myself that the distance of a car behind mine is actually more closer than it appears in the camera. I do not know if other MS drivers have the same feeling?

c.bussert67 | 4 marzo 2013

Rain x works! I use that stuff like its goin out of style. I never use the wipers. I had the same issue first time in the rain. I felt silly buffing that little lens the first time. If you haven't used rain x yet, you'll be amazed. I have the piano roof so I use it on the entire top half of the car. Comes out of the rain like it was never wet! Just have to clean bottom part of the car.

c.bussert67 | 4 marzo 2013

LOL, piano roof... that would be tough to keep clean in the rain...
Brain, a little help!

c.bussert67 | 4 marzo 2013

B r i a n. There! I'm done for the day.

Captain_Zap | 4 marzo 2013

I like to use the rear camera as an added safety measure for the blind spot but sometimes the camera's image lies on top of my menu items at the top of the screen. Swapping the image to the bottom sometimes confuses things more. I know that they were working on that with the firmware updates.

Side note. IMO, one of the most under rated features of the Model S is related to the door handles. I haven't broken a fingernail since I got the Model S.

mikeadams | 4 marzo 2013

Most underrated is NOT having to worry when and where you are going to have to gas up all but one or two days a year for most people since you leave every morning with a full charge. I hated having to sometimes leave about 5 mins early for work and stand out in the cold or rain clutching that filthy pump handle and get charged close to $50. Its the 'can I wait until after work to go to the gas station anxiety'.

Captain_Zap | 4 marzo 2013

Excellent point write.mikeadams

I used to glance down at that guage and curse at least once a week as I tried to get somewhere in a hurry.

I stopped at a station on a road trip to stretch the dog's legs. I forgot how filthy those places are.

That is another under rated feature! With the new phone application I can leave the dog in the car with the AC or heat on!

cloroxbb | 4 marzo 2013

If "neverwet" ever becomes an actual purchasable product... that is what I would probably use. It will definitely keep water off the lens.

c.bussert67 | 4 marzo 2013

Good one, write! I avoid rush time at the pump at all costs. I hate the musical pump game. My wife agrees with your filthy pump handle reference. She's a germ o phobe and HATES touching that thing. Always washes her hands after she fills up with gas.

TonyF | 4 marzo 2013

I think the most underrated part of my Model S is the 1-pedal driving. Due to the use of regenerative braking, I rarely use my brake pedal. It's wonderful. When I drive my wife's ice, I no longer like the coasting. What a waste of energy to use the brake all the time! So for me it's the 1-pedal driving.

Pungoteague_Dave | 4 marzo 2013

I have a stupid question (prompted above) and should know this after a month, but how do you get other things besides nav on the left side of the speedometer? I see online pictures of media display, etc., but can't figure it out. I can change what the right side does just fine...

This is so embarrassing - I feel like my mother who can't use her TIVO...

BYT | 4 marzo 2013

Nav shows up automagically when you have a destination set, otherwise it doesn't' come up as an option on the H.U.D. by default

jbunn | 4 marzo 2013

P Dave. Push the left scroll wheel in and spin it to change left display. Works same as the right.

Brian H | 4 marzo 2013

For the germ-phobes, if you have to grip a gas pump again, a paper towel wraps neatly around the grip and trigger.

jbunn | 4 marzo 2013

Most underrated feature I think are the cupholders. ; )

Captain_Zap | 4 marzo 2013

We don't need no stinkin' cupholders.

Hang on. We are going for a RIDE!

rterry | 5 marzo 2013

I hate using the brake in my wife's ICE! The regen braking is a most underrated value!

bp | 5 marzo 2013

Wish they would allow the rear view camera as an option for the left or right side of the dashboard...

Most underrated feature - Tesla's commitment to provide periodic updates to the software - what we have today, while usable, is pretty basic in a number of areas - and will only get better as they continue to add more capabilities and improve what's there today (such as the navigation and audio systems).

Hogfighter | 5 marzo 2013

Most underrated feature for me is the looks of the car!

It's amazing the number of people that stop me to ask what kind of car it is, because they've never seen a car so beautiful. 99% have no idea that the most beautiful aspect of the car has nothing to do with the looks.

hsadler | 5 marzo 2013

Cupholders!!! Are you kidding me.... Cupholders!!

With this kind of torque, cups would be spilling their contents.

At a BMW plant tour a couple years ago, questions were asked about BMW's bad (cheap) design and placement of the cupholders.

They simply stated that they were installed as an afterthought because of Americans demands. In Germany, attention has to be paid to the road due to high speeds. Drinking would divert that attention.

We don't need no stupid cupholders!!! We need a built in Keurig!!!

Brian H | 5 marzo 2013

Post photos of your DIY Keurig install. When you get around to it. ;)

Captain_Zap | 5 marzo 2013

+1 bp

Gee, I am taking so many amenities for granted now that I have had the car for a few months.

GeirT | 5 marzo 2013

@ hsadler

You got it! The fuzz about cup holder must be a US thing. Food and drink is not for the car.

Captain_Zap | 5 marzo 2013

In the US we don't take the time to sit down and enjoy a beverage.

yoda | 5 marzo 2013

@Brian H.
hsadler, not headler. You are getting older...

Brian H | 5 marzo 2013

Certainly my eyes are. Have an onco appt. coming up soon.

Pbfoot | 10 marzo 2013

The quiet ride. Can hear details in the music, and don't have to crank it up to a loud volume.

IQ | 10 marzo 2013

On a long trip cup holders are great to have. I like to drink lots of water when it's hot.

docdac | 10 marzo 2013

@Brian H.
I hope it is an Ophtho appt, not an Onco appt.

Brian H | 10 marzo 2013

Yeah, typo/vapor lock. A brother just died of cancer, and that was on my mind. | 10 marzo 2013

@Brian H-- Sorry for your loss.

Brian H | 10 marzo 2013


All my brothers are younger than I am, so it was a very pointed demonstration of human mortality.

bobinfla | 10 marzo 2013

@BrianH: sorry for your loss.

Just to be clear:

1. Yes we need cupholders.

2. The more cupholders the better. My Miata has it right - 2 seats, 4 cupholders, al of which can be easily reached by the driver.

3. Yes, I am willing to pay soflauthor's price on the CCI so I can have a perfectly ergonomically placed cupholder.

Now if I could just get a refrigerated drink dispenser in the drunk ..........

bobinfla | 10 marzo 2013

Errrr, frunk not drunk

Noah.S | 10 marzo 2013

Judging by the number of typos, we don't need cup holders, everyone's already drinking enough ;)

BYT | 10 marzo 2013

@Brian H-- I also want to say that I'm sorry for your loss.

RanjitC | 10 marzo 2013

@Brian H sorry for your loss
@Noah.S that's why we need the cup holders, or do I need the cup holders due to my lack of typo's

ThomasK | 10 marzo 2013

The most underrated feature in my opinion.

Every single person I've allowed to drive my MS, without fail, has had this reaction, when I tell them to floor it:


c.bussert67 | 10 marzo 2013

BrianH, that is always tough news hearing about a loved ones loose. I'm glad you are a survivor. :-)

GeekEV | 11 marzo 2013

@ThomasK - That's exactly what my brother did... And his BMW 335i is no slouch either. :-)

MandL | 11 marzo 2013

Off topic, but RE: cupholders - I tried the velcro-installed audi cupholder mod. Works OK, but it's very small and you have to fiddle with the cup to get it to drop in because of all the moving parts.

GeirT | 11 marzo 2013

I am sorry Brian. My condolences.

Thumper | 11 marzo 2013

Locomotion at any G force is effortless and quiet.