Mr. Musk, Mr Blankenship; How about giving us a link to the end of the assembly line, to view those dazzling EVs at the finish?

Mr. Musk, Mr Blankenship; How about giving us a link to the end of the assembly line, to view those dazzling EVs at the finish?

Sir. Respectfully, we request an "End of the Assembly Line Webcam" so we can see those beautiful EVs as they come off the production line. That would really give us a warm and fuzzy while we wait.

Benz | 13 marzo 2013

I am not sure they will do that, but yes that would be nice indeed.

Logical_Thinker | 13 marzo 2013

awesome idea

Captain_Zap | 13 marzo 2013

I doubt it will happen.
Maybe fear that it could be TMI for SEC or s fear of information being abused or misconstrued by those playing the market.

olanmills | 13 marzo 2013

A web cam would be cool.

Vall | 13 marzo 2013

never gonna happen

djm12 | 13 marzo 2013

No other factory has this. Maybe a webcam of the test drive track?

models60 | 13 marzo 2013


jbunn | 13 marzo 2013

I would love this. Much more fun than the tar drop cam or the pope cam.

Runar | 13 marzo 2013

Would easily become my most watched tv channel;-) hours a day, waiting to see my combo in the line.;-) or maybe see another combo i like better

tylerhen | 13 marzo 2013

I would say "No other factory has this" is the worst excuse ever. Tesla strives to do exactly what no other car company does.

defmonk | 13 marzo 2013

I understand some of the confidentiality/disclosure challenges of a live cam. It would be neat to have a graphical tracker, though, that shows where your car is in the production process. Having finalized my order and signed the paperwork, the radio silence is kind of harsh as I wait for the delivery notice (or whatever comes next).

FLsportscarenth... | 13 marzo 2013

Neat idea, but not sure they will do it for a number of reasons... but would be brave...

Another interesting idea of this sort is a 'odometer' of number of Roadsters, Model S's, Model X's completed thus far. The odometer would be a confidence builder as it shows cars coming off the line and counting after going though final quality control...

noel.smyth | 13 marzo 2013

hey nothing wrong with more transparency right? I think the webcam and ticker are great ideas!

Tesluthian | 13 marzo 2013

In a year or two Tesla can claim the crown of Number 1 All EV manufacturer in the USA, then the world. A webcam in the factory tracking & displaying these numbers would be great advertising. | 13 marzo 2013

I'd love it too, but I suspect the fact it's a public company could cause some PR headaches if not problems with stock manipulations.

Often plants shutdown for a whole host of reasons - lack of a part, process redesign, part redesign, equipment breakdown, key employee problem (i.e. sick or hurt), or just a lack of demand. Generally companies don't like to advertise problems like these, even though every company has similar issues sooner or later. It just part of a normal business.

When the line stops, someone who wants to manipulate the stock could claim some unrelated reason to scare the market - "See they can't produce cars - look at the webcam...". Silly but a real possibility. Still, Tesla is so different that they might be willing to deal with it since it's what every other car company does behind the scenes.

One approach would be to have a DVR type delayed view - maybe 1 week. It would only show the line running normally. For hours when the line is not operating or is down it would show a different time when it was up. While not perfect, it has the advantage that at night you still get to see the line running even if they don't have a shift running at that time. Likely this is more effort than Tesla needs to expend right now. One can hope! | 13 marzo 2013

How about a time-lapse video on demand? One week of production compressed into a 7 minute video?

djm12 | 13 marzo 2013

You got me tylerhen. That was the worst excuse ever. I love that Tesla is different for all the other automotive companies!

cloroxbb | 14 marzo 2013

Or maybe have it just for "reservists" so that its not technically a PUBLIC cam, but is an incentive for putting a reservation down, sooner rather than later. Just a thought.

I really like the idea though. I would definitely watch it. I have watched the NatGeo "Megafactories" Tesla episode a bunch of times. I love that kind of stuff.

I seriously wouldnt mind working for Tesla to be honest. If they ever open a store in Michigan, I am down...

GeekEV | 14 marzo 2013

At least it would be cool if each station had a camera and snapped a photo as your car passed through it and posted these on the My Tesla page...