Mr Musk thinks customers are going to lead a Revolt

Mr Musk thinks customers are going to lead a Revolt

Everyone who signed the petition to allow Tesla to sell directly to consumers should watch a 35 second clip of how emotional Elon gets when discussing the topic. Fast-Foward this video to the 0:53:40 mark, and just watch the next 35 seconds where he gets emotional saying "I think customers are going to lead a revolt".

With the popularity of the petition, will the momentum lead to the revolt?

Benz | 2 luglio 2013

Yes, very well possible indeed.

Bubba2000 | 3 luglio 2013

Sure there could be a revolt. Especially if Gen III sells for $30-40k, drives 300+ miles, has no maintenance. On top of that we get conflict in the Middle East that pushes the price of oil to $200 and we get gasoline lines with odd and even days... like during the Arab Oil Embargo in 1973. While NADA blocks Tesla autos from being sold!

Aside from such a long shot scenario, if Model S, X come down in price while range goes up, the pressure on NADA will increase. Then Gen III. Anybody remember all those record, VHS, CD, DVD stores? They got swept into the dustbin of history by advances in MP3, iPod, iPhone, Netflix, etc.

I think that disruptive battery tech can enable this kind of change... double the energy density at half the cost. Meanwhile, Tesla will do fine with the current tech.