Multi Coat (Pearl) White or Black?

Multi Coat (Pearl) White or Black?

I have the clock running on my Model S 85 order and it will finalize in a week or so. I have seen fortunately to see all but gray and green at the local service center. Originally, I fell in love with the Multi coat Red with tan interior, 19" Cyclone wheels.

Of course, I am now second guessing that. I have had red Mercedes roadsters in the past, including recent past, but as an older woman I now am not sure I want that much of an attention getting color on top of an already attention getting car.

So my mind is moving to MC White or just plain black with the standard 19" wheels. Regular white looks a little utilitarian to me, like service vehicles.

Tan interior is something I am set on. I dislike black interior and think grey is dull. I think tan will look good with either MC white or black.

I'd like opinion of others on MC white or black, or if I am totally wrong to abandon multi-coat red with the wheel upgrade (the red just has to have to go to at least the 19" cyclone.)

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

Billah | 25 luglio 2014

The Pearl White looks really nice in the sun. The white will stay cleaner than the black. I personally think that the 19' cyclones look better on the pearl white than black.

reitmanr | 25 luglio 2014

Billah has it right! I went through the paint dilema and chose the pearl white. The black is elegant but shows every little finger print etc. I saw what the Tesla Product Specialists had to do in the showroom to keep the black clean. Constant attention. I knew I was to lazy to keep on cleaning. The red is gorgeous but I didnt want to be a ticket magnet. 18000 miles and almost two years and I am still happy.

MagiKool | 25 luglio 2014

The Pearl White is great choice but even more important it wll reflect energy from the sun. Thr planet needs more surfaces reflecting the energy of the sun not absorbing that energy. That's why when I place my order in late September I will be ordering Pearl White with Tan performance seats.

? Do you have grandchildren?

melfont | 25 luglio 2014

Go for the MC red!!! You will not regret it. It goes great with the tan interior, the pano roof, and the 19" wheels. Of course, color choice is a personal matter, but the red....... | 25 luglio 2014

Billah, I agree that the Cyclones look better on MC white than black, and if I get black I will go for the 5-spoke standard.

Also, I think that might also be true of the MC white. From personal observation, I determined the MC red needed the Cyclone 19s or better, but I think the MC White does not. Or am I wrong in that? I saw the MC Red with both standard and Cyclones, but say MC White with only standard.

So does the MC white look best with Cyclones and the MC black look best with stand 5-spoke? I do not want 21" wheels for any reason. | 25 luglio 2014

Thank for the help, Melfort! LOL, that was my original order: MC Red, pano roof, cyclone wheels. Tan interior.

Tan interior and pano roof are definite and non-negotiable. Color and wheel are my struggle.

10 years ago, and maybe still today, red would be by color. As a red fan, if you did not get red would your second choice be MC/pearl white or black, with tan interior and pano roof?

karmamule | 26 luglio 2014

@nwatkins, did you notice they recently changed the gray to a darker version? It would have been right around the time you placed your order. You might want to double-check it just to be sure the new shade doesn't affect your thinking on that color.

carlk | 26 luglio 2014

I have pearl white and love it. The only problem is there are too many white cars on the street. You can hardly find a new Audi that is NOT white. As some say white is the new black.

I made the final decision after watched this video. Don't open it if you do not want to buy the pearl white.

2kids10horses | 26 luglio 2014

I have found that my Pearl white is "whiter" than all the other white cars around here. Even when dirty. The Pearl really brightens it up.

I get lots of compliments from people who have no idea that it's electric, or its a Tesla, they just say it's the most beautiful car they have ever seen!

Pearl white, standard 19 inch wheels, Pano.

carlk | 26 luglio 2014

Pano is a must to accent the pearl white car.

HurricaneFodder | 27 luglio 2014

Black, Pano and tinted windows. But I'm biased. :-)

HurricaneFodder | 27 luglio 2014

Oh yeah, dark grey wheels as well.

carlk | 27 luglio 2014

+1 on the grey wheel too.