Multi coat red

Multi coat red

It is now March.
Anybody get a delivery date on a multi coat red?
Hopefully productions have started.
I think we are the forgotten children of the Tesla family.......

Dwdnjck@ca | 8 marzo 2013

I have May/June for my "Pope Shoes Red.".

Ohms.Law | 8 marzo 2013

No movement yet. The earliest dates for delivery, that I'm aware of, are April/May. Still waiting...

Schlermie | 8 marzo 2013

March usually means March 31.

DLM270 | 8 marzo 2013

We are one whole week into March and the wait is killing me. Actually, I'm hoping to see Red deliveries by TAX day.

Captain_Zap | 8 marzo 2013

I'm dying to see what the Red looks like in person. All the other car colors seem colorless or different shades of gray and black.

I love the Signature Red. I almost waited for the Sunset Red but took the plunge for the Signature and glad I did. I don't know if I could have handled extending the wait. After looking at samples of the Sunset Red color I thought that I'd like the tone of the Signature Red much better. Ultimately, the Signature premium got the car to me 4 months earlier and I have 4000 miles on it now.

Are they still calling it Sunset Red?

I hope you get your Tesla grins soon!

Ohms.Law | 8 marzo 2013

Thanks Captain_Zap. We all hope our grins arrive soon too. It's like the two characters in Waiting for Godot. They sit around entertaining themselves before Godot arrives. We sit around reading this forum instead... and zapping nnt.

dbbtex | 8 marzo 2013

Very frustrated. I converted to the 2013 Red in November, before it was up on the website, from my prior color. Feb/March delivery. I saw on here the red would not start until March so I was patient. No updates. Finally called in May. Was told red had started but no info. on when MY red would be produced. Early April is now 'probably late April or early May.' Huh?

They must have a production que, so they must have my car as being produced starting on a specific day, it takes X days, ready to ship on Y date, etc.

I'm very tired of being pushed back. Not to mention both I and Tesla look pretty dull to the friends I've told about the car. They ask about delivery and I keep telling them later and later dates. I'm disappointed as a customer and a stockholder. Unless the line stops, this part of the operation is not rocket science - set an expectation of your choosing but then stick with it. At this point, I'm going to ask about switching to a color they actually produce or maybe even cancelling the order. I chose to commit the deposit - but Tesla was supposed to actually build the car. They can't hold the deposit and keep pushing the date. Can't believe I'm to this point but come on.

Longhorn92 | 8 marzo 2013

It's a toss-up as to who the real forgotten children of the Tesla family are: 2013 red, 40 kWh, or standard suspension.

Captain_Zap | 8 marzo 2013

I don't know about going that far. I wouldn't trade my red car for any of the other non-colors. I know I wouldn't have been as happy with those dark versions of blue, green or brown in the end.

I would be holding out for the red too and agonizing from the internal torment of waiting too. It's worth it to me because I know what I want and I am willing to wait for the right thing. That is why I drove the same car for 15 years until the Model S came along. I went from one gorgeous revolutionary car to another.

But, if you are in a situation where you could take a different color and re-sell it when the reds are starting to fly out the doors, that might work. At the same time, I would fear that they would start delivering the red ones by the time your alternate color choice arrived.

vinster | 8 marzo 2013

As mentioned in another thread recently, a bunch of red owners are tracking our status at:

Hopefully Tesla will send out an announcement about the red production soon.

PhilG | 8 marzo 2013

I finalized the day after Red was available. Told me April/May....
The waiting is the hardest part (thanks Tom Petty)

EJH | 8 marzo 2013

Red is the right colour for this car.
I am #406 in Canada, and have been told April or May as well, but I am in no hurry, as there is still a pile of salt and snow on our roads.
(can't get Tom Petty out of my head now!)

P85, black interior, all but child seats....should be worth the wait.

mthanos | 8 marzo 2013

Chose red because we think it looks best, and becausee we're building an attached garage. The delayed release of the red fit perfectly into our schedule. Garage is just a few weeks from completion and the reds should be rolling out soon. It's great when some things just work out.

sethvandermeer | 9 marzo 2013

I saw the red yesterday at the Geneva motor show. Even took some pictures:

Sorry for the Dutch, but if you scroll down you'll see the pics. The first picture I changed the white balance to indoor light, on the second I let the camera decide the white balance.

EJH | 9 marzo 2013


This may or may not be the new red.
My thought is that if there is one there would be many, and we would know about it by now.
(There's that Tom Petty again)

jat | 9 marzo 2013

When I finalized in November, I originally selected red. My Jan/Feb estimate became April/May, so I asked to change to silver, and it went back to Jan/Feb (and ultimately I got it Dec 31 when I accepted a 2012 model). So, there appear to be tons of people waiting on red, and if you aren't near the front of that queue, you should expect to be a couple months later.

EK | 9 marzo 2013

Think this is Sig red.

Here you can find good pics of all the colors

ylyubarsky | 9 marzo 2013

The second picture from the Geneva show reflects the real new Red color. So if you want to see it, go to the post left by sethvandermeer

The second picture with balanced white is the real new RED. Enjoy!

sethvandermeer | 9 marzo 2013

This IS the new red. Confirmed by Tesla staff and also publicly announced a few weeks ago when they announced their presence at the Geneva Auto Show. In fact, I got their mail a few weeks ago:

"We will of course be showcasing Model S on our stand, including a new colour for 2013. "

So unless there are two reds besides the signature red, this was the new red.

Longhorn92 | 9 marzo 2013

@sethvandermeer, did you use an 18% gray card for the custom white balance? The auto white balance appears to have nailed it, but the custom white balance looks way off.

geekydon | 9 marzo 2013

I was told in a recent email exchange with Tesla that red production would begin in late March or early April. Still quoting April-May delivery.

sethvandermeer | 9 marzo 2013

longhorn92: No, it was worse than that. The exhibition hall was covered in the lights of huge led's hanging from the ceiling, giving everything a blue-ish color. I'm glad I switched to AWB later on, the camera handled that quite well, at least the white seems white.

sethvandermeer | 9 marzo 2013

I have made a picture on my iPhone that captured the red quite well:

jeroens | 9 marzo 2013

for your convenience...

sethvandermeer | 9 marzo 2013

Thanks Jeroen!

EJH | 9 marzo 2013


Thank you very much for your clarification and images.
We now know what to look forward to, and I for one give the bold colour a "two thumbs up!"

DC@Tesla | 9 marzo 2013

Very nice!! Will be worth the wait.

DLM270 | 9 marzo 2013

Definately worth the wait. Looks very much like the RED samples in the Tesla Stores. BEAUTIFUL!

Brian H | 10 marzo 2013

I think in the Oslo interview, Elon said they'd really sweated over the new red, and it was truly special.

Brian H | 10 marzo 2013

nnt sez:

Red is red
(deleted comment)

False, as is usual. The human eye distinguishes more shades of red than any other color. Skin tones, probably.

ylyubarsky | 10 marzo 2013

I prefer to have a mix of Austin Martin, Maserati, Ferrari and Rolls Royce, than some crap that I imagine our "friend" NNT would design himself. Concerning Red color, there are dozens of cars that have red color, why can't Tesla have one. And finally can we have some real education from you, Mr. NNT. I would gladly hear from you something smart and useful.
BTW I am not as negative as you are, but I have a lot of issues with Tesla interior and some features and instead of saying that everything is bad, better give some advices and suggestions.

Bperry01 | 11 marzo 2013

Still waiting for any news on the MultiCoat Red production, has anyone heard or seen anything concrete?

hsadler | 11 marzo 2013

Is it better to say March and have it be March 31 ? Or say April and have it be April 1st ?

Bperry01 | 11 marzo 2013

Maybe April 2nd to avoid any pranks.