My AutoNation Trade In Experience

My AutoNation Trade In Experience

I’ve read a lot of threads about Tesla’s trade in program and was a bit more than just a little concerned about how I would manage my trade in. I just could not stomach leaving $1800 of sales tax credit on the table should the AN offer not measure up.

I went to TraderOnline (where I had a retail ad for the car), CARBuyCo (a local wholesale buyer known for very good offers) and AutoNation. CarMax would not take title assignment from a dealer (Tesla) so they were not considered.

The results were-
TraderOnline $27,460
CarBuyCo $29,000
AutoNation $29,000

Perhaps AutoNation is attracted to very clean low mileage BMWs. I know CarBuyCo was keen to get the car. Either way, I was able to go with Tesla’s partner which removed any difficulty and the result was a net of $30,800 which is low retail for a high retail car. That is not bad in my book.

stevenmaifert | 13 dicembre 2012

I think I would have gotten the CarMax quote just to see if they would go higher, and if so, if it was high enough to cover the differential in your sales tax credit. Unfortunately, in California the allowance for the trade-in cannot be excluded from the amount on which sales tax is based.