NAV POI Question

NAV POI Question

I am probably missing something, and this may have been addressed in other threads, but here goes.

Is there a way to search for points of interest without knowing the name or address? I cannot find it. All cheap GPS systems have a way to search within a category, such as hotels, fast food, etc., and then list options by distance, along route, etc. it would be nice, for example, to have the closest charging stations listed in order. I know we can use smartphone apps for that one example, but any standard GPS can list gas stations by name and distance. This functionality does not appear to be there unless I am missing something.

lov2krz | 8 febbraio 2013

It will do a POI by name not category. It seems that the GPS software in the MS isn't as good as you get in a $99 Garmin portable GPS. I'm pretty unhappy with this feature considering what they charge for the Tech package.

I was told that this should be corrected in a future software update but who knows when that will happen.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 febbraio 2013

So you can search for Exxon, but not convenience store? When you do that you get answers all over the country, and never the one closest to you. If I search for Subway, hoping for a cheesesteak, I get all kinds of answers hundreds or thousands of miles away, but zero info about the Subway shop just 3 miles own the road. Very disappointing. Every real GPS has better POI search. I thought I must be missing a menu somewhere, as NAV destination entry seems no more or better than a google search. Let's hope this is included in a near term update.

Tâm | 8 febbraio 2013

Hi Dave:

You can verbally say "WHERE IS"

or type in:

subway sandwiches near hawthorne, California

convenience store near Hawthorne, California

In my case, I can't live without fish sauce for a few days, so the below works every time and I just need to change the city and state :)

Vietnamese Restaurant near Hawthorne, California

bp | 9 febbraio 2013

The current NAV software is lacking much of the functionality I've had in several generations of my previous cars. And I expect Tesla will get around to addressing the missing features at some point.

However, the ability to use voice commands or have someone enter destinations via the soft keyboard - while the car is moving is a powerful feature.

Another missing feature is the lack of favorite destinations - but with the combination of voice input and the history - I've found it's not too hard to re-enter destinations.

Plus, as a last resort - you could also bring up the browser to do searches.

dqb | 9 febbraio 2013

Would be nice to just get a Tesla Yelp! App

lov2krz | 9 febbraio 2013

I have done several searches (POI and by address) but nothing gets saved to the history tabs. I talked to Tesla Owner services and they told me that you only get history data for nav searches that you complete routing to. Doesn't sound right to me.

I am very disappointed in the tech package nav system. It's supposed to be independent of Google search and 3G. I was told that it uses an in car database driven by satellite GPS and not reliant on 3G connection. If that's the case then it should have all of the functionality of what you would get on any Garmin, Tom Tom, Magellan, etc. stand alone or in car GPS.

I'm also disappointed in the pat answer is we will release that functionality in a future software update. I've worked in high tech for a long time and we alway set a deadline for software releases. May not have hit them all but at least we had a schedule.

rd2 | 9 febbraio 2013

I have had the opposite experience with my voice Nav. I have been able to find just about anything and everything from businesses, to stated addresses. I've searched for Targets and for Chipotle restaurants, among other businesses. I almost exclusively use the phrase "Navigate to" before all of my searches, and this seems to always bring up the closest results, not random ones that are really far away. I have not tried generic "convenience store" searches yet, so that may produce a different result.

Tesla is using Garmin Navigation with their Google Maps. Neither one is Tesla product, so it would be strange if the results were different than what you get with either one of those separately. I'm not sure which provider is handling the actual voice search functionality. Anyone know this?

rd2 | 9 febbraio 2013

Also lov2krz - I have had no problems with my GPS, it's been hyperaccurate with everything I've navigated to. And btw - it IS Garmin navigation that they are using in the Model S. I'm in the Bay Area, so maybe that is one difference. Where are you?

Pungoteague_Dave | 9 febbraio 2013

It only works IF you know the specific name of what you want. NAV utility without category menus is very limited. ANY navigation system can find things along the route, not just near a city. Until this system can do that, it is not a real NAV system. It must be able to handle requests like emergency services, government agencies, etc. If i need to get to an airport, or find a nearby charging station, or the nearest convenience store, hospital, marina, paint store, etc. this system can't do it. It cannot even find the nearest Home Depot. Any other system can, sorted by mileage, with directional arrows next to the listings. Tesla needs to get on this quickly.

cerjor | 9 febbraio 2013

I think the gps system is a weak point too. One should be able to have direction of travel up. Now there's only north up. Also should be able to save "home," "work," "grandma's," etc.

lov2krz | 9 febbraio 2013

RD2, I'm in the south bay too.

The GPS navigation works great once the destination is input. The GPS
that shows up on the speedometer screen is direction of travel up. The overal GPS search function is a little cluggie.

I'm also not impressed that in order to get voice turn by turn you have to have a 3G Internet connection, once the complimentary 3G communication trial ends (if you don't sign up for continued service or have a smart phone hot spot plan) you loose the voice turn by turn. I know that Garmin (I have several portable units) self contained GPS systems provide voice turn by turn. I think its a mistake for Tesla to abandon proven GPS technology found in the market and string it to cellular phone technology which is way slower than what is self-contained within the GPS units currently available.

I also know once I get used to the nuances of the system it will be less cumbersome. I did have to reset my display to get the system to start listing data in the History section.

scriptacus | 9 febbraio 2013

Isn't the maps app using standard google autocomplete? If so, you should be able to input incredibly vague things like "food near me" and get decent results.

bp | 10 febbraio 2013

If you name contacts for your favorite places (such as home), you may be able use voice recognition to drive to it - either saying "Drive to Home" or "Call Home" - and pushing the "Navigate" button.

Not as good as having Favorites - but usable.

lov2krz | 10 febbraio 2013

I tried to use voice navigation to get (nav to a contact) a contact But the system displays "unrecognized command". Like I said, it's a little kludgy.

bp | 10 febbraio 2013

Try "Call xxx" - that should display the contact info from your phone - and if you have an address, you should have an option to navigate to the address.