New Colors

New Colors

I would like to hear from all future Tesla S owners if it should be larger variety of colors. I think it would be very nice to see more sophisticated colors to choose from. For instance Pearl Green, Pearl Red, Pear Sky Blue etc.

andrigtmiller | 10 gennaio 2013

Personally, I have always wanted a dark blue car my entire life. With the Model S, I will finally get what I really have wanted.

Having said that, I do think the color choices should be broadened. In fact, it might be a good idea to add the "Pearl" as a choice for all the colors. | 10 gennaio 2013

Love to see a few brighter colors (other than give-me-a-ticket red). So many white/gray/black choices now (and the current dark blue and dark green choices often look black). I've ended up with Gray - a rather boring choice from a slate of boring choices. The car itself makes up for the limited color palette.

Would have preferred (and paid extra for) metallic ice-blue (very light silver-blue), medium blue. I'm also partial to taxi yellow, which is a bit wild.

I loved the range of colors on the Roadster, but I realize they want to project a 'style', which luxury manufacturers seem to equate to sedate. Hopefully at some point they'll offer custom colors, similar to Porsche and others, but I'm sure there is all sorts of complexities to doing that.

GLO | 10 gennaio 2013

Saw a custom color pearl chocolate brown yesterday (very early SIG) and it was gorgeous! Sadly, it was part of an early test program and a one time only color. I'd have bought that before all the colors available today!

JohnQ | 10 gennaio 2013

@Frank2, I agree that the choices are a little bland, but the car is a pretty big canvas. I'm going for the red and a little concerned with how it will look across such a vast expanse. A very few are opting for car wraps to add color, I'll just stick with the red (haven't had a ticket in 19 years with a red car and I'm no stranger to 85mph on the highway).

ylyubarsky | 10 gennaio 2013

Look at these colors and tell me if you like them. More than that, would you like these colors to be on the list of Tesla colors. I would be happy but ...................

David70 | 10 gennaio 2013


That had to be RobLab's car. He's one of a very few to get a custom color. It is gorgeous, as you said.

Brian H | 11 gennaio 2013

That red car → tickets is an urban legend, btw. Stats don't support it.

petero | 11 gennaio 2013

IMO, TM’s color selection is particularly broad for a new assembly line and product launch. The available colors probably cover over 85% of what customers would order.

Rather than expand the standard and pearl colors, I would like to see TM create a specialty department that will accommodate requests from customers as the cars come down the production line. Custom paint, expanded leather and cloth color selection, wood and other materials for trim accent, expanded range of wheels and tires, trailer hitches (bicycles), perhaps front/back parking sensors. Custom work is profitable and makes for happy customers.

Perhaps TM will also consider a ‘special edition’ each year and offer a unique color combination similar to the Signature series (Sig. Red/White). The ‘bots’ could manufacture a single production run at mid year for the number of orders received . Of course, TM could require a higher deposit, non cancellable, and of course charge more $$$. Did I mention custom work is very profitable? Perhaps one edition could be "Volker.Berlin Violet" in honor of TM's legendary friend.

Who knows, Mary Kay might buy a fleet of pink “Ss.”

hsadler | 11 gennaio 2013

The car is aluminum. Why not bare brushed alum with a clear coat layer?
Reminiscent of the Delorean.
(Just don't go 88 mph)

Aleksandyr | 11 gennaio 2013

I agree with above. More color choices. I got the green and I live the car. Wish it was a lighter brighter green

bobinfla | 11 gennaio 2013

@hsadler: If you watch the NGC Mega factories episode on Tesla, you see the shiny pre-paint aluminum bodies, and I had the same thought. Looks really cool just naked.

hsadler | 11 gennaio 2013

@bobinfla: Will probably save some weight - YES - we CAN reach the 400 mile mark !!!

bjorn.christophersen | 16 gennaio 2013

I love the Model S but the colors is boring. I hope the colors in Europa will be brighter and clearer. The skin color begie on the interior should be a bit pailer.

holidayday | 16 gennaio 2013

I was surprised by how few color options were available for the Model S when I was doing the configuration. After doing a configuration for the Roadster, I would have thought that many of those colors would be used as well.

Model S: 4 gray scales, 3 dark/almost black colors, and one bright color.
Roadster has (had?) 5 gray scales, 7 bright colors available, and 2 dark colors.

ylyubarsky | 16 gennaio 2013

I don't think we need to compare Model S with roadster, I think we need to compare model S with top companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin and try to show all of them that we can do better. More colors and not just colors but fancy pearl, sparkling colors.

Brian H | 16 gennaio 2013

A supercar/sportscar and a premium sedan have no colour and image standards in common.

ylyubarsky | 18 gennaio 2013

Any ideas of exterior and interior colors you want to see in a future ?

bsimoes | 19 gennaio 2013

A sand color would be nice. My first Prius was this color; at first, I wasn't crazy about it, but I grew to love it, especially in the way that it camoflagued any dirt. --Yeah, Brian, I'm sure I spelled camo wrong, but I'm too lazy to get a dictionary and look it up! I know there is a "u" in there somewhere. I now have a dark grey car, and I really dislike it. My only other choices were black or white. I'm just not a "black or white" kind of girl!

Brian H | 19 gennaio 2013

Just before the "f".
You dislike your current MS? Sounds like wrap or Plastidip time!

bsimoes | 20 gennaio 2013

Oh no; I don't have my S yet! I'm driving another Prius. It's a 2011, and it's like driving a tin can.

Brian H | 20 gennaio 2013

Heh. "Tin can" was WWII slang for a destroyer!