New Commercial - Music Video with professional violinist

New Commercial - Music Video with professional violinist

Hi Enthusiasts!

I am a professional violinist, and would like to create a music video/commercial for the Tesla Model S in the San Francisco Bay Area. I spoke with Tesla, and they told me that they could not provide me with a Model S for the shoot, but directed me to this site, as that is how the "Gallons of Light" producer got connected with his Tesla. Please let me know if anyone in the bay area is interested and I will provide more details. It will only be for one day. I hope that it will become a viral hit and promote the Tesla car even more. Please contact me if this is of interest to you!

- Gabi Holzwarth

Mike C | 21 marzo 2013

Cool, I'd help you out if you were in LA but good luck!

gabiviolinist | 21 marzo 2013

thanks!! stay posted!

Brian H | 21 marzo 2013

The 2nd link gives me a blank page.

jigish | 21 marzo 2013

works fine for me

gabiviolinist | 21 marzo 2013

I am not sure why you got a blank page. I hope others don't have that problem! If not you can type in my name on YouTube.

Sanjuro | 21 marzo 2013

I'd love to help but I'm not a video producer. I'm in the Bay Area and would be willing to volunteer my pearl white Model S P85 as an 'extra' in the video.

BTW, perhaps an electric violin (if it can be plugged into the 12V outlet and therefore powered by the car) might be more appropriate?

gabiviolinist | 21 marzo 2013

Hi Sanjuro! I am actually not looking for a producer, just the car itself for the video. And your idea regarding the electric violin is actually awesome. Please email me!

Brian H | 22 marzo 2013

NoScript didn't know about WIX, do I had to 'allow' it! Oil fikst.

olanmills | 22 marzo 2013

The site worked fine for me.

(I'm not in the bay area, btw).