New Model S Nose cone...

New Model S Nose cone...

I heard that the new cars are rolling out with a slightly modified front plastic nose cone. Anyone seen it yet or has more info on this ? Is that to better accommodate a front license plate ?

gregv64 | 13 dicembre 2012

Note sure why they made the change, but there's a good shot of the difference between the original nose cone and the new one in this thread. All production models have the new one (almost all of the US sigs had the old one).

BYT | 13 dicembre 2012

Hmmm, I like the new one better, it's more sleek, aerodynamic then the hard edges on the sigs, I think.

stevenmaifert | 13 dicembre 2012

If CA didn't require a front license plate, I think I would have preferred the old one, but I do like the new one with plates.

Timo | 13 dicembre 2012

Maybe aerodynamic change (especially with the plate). Old one has a edge in it that is not into new one, and all sharp edges affect aerodynamics.

appljd | 14 dicembre 2012

gregv64: Thanks for the info. The new cone is definitely better. I like the thinner license plate holder as well.

dstiavnicky | 14 dicembre 2012

New one is definitely better but I am a bit worried that we will all end up replacing ours eventually due to the fact that it is the primary impact bumper. I wonder how well it will hold up to typical parking 'kisses'. (No me, the idiot in the pickup...)

kalikgod | 14 dicembre 2012

This was definitely a changed asked for by the aero guys. The old one has that backward facing step right around the stagnation point. It is possible that this make the boundary layer trip from laminar to turbulent much faster. They are counting on a large laminar region in order to hit their Cd for highway driving.

If they didn't do a detailed CFD model of the final version that the design team came up with before sig production, they might not have caught how big the influence was.

Time for a sig vs non sig controlled range test. :-)

Volker.Berlin | 14 dicembre 2012

Time for a sig vs non sig controlled range test. :-) (kalikgod)

A top speed test (while tracking the Wh/mi read-out) would clarify the aerodynamic impact much faster, in every way! :-)

kalikgod | 14 dicembre 2012

I like your idea, but the impact could vary with the change in velocity (Reynolds Number).

So how about a side-by-side empty road run with cruise set at 45 mph, 70 mph, and 95 mph. Need to make sure there is absolutely no traffic (wakes) and hopefully no crosswind. The instruments only display in 0.1 kWh, so would need at least a 10 kWh test, ~50 miles?

petero | 14 dicembre 2012

I would like to propose a new ‘nose cone’ for the "S." Not changing the new shape, but the material. I doubt any of us are confident that the current cone will hold up well to bumps and bashes. Perhaps TM might consider an old solution. In 1968 Pontiac introduced the “Endura” front bumper on the GTO that held up well to ‘park by touch’ encounters. TM could paint it black or same color as body. Remember the TV commercial(s) extolling the front bumper of a GTO taking a beating from a crow bar or sledge hammer?

“A unique feature was the body-color Endura front bumper. It was designed to absorb impact without permanent deformation at low speeds. Pontiac touted this feature heavily in advertising, showing hammering at the bumper to no discernible effect.”

Just for laughs I offer this GTO commercial touting Pontiac’s 1968 MTCOTY, etc. Although I doubt many “S” buyers will readily agree that the price is too low.

TikiMan | 14 dicembre 2012

Speculating here... however, Elon did say all the Sig owners would be getting some special 'extras' to separate them from the general production models (we did pay extra). So, maybe there is something extra hiding under the Sig version nose, that hasn't be activated yet ;-)

Being I haven't had a chance to compare a Sig verse GP (other than CF spoiler, badging, and seats), I am not sure what the differences are?

Fingers crossed.

DrJ | 14 dicembre 2012

Talked with my service repabot it when he was out puttin onmy previously back ordered spoiler. We could't understand why they changed it- the sig version allows for an access port to the two 12v posts you have to access if your battery runs down. The new nose cone, you have to remove the entire nose cone if you have to access those posts. He said it is backwards compatible and that he could put the new nose on my car if I wanted. I declined, I like the sig nose better, my own personal preference, and like the fact I can access the 12v posts easily if I ever needed to.

olanmills | 15 dicembre 2012

I like the new nose. Slightlty OT< but I also liked how the alpha (or maybe it was even earlier) cars had the Tesla 'T' on the hood, near the edge.

vouteb | 16 dicembre 2012

I am not sure i can see the difference?