New owner observations, several data points

New owner observations, several data points

I’m a new P85 owner. My previous experience includes BSEE degree and 40 years in computers and IT. I bought/received an “inventory” demo/loaner car two days ago. FYI, the discount formula for the current sale of inventory cars is $1,000/mo since delivery plus $1/mile on the odometer. This can yield an attractive discount. It allowed me to get the P model which I couldn’t have justified otherwise. I had read the owner’s manual cover to cover, watched the videos and read the forums. I LOVE this car more than any I’ve ever owned (last one was a BMW 540 Sport) and continue to be surprised by the smart, intuitive interfaces. I have a few observations to add to the things I’ve read in the forum. My car was delivered with 5.9 software.

Based on extrapolation of shorter observations, my car loses an average of 1.8 miles per day when asleep. There are differences in rated, estimated and ideal mileage but 1.8 is the average.

If I leave VisibleTesla 0.26.00 open on my laptop, it keeps the car awake which makes sense because it polls every “n” minutes. In this mode it loses an average of 19.6 miles/day, again based on a sample of a few hours. This seems consistent with the stories about the bad 12V batteries that also keep the car awake.

One of the 5.9 additions seems to have a bug. Every time I get in the car it asks me if I want to define this location as “Home.” I don’t for security reasons so I touched “Don’t ask me again” but it still asks me every time. I hope Tesla reads this.

Several times a year I drive to the Orlando FL airport to catch a non-stop flight to Texas to visit my kids. The round trip is 250 miles which is very touchy considering that 95% of the drive is on Interstate and I really don’t like driving my P85 in the slow lane at 60 mph to increase range. I contacted the off-site parking company I use, Park-to-Fly, and they said they have parking spots with available power. No extra charge was mentioned. I don’t know what power is available but even 120V/15A would completely charge the battery while I’m gone for 4 days. I’ll report back in a few weeks on how that goes. The Orlando service center offered airport delivery/pickup during business hours but my return flight is 8 pm on a Saturday so I don’t even want to ask for that. They’ve been great for all my other interactions so far. If this works out, it solves one of my two major concerns. The other one will be solved by the undercarriage battery protection announced 3/28 when I can arrange it.

tes-s | 30 marzo 2014

It will definitely be a good quarter for sales - looks like they are selling every car they have available...might want to wait a month or so for service while they rebuild their loaner fleet.

kmalloy | 30 marzo 2014

FYI Visible Tesla has an option to let the car continue to be in deep sleep even while the app is running (unless the car is in use). It's in the top menu (Options->Inactivity mode). I wasn't sure if you were using that as your control experiment for maximum vampire loss or if you didn't know about the option in Visible Tesla so apologies if this isn't news.

AndyO | 30 marzo 2014

Thanks! I was trying to verify non-sleep vampire loss but had not found that option. Now I just need to figure out how to keep my MacBook propped open enough to stay awake. LOL So far I use a vacant USB drive wedged in.

J.T. | 30 marzo 2014 congratulations on the car and welcome to the forum. We know that Tesla does read the forum but probably not every post. For the most part they are scanning for owners with issues. So, if you want to be certain Tesla gets your note about the "Home" designation email them at They are very responsive.

Red Sage ca us | 30 marzo 2014

"Every time I get in the car it asks me if I want to define this location as 'Home.'"

You could just pick a random location in your neighborhood, such as the local SHELL station you never use anymore, and set that as 'Home'.


JPPTM | 31 marzo 2014

BTW a generally good idea in any Nav system is to designate Home as a location a block or so away. You will still get guidance to your neighborhood, and the bad guys will be confused.

Red Sage ca us | 31 marzo 2014

You could also set a nonexistent address. I really like '1112 East Artesia Blvd' -- it's an embankment against the 91 FWY in Compton CA.

holidayday | 31 marzo 2014

oh my phone, I set my "work" location to the nearby transit stop.

"Home" is the golf course about half a mile away.

KidDoc | 31 marzo 2014

I'm curious as to why so paranoid about the security with GPS. I can understand that with a phone or stand alone GPS because they are pretty easy to steal.. but Model S is nearly impossible to steal unless someone gets your FOB and then you'll be on the phone with the police and tracking it down with the app/gps.

Are you worried about Valet checking your Home address and robbing it while you are out?

Not trolling or trying to start a fight just curious.

AndyO | 31 marzo 2014

KidDoc: For me it was primarily the first reason you gave but I plan to set it to a nearby intersection. I appreciate the suggestions. FYI the delivery tech also mentioned that it might not be good to set it for home but didn't offer the other idea.

rainman50 | 1 aprile 2014

Did you get the air suspension or coil?
The main reason I ask is that I have a BMW 540iA sport and I'm trying to make the final decision on the car. The suspension as to get the air or the coil springs is the last decision. Also what size wheels do you have?

JPPTM | 1 aprile 2014

KidDoc--theoretical bad time if a valet copies down your home address and also clones your HomeLink remote code from your S. Now that know where you live and also might be able to open your garage door (...less likely with newer rolling code systems). Why give out your home address if it's not necessary? Paranoid...maybe. | 1 aprile 2014

Don't you have to have a copy of the registration in the car with your address?

J.T. | 1 aprile 2014

@GaryREM It doesn't have to be in your car unless it's being driven. I keep mine in my.wallet.

brandtlings | 1 aprile 2014

@/AndyO You will have no problem with the airport plan. We have parked in SEATAC parking complex and used their 110V outlet (EV parking slot) for a 4 day weekend, came back to a full charge, works well!

AndyO | 2 aprile 2014

rainman50: My MS has 21" wheels (gray wheels and gray car with red calipers is pretty sweet) and I primarily got the air suspension for comfort and the extended range when lowering at road speed. I hate to say it but I'm still enjoying the basic ride and acceleration and haven't gotten crazy trying out the handling. I've only had it for 5 days but I'm about ready to try some more serious driving. That will come real soon.

WRT home address, I did set mine to one street away from my house. Statements about keeping registration and address in the glovebox are valid. I just hope the Model S security is good enough. I won't be leaving a key with a valet any time soon.

AndyO | 2 aprile 2014

PS to rainman50: So far, the brut acceleration has given me plenty of enjoyment which is why I haven't gotten around to finding the right road to try out the handling.

LEvans | 2 aprile 2014

AndyO -- Congrats on your new car! When you buy an inventory car how is the $7,500 rebate factored in? Do you still get to deduct that or is the cost of the car reduced by $7,500 and then $1K/month + $1/mile?

AndyO | 2 aprile 2014

Web_srfr: I'm the first owner for the title from Tesla Motors Inc so I get the $7,500 but I don't get to file for that until next year. It is supposed to work. Also, I found some fine print that the 4 yr/50k mile warranty starts with the first owner who is the person who buys the inventory car. I can't post the PDF text here but will if you email me at

rainman50 | 4 aprile 2014

Thanks for the update. When you try out more on the handling give a shout back.

KeithM | 5 aprile 2014


Check out Fast Park at the Orlando airport. They have free EV charging.

They have inexpensive covered parking and pick up at the terminal quickly 24/7