New software update?

New software update?

I just got a notice for a new software update ready to download. I'm already on 4.5. Any idea what this might be?

mlnewman1 | 9 luglio 2013

Let us know what version you're at when it's done! :-)

elguapo | 9 luglio 2013

What version of 4.5 do you have? There are several versions with simple bug fixes.

edfinn | 9 luglio 2013

I got a notice of an update overnight tonight. I have had the MS for two weeks. How often do they do OTA updates like this? Any ideas on what the changes will be? Will there be a notice of what the fixes were on my car in the morning?

SCCRENDO | 9 luglio 2013

owned my Tesla since mid April. 1 update within a week of getting the car. Two versions of 4.5 within the past month. I download at 2 am and wake up to the new update. No big deal so far. 4.5 gave us superchargers on the map and the option to set various charging ranges. The second 4.5 update didnt seem very different but aparently fixed some bugs.

slr_pwrd | 9 luglio 2013

I got it this morning and version is 4.5.59 for me. No changes in release notes.

SCCRENDO | 9 luglio 2013

This could be a later version than I have. Sounds like another bug fix.

dglauz | 9 luglio 2013

I installed .59 this morning and was disappointed that the new supercharger stations on US101 were not included. Got an email about the new stations last week, but my car does not know about them yet. i wonder when that will be down loaded.
The release notes read exactly as before the dl.

SCCRENDO | 9 luglio 2013

Superchargers show up without an update. They come through google maps. The original superchargers came through 4.5 but as they have added superchargers they just appeared a few days later on google maps

skulleyb | 9 luglio 2013

Im still on 4.4
Anyone else still waiting on 4.5?

cmanchen | 9 luglio 2013

Still waiting here

Etzy | 9 luglio 2013

I'm still on 4.4 which was loaded when I took delivery 4/25. No notice of 4.5 or any other update yet.

Paul1839 | 9 luglio 2013

Still on 4.4

Bob W | 9 luglio 2013

I thought everyone should have been on 4.5 by now. Call your nearest service center (have your VIN handy), and they can try to force an update to your vehicle.

I wonder if 4.5(1.55.59?) fixes the display fan issue (small fan behind 17" display keeps running continuously, even after you power off the car completely).

For those still running 4.4, I could really use some data for my investigation of how the Tesla calculates your rated range. Nearly everyone reported that the displayed "rated range" dropped after installing 4.5 and completing a standard charge (e.g. rated range dropped from 238 to 231).

I created an online survey in Google Docs to collect some data from your displays: If you want to preview the link to ensure that it forward to a Google Docs form, use

I collected all the data I could at the Menlo Park Coffee last Sunday, but forgot to check software versions.

So far it seems the Model S uses between 300 and 307 Wh/mi to calculate rated range. So far (only 19 data points), there seems to be no correlation between model, tire size, or battery size. So I think the rated range calculation got (slightly) messed up somehow, but I need more data to prove it.

One survey responder claimed to be running version 4.6, but that could have been a data entry error.

Bob W | 9 luglio 2013

Correction: do you now have 4.5(1.33.59)?

jackhub | 9 luglio 2013

I got release 4.5(133.54) about 2 weeks ago. Seemed to be minor bugs fix. Release notes were the same as the previous release.

ssarker | 9 luglio 2013

On 4.4 since delivery 4/26. No issues. I am happy to wait for my first update and don't see the need to request it. What am I missing?

elguapo | 9 luglio 2013

I am with @ssarker. Still on 4.4 after taking delivery on 5/8. Got an indicator for first 4.5 rollout, but it was pulled back due to bugs. Why should we ask for 4.5 update? Doesn't sound like we are missing anyhing material and everything is running smoothly with 4.4. Are we missing something?

Bob W | 9 luglio 2013

Yes, you are missing something. My personal favorite features added by 4.5:

You can sort your contact list by first name as well as last name.
The Google map display is much more readable now when you select 2X magnification. Now you can read street names and see the traffic along your route when navigating (it is still hard to see it at 1X mag.).
When plugged in, shore power (from the outlet) will be used for HVAC, instead of draining the battery. This is great when you just want to sit inside the car and listen to music or explore the user interface.

You can see screen shots of the 4.5 Release Notes here, on TMC.

PaSa | 9 luglio 2013

I just got 4.5 today. I see the same old superchargers so nothing new there. Why doesn't Tesla list the regular chargers as there are no superchargers yet in Washington state and it does not help me to know that there is a supercharger 1000 miles away from my present location...

Waiting to see if the battery heating process will reduce any vampire losses.

PaSa | 9 luglio 2013

Is there a SDK available to develop apps for the Tesla console display or Smartphones?

keichhor | 9 luglio 2013

on 4.4 since delivery on 4/26 as well.

neil.fishenden8 | 9 luglio 2013

Mine updated today, too. The SuperCharger stations are pretty useless, as there are so few on this globe - we know the few that are in service. And, the previous charging locale feature is just silly - If I've already charged there, I know where they are!

What I'd love to know are locations of ALL charging stations (and availability) at my destination or route.

How about a PlugShare or Recargo overlay? Now THAT one makes sense!

slr_pwrd | 10 luglio 2013

Correction: I have 4.5(1.33.59)

wcalvin | 10 luglio 2013

WA superchargers should show 19 July or thereafter.

stimeygee | 10 luglio 2013

That update was just bug fixes apparently, btw. Don't have the version numbers in front is me.

tonysled | 10 luglio 2013

why is it that we only have the release notes after we have downloaded the update? It would be helpful to know exactly what the fixes are before we update our software so we can decide if the update is something we want/need. I see no reason why the release notes are not available for review before the update. All you need is a button on the update panel that displays the release notes or at the very least a brief list of the fixes going in. The update process doesn't allow you revert to the previous software version so why not tell us up front what issue(s) Tesla is trying to fix so we can make the call? I have had a few 'updates' that I wish I could back out but was not able to. Not every update has gone smoothly for me so I am a little skeptical about blindly updating without knowing exactly what is being 'fixed'.

J.T. | 10 luglio 2013

If I were you I would hold off on the update until someone posts the release notes here. Then you can make your decision.

ssarker | 10 luglio 2013

Those not on 4.5 can change the Navigation magnification through Controls> Settings> Apps> Navigation>1.0/1.5/2.0

tonysled | 10 luglio 2013 appreciate that owners will take the time to copy the release note or 'guess' at the fixes when the release notes are not updated but from a software development standpoint putting in undocumented bug fixes is just not acceptable. That info should come directly from Tesla itself since they are the ones who update the software. Tesla needs to share that info with me directly and let me make the call without relying on a third party posting. Just think app store model. All app updates have an explanation/listing of the updates/fixes the developers are putting in. You then have the option of updating it or using the app as it is.

stimeygee | 10 luglio 2013

+1 Tonysled.

The standard in software updates is to show the release notes before installing; Tesla should do the same.

Brian H | 11 luglio 2013

Adopting the POV of the company, getting individual OKs from thousands of owners (aside from the existing delay option) would potentially lead to a nightmare of conflicts. If a release assumes a previous one you don't have, etc. etc.

That said, new features should be made known.

Captain_Zap | 11 luglio 2013

I got a new dowmload of .59 tonight. I haven't looked at it yet.

My previous version had an odd bug. I parked in a parking lot for a day and a half and the car thought that it was charged there, so it placed a lighenting bolt marker on my navigation system. It was a warm sunny day so maybe my batteries liked the weather and thought that we gained some energy from photosynthesis. Or maybe it liked the cool evening. I have no idea why it happened.

J.T. | 11 luglio 2013

@tonysled You're right, of course. There should be more communication and transparency. For me, though, I'm not a software developer or really interested in what Tesla does to my car to update it other than letting me know about new features and bug fixes, even after the fact. I'll assume that Tesla knows what's best until there are reports that they have morphed into Cyberdyne Systems.

hamer | 11 luglio 2013

Comments and questions about software updates show up in a variety of threads, so I was somewhat stumped about where to post the following or whether to start a brand new thread. Some of this may have been discussed elsewhere, but if so, the lack of ability to search completely (even with volkerizing) makes it difficult to tell.

I recently updated to 4.5 (1.33.54), which I understand is not exactly the absolutely latest version (I think I've seen mention of a .59). One thing that this seems to have gotten me is a slider so set what a a standard charge should be. The price I seem to have paid for this is that I no longer have buttons, under charging, in the car, to select standard or maximum range charging. If I want to select maximum ranging charging, I seem to have to either move the slider (and thus eliminate standard charging until I move it back again), or use the app on my iPhone (which still has buttons for standard versus maximum range charging).

Is there a way to do this without the app buried somewhere that I just haven't discovered?

Also, with 4.5 the ability of selecting individual driver preferences for mirror tilt seems to have disappeared. I do not have the electronic package, but I seem to distinctly remember that when I first set up driver preferences, the mirror tilt was one the tings I set. If I'm right, I'm a little peeved. I don't mind them changing the options packages for new cars, but it is annoying (and perhaps a moral breech of the unwritten contract) to take away some feature that was part of the car when you bought it unless you buy a different package. It is one thing to take something away for technical or safety reasons (e.g., sleep mode) but another if they took it away simply to make more money.

Or perhaps I still have the ability but the controls for it are now hidden an I can't find them.

Bob W | 11 luglio 2013


The 4.5 Release Notes (view by tapping the Tesla T or read them here) explain that "Standard" (90%) and "Max Range" (100%) options have been replaced by the slider, because "many customers have asked for the ability to adjust the Model S charge level based on individual and anticpated driving needs". The buttons are gone, but no function is lost. You can use the sliders to do the same thing, or as you mentioned, you can still use the buttons on the app. (for now).

By "mirror tilt" do you mean "Mirror auto-tilt" ON/OFF or the driver's side mirror adjustment?

Are you saying that prior to 4.5, the "Mirror auto-tilt" option was saved in a profile, and now no matter how many times you save your profile, it doesn't remember that setting?

bfranks273 | 11 luglio 2013

I just got (.59). I have had 4.5 (.48) since June 8. Yes the slider now has the max charge. I never thought to check if the slider slides back from each max charge, I'll try it. I never lost the mirror tilt function. I have been lucky to not have the fan issue. I will concur that there be an owner page saying new download coming soon with the Rel Notes. And the car notice should ID the version coming.

The new feature of pulling shore power faked me out at first. I sat in the car and the wall power came on, but I am set to charge at 1 AM. Must be a bug. I go to charge screen and its not charging. So I press charge, then stop charging. The wall cuts off, and then comes back on! I do this about 3 times before I put 42 and 2 together... its powering the A/C from the wall because I am fooling around in the car!

jay.kropp | 13 luglio 2013

I'm confused. Why are some people 2 updates behind, others are getting the very latest? I know it isn't a huge deal but I want the latest software update every time it comes out. Is there a way to make that happen? I bought my car got my car last month but I'd be pissed if I got it in April and haven't had an update yet.

J.T. | 13 luglio 2013

So many people pissed about so many things. Go for a drive and chill.

jay.kropp | 13 luglio 2013

If jtodtman were in Nazi Germany he'd say "go along, its ok". We have a right to complain about what's promised especially when we pay for it. The forums aren't just so you can wax lyrical about how awesome your driving experience is or when you're going to visit the newest supercharger.

cfOH | 13 luglio 2013

And Godwin's Law gets proven once again. [sigh]

Bighorn | 13 luglio 2013

Heil what was that?

jay.kropp | 13 luglio 2013

Just looked up Godwin's law. Very true. But true indeed.

hamer | 13 luglio 2013

@Bob W

Yes. I used to have the mirror tilt function saved with my personal profile and now it does not seem to save when I change it. The save button does not enable.

nickjhowe | 13 luglio 2013

Was on .54, not on .59 as of this morning.

@hamer - there are certain things that are saved in the profile that when changed do not automatically trigger a 'save' event.

So if you need the mirror saved in a particular spot, set it where you want, move your seat a fraction (which will cause a 'save' event) and then hit save.