New Technology, Big Ideas - NYT Article

New Technology, Big Ideas - NYT Article

Can we not expect the "establishment" to defend their dependence(profits) on oil burning engines? All new technologies can cause a transcendental shift in power. From Oil producers to Electric generators/producers. This has happened in to telecommunications industry with the introduction of iPhone, the PC to the iPad as recent examples.

Electric cars(Tesla) are one of those "iPhones" that will change the way we feel about mobility. We can control locally the generation of electricity( panels) with more certainty than fossil fuels. This inherently shift the power from large organizations/countries to regional entities.

I myself prefer the local energy dependence model. I am a teacher and now can claim that I will have TWO electric cars in my garage. I can't really afford them but this is what we do to make a difference in our world.

Sometimes we have to just trust that what we do will in fact make a difference later on to our family and our world. By far the best definition of a great educator.

Respect our environment and it will respect us!

Thank you Elon & Tesla

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