New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Why are Model ‘S’ fans so thinned skinned?

Let’s be honest, many of us can’t wait to pounce on a critical statement or review on our ‘beloved’ Model ‘S.’ I have come to the conclusion that we, as a group, tend to be overly defensive, to the point of being offensive. The ‘S’ is a great car but it will get better. I am truly amazed at what TM has accomplished in the past 9 years. IMO, No company has gone from zero to hero faster than TM.

My New Year’s Resolution:

1.Tolerance. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they are wrong.
2. Less Tesla talk and more Tesla driving (60kWh, ETA February 2013)

Happy Holidays and New Year

marek.koenig | 21 dicembre 2012

My new years resolution will be 1680 X 1050

TeslaOwnerBlog | 21 dicembre 2012

Doing something to help save the environment and slow down global warming.

Reducing the budget for the energy requirements to get from place to place.

I will spend even less on gas in 2013 as I will be selling in my Roadster for a Model S. The slightly longer range with the supercharger and more space will enable me to not drive my 2nd car, which is a 4WD Toyota Highlander Hybrid, as frequently.

My house also solar panels, which are fully paid for now, to charge the car. I actually gave PG&E back last year as I may have a few too many solar panels.

Sudre_ | 21 dicembre 2012

I have notice that most people are only attacking when the Model S is misrepresented like in most of JP stuff.
I know I tend to comment negatively when people come in wanting to insists that X number of items should be standard and not extra. I HATE that idea because that would put the car well out of my price range. Tesla is not going to give that stuff away. There is no reason it can not be listed as options.

BYT | 21 dicembre 2012

My resolution this year was to get an Electric car that would help me break my need for oil. Next year, I vow to take my Model S out and enjoy it to the fullest!

Maybe loose a few lbs. too?

BossFox | 21 dicembre 2012

Spend less money on ICE cars, save up for the Tesla which is about a year away... | 21 dicembre 2012

Add more solar panels (if necessary) to continue generating more electricity than I use to power my house & my MS P.
Sell the Tesla stock I earmarked 2 years ago to buy/payoff the S. (I'm guessing sometime early 2013).
Continue Tesla Forum contributions...

nav66 | 21 dicembre 2012

My resolution is to wean myself off ICE vehicles to the extent possible. Just received my P85. I still have an ICE minivan, but when Tesla (or someone else) produces an all-electric van as nice as my Odyssey, I will pounce on it. Last night, instead of filling up at the gas station, I only put half a tank in the minivan. I said to myself, "That other half is for my Model S...."