Non-EV parking fine

Non-EV parking fine

The Washington state Senate is looking to fine drivers who improperly park in spaces reserved for electric vehicles.

Senators widely approved a $124 penalty for those who take up parking spots clearly marked for electric vehicles. Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom says those spots are critical for electric cars, which need to have the ability to get to recharging stations.

Sen. Mark Mullet of Issaquah says he has an electric vehicle and has experienced times when dedicated parking spaces are filled by gas-consuming cars.

The measure passed by a 43-6 margin and now goes to the state House.

L8MDL | 13 marzo 2013

Bravo! Let us hope more legislators follow suit. I'll be sending my reps a link to any information.

c.bussert67 | 13 marzo 2013

Here, here! There is one dedicated EV parking spot at my work they put in about a year ago. Everybody bitched and moaned saying what a waste of a spot it was. Nobody drives an EV, they say. Meanwhile I was quietly awaiting delivery of my S later that year. Once I finally got my S, people became so accustomed to parking there, I rarely get to use it. I actually had some guy say 'nice gas car' to me as he saw me walk up to it. I properly introduced him to my all electric Tesla model S. Yes, it does look like a gas car, but its not. He was impressed and is now looking into his own S... he owns a jag.
The only way I get my electric parking is to beat everybody to work and grab it first. Its not like they take it if nothing else is left. They just park there cause its a prime spot. Right up front, on the end so you don't get door dings.
Its gonna be a tough fight. When I went to Vegas, the Venetian has a whole row of ev/alt fuel parking spots, next to 3 plug ins. All the spots were taken, and at the plug-ins I managed to grab one of the spots, next to a volt plugged into another, and a BMW ICE taking the third spot...

dstiavnicky | 14 marzo 2013

I love it! I wasn't sure this was ever going to take effect as it really isn't a serious issue like a disability.
I hope these laws go global quickly.

(BTW - I realize if you don't have power to get home it can be plenty serious...)

Brian H | 14 marzo 2013

Hear, not here. "Hear, Hear!" is a traditional British Parliamentary call of support for a speaker. | 14 marzo 2013

In California, we have CA 475, which is rather weak, but does say only cars can be in a designated charging stall charging. Unfortunately, it has no teeth and no fine, so seems rather pointless. Here's a good summary:

My read is local counties/cities can enact there own fines, but I don't see why they couldn't do that before CA 475. Hopefully we'll get something like Washington's bill in more states that covers the whole state.

I did like in another thread someone had posted a "$250 Fine" sign under the Tesla Supercharger signs as a really good deterrent, even though there is no real fine.

jbunn | 14 marzo 2013

Mullet is an early roadster owner, by the way. I live in his LD, and have been active in local politics. I highly support his efforts on this bill. I was at a local building in the district one day that had 10 dedicated spots. Every one iced, even though there was plenty of other parking.

ian | 15 marzo 2013

I hadn't heard this! Proud to be a Washingtonian at the moment. Good for them!

c.bussert67 | 15 marzo 2013

Busted! and noted.
learn something today... CHECK!

ahm | 15 marzo 2013

Arizona has ARS 28-876, which carries a $350 fine.

Alex K | 15 marzo 2013

@ ahm | MARCH 15, 2013: Arizona has ARS 28-876, which carries a $350 fine.

Yes. You have to have Alternate Fuel plates or the dumb (home-made) looking EV sticker:

Brian H | 15 marzo 2013

Heh. How is solar different from electric? Runs on uncoverted photons?