Obama urges Congress for 2 Bn for electric car research

Obama urges Congress for 2 Bn for electric car research

stevenmaifert | 15 marzo 2013

So no new drilling, just increased production of oil and gas from existing wells on public lands to generate more royalty revenue to fund research into technologies that might some day put them out of business. Hey Big Oil and Gas... any takers on this one?

Sudre_ | 15 marzo 2013

Do we honestly need more money directed to GM, Ford and the others for them to throw away and keep demanding, "it can't be done!"?

I would be all for this if the other car manufacturers had a clue but it just seems like a waste. Tesla has proven it can be done yet no big car maker can make a car that looks good and gets more than 100 miles per charge. I am sure the other car companies would love more of my money to flush away.

DouglasR | 15 marzo 2013

Government builds roads, bridges, and canals, dredges rivers, creates ports, etc. The best way to stoke demand for EVs would be to improve charging infrastructure, particularly superchargers IMHO.

stevenmaifert | 16 marzo 2013

@DouglasR - I agree with you. We are an all electric family (MS & Leaf). When I talk to family and friends, the biggest concern they express about all electric cars are the range issues. Someday when they ask how far will it go, I would like to say it doesn't matter because there will be as many charging stations as there are gas stations today.

herkimer | 16 marzo 2013

The beauty of it is that there will never need to be as many charging stations as there are gas stations, since most people's "charging station" could be their own home, at least most of the time. Add to this the fact that a charging station would take up a lot less space than a gas station and without hazardous fumes or imminent risk of explosion, restaurants and stores and shopping centers could have courtesy charging stations, or even a card-swipe metered charger. Maybe even parking meters could have a charging feature! Pay for parking and/or a charge! Lol!

Joel N. Weber II | 16 marzo 2013

A card swipe metered charger makes about as much sense as a cell phone which requires you to enter a calling card number every time you want to place a phone call.

There's no reason the car shouldn't be able to announce your charging account number to the charging station over the J-1772 cable. I don't think any new hardware would be required to make that happen, although it may require years of committee meetings to come up with an industry standard protocol.

jbunn | 16 marzo 2013

Well the anology might be a bit extreme, but your point is well taken. The plug should be smart enough to id the car by vin, guid, something, and just attach to your account. Hell, chargepoint is most of the way there already.