Offroading in a Tesla X?

Offroading in a Tesla X?

I currently drive a 2004 Jeep Liberty Renegade. My wife drives a 2013 Tesla Model S 85. We live in Colorado and I need to be able to do some light off-roading for work (but only once a month on average). Basically, I need to be able to drive over fields, up some logging roads, and into forest canopy, but no "bouldering" or "mudding". I think that AWD will suffice for my needs, though I've never driven anything for these purposes other than a 4x4. When I shop, I look at two things - ground clearance, and skid plates. It seems to me that the bottom of the Tesla X is basically going to be one giant skid plate (assuming the same reinforcement that they added to the S), and while I haven't seen any ground clearance stats yet, I'm guessing it's going to be reasonable (+8 inches is my minimum).

My question is - has anyone else been looking at a Model X for these purposes? If so, what is the general consensus?

michelcub | 1 ottobre 2015

I am looking for the same purposes and i hope that suspension set to max. height will be enough for light offroading.

Red Sage ca us | 3 ottobre 2015

"Wheel sizes range from 20 to 22 inches, and the air suspension has five settings that allow it to provide as much as nine inches of clearance for—ahem—off-roading and as little as 6.5 inches for highway driving." -- Car and Driver

I stand by my assessment that the Model X will be able to leave paved roads, to traverse pastures, greens, and lawns... Perhaps to go across packed sand, clay, and gravel... May even navigate dusty, dirt roads from time-to-time... But is not meant for fording rivers & streams, bounding whoop-de-doos, and spelunking over boulders. It will have a higher seating position than Model S, but if you intend to have a command of the road as allowed by a Ford Explorer or Chevrolet Suburban, you may well be disappointed.