Opening an agency in Egypt for Tesla Motors

Opening an agency in Egypt for Tesla Motors

I am so interested in your cars. I think it provides solutions to a lot of problems in my country especially after the revolution. I am a research assistant at Nile University in Egypt.

After our great revolution, every Egyptian is very eager to develop and work to make his country the best in all aspects. One of our biggest problems is the traffic and the large pollution ratios in crowded Cairo. Traffic in Egypt besides its severe physical impact on the society, has also severe psychological impact on the people. People are always late to their work, can't run their errands smoothly and always breathing in smoke. That has direct impact on our productivity and healthy social life.

So I am really interested into bringing your car technology here in Egypt. I have a full plan of your product diffusion. Also I am preparing a feasibility study to make you see the clear picture of the market here in Egypt. I think it is very fertile market especially now. Even your high end cars can find a lot of customers. BMW and Mercedes have their own assembly lines here in Egypt due to the large demand on their cars. That is because there are about 10 million Egyptians that have annual salary of about 1 million dollars. So even if we began with only high end cars like Roadster, you will find a large demand. That will be because of two main reasons:

1- Your car is really unique and have nice shape. Egyptians look at cars as a sign of showing wealth that is why they like to pay a lot for them

2- The fact that it is electrical car and it can help the environment and reduce pollution, will be a very motivating fact now because they will feel they are helping which is true.

3- I think you will have a full support from government also since they want to reduce the ratio of governmental financial support to the gas.

So my proposal is:

Open an agency that sells your cars here in Egypt. See how the product will diffuse. I think there is great potential. I have a long term plan also that I will supply later.

Next Step:

From your part: if you find that interesting (i think that is a really fertile market) I will appreciate it if you can connect me with one of your business planners or admins to discuss how can we initiate that and what info you need that I should provide

From my part: completing the project feasibility study and supplying it to you.

Thanks so much. I am really looking forward to work with you. I have really big dreams about you and your technology penetrating our market. I assure you you will never regret being in such nice place as Egypt.

Thanks again

Brian H | 15 maggio 2011

Yep, no matter how poor or debased the country, there's always lots of fat-cats around eager to show off their status and wealth.

m.wahba | 16 maggio 2011

Yeah but the point is if we begin utilizing those fat cats to get their money to buy such cars, then we can begin using that money and develop cheaper cars for the middle class. Also here in Egypt we have a lot of engineers with bright ideas that can help in that development with lower cost than engineers elsewhere.

Ihab | 14 maggio 2013

Hello Gentlemen,

I know it is almost 2 years for the above from Mr. M. Wahba.

I agree with him in all what he said and when I saw the Car documentary I think it will be a very good solution for a lot of aspects in our beloved Egypt, and it can be the start to take over all the middle east and by experience what ever get success in Egypt it is definitely will have the same success in the other Arabian and middle east countries like KSA and UAE.

Since the communication from 2 years, I wish if you can update me what is the result and if there is a plan to see the Tesla cars in Egypt soon or not.

If yes, I will be glad if there is anything I can do.
If not, I am willing to complete what Mr. M.Wahba started and definitely with his support if he is still interested, I have in my team a lot of engineers in different specialty (mechanics, power, design, electronics, mechatronics, etc...)

NB: I am looking forward the best of my Country, environment and the people in Egypt, So I think we share the same vision.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

jk2014 | 14 maggio 2013

Brian is extremely inappropriate with this comment. Just demonstrates a kind of ignorance that baffles the mind. He does represent the views of anyone but himself. Electrification of transport is impotant for all economic status levels, all countries around the world. Egypt is no exception.

PorfirioR | 14 maggio 2013

@ihab, @m.wahba,

Your posts sound like some sort of business proposition. This is a forum for enthusiasts. My suggestion is that you contact Tesla directly, "mano-a-mano" as we say around these parts, and make your pitch.

You can contact them in America at:

Tesla Headquarters
3500 Deer Creek
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(650) 681-5000

or in the UK at:

Tesla Motors Ltd.
Kings Chase, King Street,
Maidenhead, SL6 1DP, UK
+44 1628 450600

Best of luck to you.

ali.kasrawy | 9 gennaio 2019

I know it’s been 8 years but year after year Egypt needs a Tesla agency, a lot of people have bought Tesla cars and some random agencies here are profiting this by applying 200% the price of the original car (the original Tesla price is around 600,000 EGP but it is being sold here with a 1,800,000 EGP), so if a trusted Tesla agency opened in Cairo these scammers will drop at once and the Tesla price will compete with every mid-range car in Cairo since the prices are very close. The idea people here will spend the same amount of money but on a Tesla.

farnawa | 31 marzo 2019

What I realized is that the charging stations already implemented in Egypt do not effectively charge the US tesla version (taxes over 10 hours for a mid range model 3),. This leaves importers from Egypt no choice but to buy from the European Union (Netherlands based factory), and since prices from Europe are almost 20%+ higher than the US, it makes sense that the almost $50K cost to get one in Egypt from the US, would be offered in Egypt for the announced $63K offered for the mid range model 3 as an example.