Opportunity Console

Opportunity Console

I know that George B. suggested that feedback on the "opportunity console" be posted over at TMC and I'm sure that will happen. But there doesn't seem to be any reason that we can't also post pictures and comments (feedback) right here.

- Has anyone seen the opportunity console yet?
- Is it even being displayed during the test drives today?
- Does anyone have pics?
- What's your opinion of the modular console system, if you've seen it in person?

Those of us who'd like a solution for the central interior space are anxious for info. Thx.

TikiMan | 23 giugno 2012

+ 1!

I will be happy as long as it has various secure compartments, and maybe a cup-holder that sits further in front, so I can still use the arm-rest.

My test-drive isn't until next Sat, so I am excited to start hearing reviews and seeing photos/vids of today's test drives! Bring um on!

Steve841 | 23 giugno 2012

+2 ..

I'd like to think it was my whining and personal notes to GB that got recognized .... but enough of my narcissism.

I'm dying see anything that allows you to get any valuable out of view. That whole "open" area is an engineer's dream and an owner's nightmare.

Slindell | 23 giugno 2012

The car I drove today had the "cubbie hole" under the screen, and I think it makes all the difference. There is some no-slip material at the bottom, and is the perfect place to hold your sun glasses and cell phone. My verdict: I think Tesla must have this in all cars. Would be good if it had a door.

In addition, the center floor was lined in the decor material (obeche wood for me), with no-slip material lines running front-to-rear. Would easily keep a purse or small bag from flopping about. My verdict: Meh.

I would liked to have seen other floor console options. Something that comes up to the existing center floor "walls" with partitions would be nice.

Nick Kordich | 23 giugno 2012

@Slindell - I, too, welcome the cubbie as I feel something was needed.

...But if I were to have my wish granted, the 17" touchscreen would 'float' the way the screen does on the Model X, like this and this, but would slide up to reveal storage, like in the new Impala, like this and this.

I never thought I'd recommend a Chevy's styling, but credit where it's due: that would allow for clean lines and convenient, secure storage that the two sides fought for during the Great Console Wars.

jerry3 | 23 giugno 2012

FWIW, I really like the built in look of the Model S screen rather than the "I'm begging to be stolen or pulled at by the kids" look of the Model X. In my opinion, the Model X screen is a disaster just waiting to happen. What I would like to see is a lockable metal cover for the Model S screen so that it's hidden and secured when you're not in the car.

There are some pictures of an early Model S without any panels and there isn't any room for storage behind the screen, even if it was to slide up.

Anything in the car should be hidden and there should be at least some storage area for gloves, kleenex, etc. where they can be easily reached by the driver. I'm not thrilled that we'll have to buy all these pieces as options when they should be part of the car's standard equipment.

ddruz | 23 giugno 2012

"I'm not thrilled that we'll have to buy all these pieces as options when they should be part of the car's standard equipment."

Big +1

On the positive side at least Tesla may be making them options at this point. Hopefully some of these expected storage areas will become standard by the time they run out of early adopters and need to sell to the average car buyer who may be more demanding.

mdennick | 23 giugno 2012

If cup holders in the back or a compartment in the front (for wallet, glasses, etc.) is a charged for option that would be very disappointing. As a huge advocate I'm ecstatic that TM makes innovative engineering choices and hits or surpasses their goals. This is such a wonderful car (look at all these glowing reviews) that having that excitement tarnished because of silly, obvious accommodations is disappointing. I hope and strongly recommend that they are standard, if not now, ultimately.

Aleksandyr | 23 giugno 2012

I really liked the simple design of the opportunity console in my test drive today. Perfect solution to with a dock for your iPhone or iPod as well as a USB plug, non slip material for sunglasses with a cubbie below the screen. Still allows for the space to put a bag or purse for the ladies. I would recommend this be standard as well. My understanding is this may be more customizable though

Brian H | 24 giugno 2012

Those wanting standard consoles are necessarily prepared to "force" them on those who don't. Reasonably priced (multiple) console add-ons satisfies everyone. IMO.

Mark E | 24 giugno 2012

Can someone please post pictures of the 'opportunity console'? It's a bit hard to comment on it without having seen it, and it's a bit hard to see it when you live 15,000km away.

Soflauthor | 24 giugno 2012

@Brian H: As a long-time proponent of a center console, I've already expressed the many reasons why I feel that one would be a good addition to the Model S. I'm not completely sure what you mean by "Those wanting standard consoles are necessarily prepared to "force" them on those who don't," but if I'm interpreting your comment correctly, it makes no sense. Using your implied logic, I suppose one could state "those who do not want a standard console are necessarily prepared to 'force' open space on those who do." But that would be equally nonsensical."

The pros and cons have expressed their opinions, and TM (in its wisdom) has decided to provide an OPTIONAL solution. So far, the opportunity console options I've seen miss the mark, but I'm hoping that a more comprehensive solution is forthcoming.

If you love the open space, opt not to exercise the option. No one is "forcing" anything on anyone.

A significant number of buyers want a real center console with hidden storage space implemented in an aesthetic and integrated manner. Those that do should have the option to have one available.

jerry3 | 24 giugno 2012

Brian H,

Reasonably priced would be okay with me. However, reasonably priced does not mean $250 for a $25 parcel shelf. At that rate the back seat console would be $950.

jerry3 | 24 giugno 2012

Mark E,

Pictures are here:

Note that this appears to be just what they have developed so far, there may be more coming that weren't available this weekend.

petero | 24 giugno 2012

Slindell. How did you like the obeche wood, what does it look like (light, dark, shiny, matte finish) and how does it compare to the old banana leaf?

Amos' Tesla | 24 giugno 2012

Apparently there are two finish options for the obeche wood. Matte or Glossy. I'd be interested in any feedback from those that have seen them. I just had to put my order in and went with the glossy but am still not sure which looks better. Thx

Klaus | 24 giugno 2012

With all the talk about storage space, has anyone thought to open the glove box to see how big it is? Come on guys, there are only 2 physical switches on the dash and no one bothered to push either?

Schlermie | 24 giugno 2012

Did anyone happen to notice if the Model S has a standard glovebox, and if so, how big is it?

Rumbles | 24 giugno 2012

I have looked at the glove box in one of the late betas. I found it to be reasonable in this age of air bags. Wallet, phones, paperback, yes. | 24 giugno 2012

I looked at the glove box yesterday with the test drives. I opened the one on a late beta, and it's a reasonable size and fairly deep. The rear is a bit oddly shaped with two deeper portions on the left and right. Ignoring the deeper part, I'd guess it's about 7" deep and maybe 3" tall.

I was surprised that it releases with an electronic latch (the physical release button is to the right of the display). I'm guessing they will have a valet mode where you can lock out the glove box, perhaps with an on-screen unlock code (I didn't get a clear answer on this yesterday when I asked).

Mark E | 25 giugno 2012

jerry3: Cheers - although the rear console appears to be there, the front one appears to just be an open sunglasses holder stuck in the empty console.

I'm hoping that they will come out with a proper console to hold and cover things put in it.

I've had a window smashed by a thief who wanted my wifes' jacket that she'd forgotten on the back seat. Now everything gets hidden - and windows are tinted.

dborn | 25 giugno 2012

Mark E- suggest you comment on the opportunity console thread at Tesla motors club. That is where George stated he would be looking. I have had my two bobs worth there!

Timo | 25 giugno 2012

Where in TMC? I did quick visit there but didn't see any pictures or designs that were worth commenting. Maybe I was looking at the wrong thread? This is where I was looking for something worth commenting:

All that could be said about what people want for that console has been already said here several times so seeing actual designs would help commenting.

dborn | 25 giugno 2012

Timo, there are multiple photos on various threads over there.

Brian H | 25 giugno 2012

"Soflauthor | June 24, 2012 new

@Brian H: As a long-time proponent of a center console, I've already expressed the many reasons why I feel that one would be a good addition to the Model S. I'm not completely sure what you mean by "Those wanting standard consoles are necessarily prepared to "force" them on those who don't,""

The reason I used the word "standard" was to make it obvious I mean built-in, part of the car, not optional.

Obviously not obviously enough.

Timo | 25 giugno 2012

@dborn, I found three options (good pictures in poll thread). One without console, the shelf one, one without console, the phone slot one and one without console, the cupholder one. Only one that is proper console is that rear-seat add-on.

Maybe they are not allowed to make proper console without re-crash testing the vehicle.

Soflauthor | 25 giugno 2012

After reviewing photos of the existing opportunity console options at TMC, I've left my critique, recommendations, and a rudimentary sketch (post # 126) over at TMC. See:

Bottom line: What Tesla has proposed is minimalist and will be fine for those who want a minimalist feel in the cockpit. For those of us who want more, the opportunity console proposed so far just doesn't do the job.

Slindell | 25 giugno 2012

petero: I took the sample obeche wood outside the "waiting tent" and placed it against the white and tan leather seats. The wood grain actually has light (white) and darker (tan) grain, so it goes very well with either interior color options.

The car I drove had matte obeche, and a Tesla assistant showed me pictures of the gloss obeche. I'm going to go with the gloss. I think it compares very well with the old banana leaf.

rdgreene | 25 giugno 2012

Why do "opportunity" consoles remind me of "wish" sandwiches?

Maybe I've missed it, but does anyone have any timeframe for availability or general price? (As a signature holder, I get the feeling I won't have the opportunity for a console.....)

TikiMan | 25 giugno 2012

Ironically, the most negative professional review I have read so far to date is directly related to the lack of secure storage, and how dangerous open-storage is for such a powerful vehical...

As I stated in so many other post over the last few months, I was fearful this would be a sticking point for some, and it's too bad Tesla didn't think to nip this issue in the butt a long time ago (being it is such a simple issue to solve). With that said, I am glad Tesla decided to create the console prototypes for the first test drives, however, I still think it is in their best intrest to develop a high-quality design as soon as possible, and start placing them in all the test cars sooner than later.

Otherwise, as I expected, this car is getting stellar reviews on just about every other aspect, which is fantastic news for us all!!!

phb | 25 giugno 2012

Regardless of TM's failure to nip the problem in the BUD, I'm glad that they're doing something about it now. I think that most of the low number holders are likely to buy the car now and simply add the options on later and in a few months we should be able to customize out Model S with the opportunity console of our choosing at time of order. The end result will much better than other car companies (I hope).

Brian H | 25 giugno 2012

Yes, sounds like you could even buy both, and switch back and forth. Plus get one of sofl's custom jobs. Decisions, decisions; which console will Tessie wear today? ;)

TikiMan | 25 giugno 2012

Brian, LOL! Yes, just like hats, we can start a new trend of re-building your car daily. Maybe someone can come up with a do it yourself temporary paint kit, so you can reprint your car to fit your mood! :-)

Yme | 26 giugno 2012

The console could have room for a custom umbrella, and of course sunglasses. A lockable compartment for a wallet and phone would also be handy. Since there seem to be plenty of room towards the front a space with cooler for a couple of bottles would be nice (for storing unopened bottles, not the one currently open in the centre console)

Perhaps room for a camera/laptop with access to charger inside (with the big battery perhaps a 110/230v access would be possible) ?

Look forward to the delivery..

Brian H | 26 giugno 2012

With vinyl wraps, you can do that, too. I was imagining the Tour staff, after the last date they need Elon's car in the mix, returning it to him with a garish paisley wrap on it, telling him it got a few scratches, so they had it sanded down and beautified.


"Lift Off! Musk 1 has cleared the tower, throttling up to full thrust!"

Soflauthor | 26 giugno 2012

I don't want to restart the great console wars, but way back in 2011, many of us in the pro-console constituency argued that a weak interior would give the auto press something to complain about, even as they rave about the performance of the Model S. Sure enough, it's begun to happen.

This from the AutoWeek's ( first-look review:

If the Tesla's latest [Model S] has any glaring shortcomings, they're in the interior. While the overall design is nice, for a car that the company claims is family-oriented and everyday usable, it's missing a number of amenities that buyers take for granted.

The AutoWeek reviewer goes on to say:

The company does say that a variety of center-console modules are under development. We doubt that the early adopters who've plunked down cash for the first thousand cars will miss the amenities all that much. They'll even likely be happy to have the opportunity to personalize their cars further. The mass market will not be so kind.

As a stockholder, it's the last sentence in the preceding paragraph that concerns me.

The Opportunity Console is a great idea, but only if it provides solutions that range from minimalist to a full center console. If TM doesn't respond quickly (before detailed reviews of the car occur), I'm worried that negative press on the interior will influence at least some of the second wave of buyers (in 2013) and that others "will not be so kind" when they compare the Model S interior to other competitive brands.

Jason S | 26 giugno 2012

Nothing that a little marketing highlighting the unique ability to customize the car's interior with modular pieces couldn't overcome.

ddruz | 26 giugno 2012

+1 Soflauthor. The mass market will have different expectations than early adopters and will be directly comparing the Modle S to others in the premium/luxury class all of which provide well integrated and ergonomic solutions to storage and cup holders for both front and back seats.

h8young | 26 giugno 2012

+1 also to Soflauthor. The 2nd wave of buyers that will be comparing this car to others in the premium/luxury class will not be so accepting of having modular pieces as a replacement for a center console and having to pay extra for it no less.

Steve841 | 26 giugno 2012

Personally, big mistake for Tesla to make any console an upcharge.

Free option make the console haters and lovers live happily ever after ... and Tesla would only have to fork out the few dollars for those who opt for the console.

Brian H | 26 giugno 2012

Can't win that way. Then the console-non-users feel ripped-off, as they're "sharing" the cost of the users' consoles. Saying TM will pay for it is like saying the gubmint will pay; there's really only one pocket to pick. "Shared costs" are subsidies.

Steve841 | 26 giugno 2012

Good point. Sorry I was brainwashed during Obama 2012 ad.

ddruz | 26 giugno 2012

StevenR, your initial reaction actually seems most logical.

The mainstream market expects certain key elements included in a car that are currently missing: concealed storage within reach of the driver, functional cup holders that can be used simultaneously with arm rests, rear seat storage and rear seat cup holders. Negative space for purse, briefcase, laptop etc. is a plus but not at the expense of relinquishing basic expected items.

Folks opting out of items that normally come standard on a car would likely be much less disappointed that they get no credit for opting out than mainstream buyers who are charged extra for things they naturally expect to be standard. The perspectives of both types of buyers and the relative prevalence of each need to be considered and weighed.

If they do this right and don't get greedy in the process Tesla has an opportunity to turn a negative selling point (current configuration lacks basic expected features) into a big positive selling point (the customer gets his/her choice of configurations). It is to their credit that they have requested feedback on the issue. What they decide may well have a notable affect on sales, particularly among buyers comparing Model S to other premium/luxury sedans who expect not to pay extra for what are standard features on comparable cars.

wholland | 26 giugno 2012

+ 1 ddruz. Couldn't have said it better. Excited about design TM will come up with that adresses the need for covered storage in a car competing in the family / luxury sedan market.

My5bAby | 26 giugno 2012

I thought the small "Shelf"underneath the display and the non skid pads/ridges, gave the best of both worlds; a place to put glasses, wallet, phone, maybe even an iPad while leaving the center area open for a briefcase, umbrella etc.

I have a few suggestions :
1. put a door on the shelf. Preferably seamless & without a handle, slight pressure and it slowly releases / opens like some of the old CD boom box and cassette doors used to.
2. Cover the door in either
Best option = Leather matching the interior. This would better frame the screen and make the entire area more appealing
Alternative = Make the door out of the Décor
3. Place a USB port inside the "Shelf". This would help eliminate visible cords.

Slightly off topic: I liked the Arm rest with cup holders for the rear seats. I really feel this is Classy and Essential. PLEASE make it fold down out of the seat the way it does in other cars.

I really like and appreciate the minimalist interior, however, the things I've mentioned above would make the car much more comfortable and, I think, more acceptable to the masses.

Thank you for your consideration of my ideas.


My5bAby | 26 giugno 2012


Thank you for your consideration of OUR ideas.


My5bAby | 26 giugno 2012

+1 DDruz


murraypetera | 27 giugno 2012

I am not getting their prototype of the console. It looks like hardly a change from no console?

It looks way low so you will have to reach down to find things when you are driving. I have never seen such a console in a car before. I would much rather have an arm level console that has pockets/places to put things than just an empty hole down by my feet.

Now if they offered this as a base with a modular design that allows me to purchase different click in bit, this would be way cool. I could then orginize it the way I want with the phone charger where I want, the change dish where I want, the cup holders and size where I want or I could just leave it empty.

In fact for a trip I might feel the need to reconfigure it to meet my needs.

Now this would truely be innovative!

Steve841 | 27 giugno 2012

Well, to bring this down to the most basic motivations for a console is IMO:

We all have things (cell phone, charging cords, toll transponders, loose change, pens, etc) that need a place to call home. EVERY car needs some type of hidden storage that is readily accessible. The current format is no where near close to taking care of that.

It has to be concealable - so a smash and grab for your $5 gold pen doesn't leave you waiting 2 months to have new glass shipped only to have someone tear apart your door panels and leave you with a perpetual rattle, creak or worse..

It has to be confined - so stuff isn't flying when you open a window.

Just some basics we all take for granted.

Teoatawki | 27 giugno 2012

An important question relating to the console, or lack thereof: where are the USB ports?

Brian H | 27 giugno 2012

have a talk with sofl; maybe an aftermarket market is there for a modular concept like that. I'm sure TB and GB wanted to stay minimalist.